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300,000 BC - The Second Creation:

The End of the First Creation

What happened between this point and the first creation is uncertain, there seems to have been some kind of struggle within the Godhood, or something.   Even the Hindu Vedas are unclear, but in any case something happened and everything had to start over again.

“Then the God said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures” . . . [Life was created or re-created] --- [Genesis 1.20]
According to the book of Genesis, ALL this occurred in one day (which fits in well with geological records; everything seems to have happened all at once).   But note that, unlike the opinion of others, the author is of the opinion that the days talked about here were NOT all sequential.   That in fact each and every one of the seven days talked about in the book of Genesis, all seemed to have happened many millions of years apart.
“Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according it its kind; cattle . . . “ --- [Genesis 1.24]
Here it is uncertain whether the Bible is making reference to yet another extinction and re-creation, but here the keyword is “Cattle.”   In other words, we are now talking about our modern world, one with no dinosaurs [5], and one that would be recognizable to us today.

80,000 BC - Humans, ---The Third Creation:

The Third Creation -- As Some Would Have You Believe

What happened here on earth just before the coming of the Human Race, we do not know.   None of the religions that this author has checked into seem to have anything to say on the subject.   What is certain (as per the archeological evidence) is that some time around 80,000 BC, humans as we know them started to walk the earth.
“Then the God said, ‘Let Us make Humans in Our image, according to Our likeness’ . . She created him; male and female, She created them” --- [Genesis 1:26-27]
Granted these original people looked a little like Neanderthals, but still they were what we would call human and would fit in quite well at a cocktail party.   And then the Bible goes on to say:
“And the God said, “See, I have given you every herb (and tree) that yields seed . . . for food” --- [Genesis 1.30-31]
Note the reference to “Every Herb,” which the author is of the opinion, finally, makes reference to Medical Cannabis, and for the following reason.   During the earlier creation(s), references are made by various ancient texts of the existence of almost God-like beings who originally walked the earth.   Beings who would have little or no use for medicinal plants, none what so ever.   However, this new humans were (how shall I put it) a little less powerful than their original predecessors and thus would have uses for medical plants etc.   Now assuming that one believes that God is a loving being, (or even if you feel that God made us as solely as an entertainment tool and is probably laughing at us right now, still) it stands to logical reason that medicinal plants would also have been added to the equation at this time.   This plus some hints, that the Neanderthals made use of medicinal herbs, (see section 2.1--this book), and the fact that the geological record shows that there were no further mass extinction’s after this point, all seem to point to this conclusion. [6]


Nowhere, Lucy is/was an animal.   Granted a biped animal (which of and of itself makes her of great interest to us), but still only an animal.

Although numerous great apes (human like animals) are a lot older than humans, there simply is no archeological evidence of any of them were sentient.   Simply put, they had no intelligence and thus unable to contemplate the medical uses of Cannabis.   But, as we will soon see, all of that was soon to change.

11,000 BC - Adam & Eve:

Traditional Picture of Adam and Eve

Why on earth do people keep insisting that Adam & Eve were the first two humans on earth is beyond me.   The Bible says no such thing, only that they were a special (or custom) creation.   An addition to those She had already created.
“Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them (including humans), were finished. And on the seventh day the God ended Her work” --- [Genesis 2.1-2]
The Bible seems to be quite clear, that Adam and Eve were created some unit of time after this point.   But the story of Adam and Eve, is of interest to us, ONLY because some people seem to think that it was in the Garden of Eden that Cannabis was first created.   However, I for one have my doubts, and believe the earlier date of about 80,000-BC is clearly the better choice. Why?

Let's look at the facts that way I see them:
  • Cloths: Yes, like cotton and flax etc, among the many, many industrial uses of the Hemp (or Cannabis) plant, is as a source of clothes. But Adam and Eve didn’t wear any. [At least not at first]
  • Food: True, Hemp seeds are an excellent source of nutrition. However according to the Book of Enoch [7] - (while in the Garden) Adam and Eve only ate Angel food.
  • Housing: Again, the plant has numerous industrial uses, but somehow I just don't think that a couple of people, who didn’t even need clothes, would have much need for housing either.
  • Medicine: Living in the Garden of Eden, eating angel food, it can be assumed that this factor can safely be ignore.
  • Paper: . . . etc.
OK, OK, I think you get the point.   The Cannabis Plant has a whole lot of industrial uses, but as far as Adam and Eve are concerned, they just didn't have the need.   Now this does NOT totally exclude the Garden of Eden as being the original point of Cannabis, but it does make it seem unlikely, everyone else yes, them no.

Next, even though we don’t know much about the human race before the Adam & Eve, the Bible seems to have a good chronological record thereafter.

  • Adam lived to be 800 and had a child (Seth when he was 130)
  • Seth in turn had a child when he was 105 by the name of Enos
  • Enos had a child when he was 90 by the name of Cainan
  • Cainan had a child when he was 70 by the name of Mahalaleel
  • Mahalaleel had a child when he was 60 by the name of Jared
  • Jared had a child when he was 162 by the name of Enoch
  • Enoch had a child when he was 65 by the name of Methuselah
  • Methuselah had a child when he was 187 by the name of Lamech
  • Lamech had a child when he was 182 by the name of Noah
OK, OK, I think you get the point too, there are some people who can trace their histories back to the time of Jesus and from there through the Bible, all the way back to Adam.   Now the only problem with that (assuming you want to do all the math) is that it just doesn’t add up.   We know that history [meaning His-Story] is a lot older than that, AND that Cannabis has been there right from the first beginnings.   All this leads me to believe that Cannabis has been around a lot longer than Adam and Eve, AND thus had to have been created well before the Garden of Eden.

[5] - The author is aware that archeological evidence of both dinosaur and human footprints (side by side) exist.   And at this time, I can give no logical explanation for it.   However, I have no doubt that in the future some sort of logical explanation will be found.
[6] - An Ice Age, did occur around 10,000-BC, which killed off numerous species but it was not a total extinction.
[7] - The book of Enoch is part of what is termed the Apocrypha or “the lost books” of the Christian Bible. Many Christian sects do NOT recognize their divine inspiration.


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