[The Effects of Marihuana - Syndicated Newspaper Article 1924-10-26]

Surprisingly, Arizona as a state didn’t have much in the way of official Gore File cases.   In fact, despite an extensive search on our part, we’ve only been able to locate two such cases.   That is “OFFICIAL” gore file cases (as per Harry Anslinger’s Gore File), however, Arizona (as can be seen by from the newspaper index below), had numerous Reefer Madness incidents.   Murders, rapes, stabbings, you name it, and ALL under the influence of Medical Cannabis.

Name: Gregory Martinez - Location: - Phoenix Az   - Date: - April 19, 1950
What the Narc’s were claiming
Another example of the commission of a crime of violence while allegedly under the influence of marihuana is reported from Arizona, Gregory Sanchez Martinez was convicted at Phoenix, Ariz., of rape and assault with a deadly weapon and on April 19, 1950, was sentenced to a term of 20 to 25 years on the rape charge and 9 to 10 years on the assault charge, the sentences to run concurrently.   The complaining witness, a young, 25-year-old mother, stated that at the time of the attack Martinez held a sharp bladed knife at her throat and acted in the manner of a laughing maniac.   At the time of Martinez arrest a half-smoked marihuana cigarette was found in his coat pocket.   He admitted having smoked this cigarette, and a search of his automobile revealed 18 additional marihuana cigarettes.   --The Traffic in Opium and Other Dangers Drugs (1950)
Tucson Daily Citizen
[S]- April 20, 1950 pg “Farm Worker Sent to Pen For Attack”
“Gregory s. Martinez, 28-Year-old Avondale farm worker, today was under a 20-to-25 year sentence for criminally assaulting a 23-year old woman after threatening her with a knife. -- A jury convicted martinez of criminal assault and assault with a deadly weapon for his attack on the woman last Feb. 12. -- Probation officers reported Martinez was a marijuana addict and was under the influence of narcotics when the assault was committed. -- Sentence was imposed by Judge Renz L. Jennings yesterday. “
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(aka, Being A Mexican)
Name: Louis Pagura - Location: - Phoenix, Az.   - Date: - Jan 1936
What the Narc’s were claiming
Phoenix On January 6, 1936, Police at Phoenix, Arizona, arrested Louis Pagurs, a Mexican, and seized 10 marihuana cigarettes. Pagura was given a suspended sentence of 180 days with orders to leave the city.   --- ILLICIT TRAFFIC IN MARIHUANA - aka Gore File
Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona): Friday, January 10, 1936 - Page 4
WHEN LOUIS PAGURA, 32 years old Pleaded guilty yesterday in Municipal court to illegal possession of marihuana cigarets, he was placed under a 180-day suspended jail sentence by Magistrate Henry A. Morgan and ordered to leave the City.   He was arrested Sunday at Second and Jefferson streets by Jack Hawley and George Pruitt, police officers.
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Silver Belt
The Miami Silver Belt 1925-02-20p1
Silver Belt (A.P.) Lease Wire

GUAYMAS, Sonora Mex., Feb. 20 --- Crazed from smoking marihuana, Ecrado Valle, 27, a former member of the marine corps, ran amuck in a local hospital with a butcher knife and killed six persons before he could be subdued.
Valle was operated on at the hospital and according to stories told the police he went to the kitchen of the hospital and seized a butcher knife and stabbed the cook and another attendant and then ran into one of the wards and stabbed and killed four patients before he was felled by a hospital employee.
Police say that after he was taken to jail and questioned he denied all knowledge of the affray and protested he was innocent.
As this is the second case of a marihuana addict running amuck in Guaymas in the past year the police have redoubled their efforts to stop the traffic in the drug.
As can be seen from the newspaper Index below, which by the way is very partial and incomplete at best.   It appears that the Reefer Madness campaign came rather early to the state of Arizona.   In fact the local propaganda seems to have kicked in sometime during the early 1920’s, or long before Harry Anslinger had even gotten into power.   A matter that of-and-by-itself should come as no surprise.   Arizona after all shares a border with Mexico and during the turbulent years of Mexico’s civil war (era 1910’s) thousands of Mexican refugees streamed across that boarder into the U.S.

A situation that given the racial attitudes at the time, brought no end of consternation to Arizona’s white community.   However these were the boom boom years of the 1910’s and 20’s, and Mexicans were welcomed as they provided a source of cheap labor.   However, these new comers (leaving the racial issues aside for now), also came with a down side.   Their cultural values simply didn’t fit in with those of the more established Anglo community.   At a time when many Americans wanted alcohol prohibition, these Mexican immigrants came with (ah) other cultural viewpoints.   One of them being something referred to as MARIHUANA.

If one looks at these newspaper headlines (note the museum has the actual articles if anyone is interested), one quickly sees the use of the Word MEXICAN appearing over and over again.   In fact one is hard pressed to see mentions of any other group.

ARIZONA NEWSPAPER INDEX --- Last Updated on June 12, 2016
This index is not complete and should be seen only as a starting point for historical scholars doing research into the origin of the anti-Medical Cannabis laws.

[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1920-05-17p7 - “Battle Between Two Mexicans in Live Oak Gulch”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1920-08-02p1 - “Tried to Carry Boy to Hills”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1921-03-11p2 - short
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1923-12-24p1 - “Martinez Released”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1927-03-01p6 - “Marihuana Crazed Mexican Stabs Three To Death With Dirk”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1923-12-20p5 - “Mexican Charged With Receiving Doped Cigarets”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1924-07-21p1 - “Leopold and Leob Plead Guilty to Kidnaping and Murdering Franks”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1924-07-21p1 - “Mexican Is Shot In Turkey Shoot Canyon Motive is Not Known”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1925-02-20p1 - “Crazed by Smoking Marihuana, Man Kills Six Persons With Butcher Knife”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1925-08-01p5 - “Marijuana Plants on New Mexican Farms”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1925-08-03p3 - “Marijuana Good For Rheumatism, He Says But Police Doubtful”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1925-09-02p8 - Arizona Pool Hall Robbed of Nearly $300 And Ladies Watch and Chain”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1925-12-27p8 - “Crazed by Smoking Marihuana, Man Kills Six Persons With Butcher Knife”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1927-08-01p5 - “Marijuana Plants on New Mexican Farms”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1929-01-03p4 - “Marihuana” short Editorial
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1929-01-26p5 - “Boarder Patrol Here on Roundup of Alien Undesirables to be Deported to Mexico”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1929-12-20p1 - “Marijuana-Crazed Mexican Kills Four In Sinaloa Town”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1930-02-08p - Verdict Rendered In Grassi Death”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1930-02-13p4 - “Marihuana Traffic In Fish Canneries”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1932-06-24p1 - “Lozano Held For Having Marijuana”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1937-10-01p1 - “State To War On Marihuana cigaret Fiends”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1939-06-16p3 - “U.S. Stamping Out Marihuana Drug”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1924-07-21p1 - “Mexican is Shot in Turkey Shoot Canyon”
[S]- MiamiSilverBelt1927-12-16p1 - “To Stop Sale of Marihuana” Detroit

[S]- CasaGrandeBulletin1925-01-24p6- short

[S]- AZRepublic1923-04-18p13 - “A million In Drugs Destroyed”
[S]- AZRepublic1923-04-19p6 - Local Briefs - “Case Is Dismissed”
[S]- AZRepublic1923-05-17p2 - “Mexican Kills Man In Drunken Brawl”
[S]- AZRepublic1923-06-01p8 - “Drinks Poison In Effort to Die After Quarrel” Suicide via Mj - no good
[S]- AZRepublic1923-10-25p6 - Local Briefs - Sentenced to 30 Days.
[S]- AZRepublic1935-05-07p3 - Phelps Metes Prison Terms”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-05-14p3 - “Plea Entered In Death Case”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-08-10p7 - “Marihuana Sale Charged to Pair”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-09-12p5 - “Prisoner Flees From Squad Car”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-09-21p4 - short - Pablo Cota
[S]- AZRepublic1935-09-24p5sec2 - Short - Prison Terms Are Imposed
[S]- AZRepublic1935-09-27p6sec2 - “Marihuana Sale Nets Sentence”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-09-29p4 - short - A Prison
[S]- AZRepublic1935-10-17p7 - Owner of Marihuana Sentenced To jail”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-10-18p6 - “Suspect to Face Assault Charge”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-11-17p2sec12 - “Progress Reported In Marihuana Fight”
[S]- AZRepublic1935-xx-xxp - novel
[S]- AZRepublic1936-02-22p9 - Ad for a future article
[S]- AZRepublic1936-08-05p2 - “Prisoner Nearly Escapes Sentence”
[S]- AZRepublic1936-09-20p4 - “Marijuana Drive Slated By PTA”
[S]- AZRepublic1936-11-02p4 - short - Possession . .
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-17p1 - “Marihuana Law Invoked”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-17p6 - “Marihuana Law Invoked Here”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-19p5 - “Club to Hear Mrs. Wilkins”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-19p6 - “Narcotics Case Suspect Is Held”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-21p1 - “Marihuana Case Arrest Is Made”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-10-21p10 - “Marihuana Case Arrest Is Made”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-11-14p9 - Big Narcotic Problem cited”
[S]- AZRepublic1937-12-09p4 - short - Thirty Days in . .

[e]- TucsonDailyCitizen-1942-11-27 - “Narcotics Net Set By Police Brings In Trio”
[e]- TucsonCitizen1950-04-20 - Farm Worker Sent to Pen for Attack”

[S]- WinslowDailyMail1929-10-29p1 - “Jerome Chief Heads Arizona Law Officers
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1929-12-30p1 - “Riot Quelled In Maricopa Prison”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1933-06-09p1 - “Robbery Mystery of 2 Years Cleared Up By Police Thursday”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1933-07-14p1 - “Marihuana Patch Brings Fine For Mrs. Tula Silva”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1933-08-11p1 - “Seven Men Held On dope Charge”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1938-04-22p2 - “Woman’s Club and Guests To Hear of Marijuana Smokers”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1938-04-29p1 - “Talk on Marijuana Heard by Rotarians”
[S]- WinslowDailyMail1938-04-29p2 - short Social Calendar

[S]- WeeklySun1938-10-18p6 - “Marijuana Film Showing At Lyric”
[S]- WeeklySun1939-10-06p3 - “Agents Smash Marijuana Ring in Pennsylvania”
[S]- DailySun1939-12-01p5 - “short - Say Marijuana Widespread” [Cal. Report mentioned]

[S]- MorningSun1924-05-27p1 - Marihuana Seller Is Fined $50 In city Police Court Here”
[S]- MorningSun1924-08-12p1 - short - Drug Addict In Jail”
[S]- MorningSun1925-08-01p1 - “Marijuana Good for Rheumatish, He Says But Police Doubtful”
[S]- MorningSun1926-10-03p1 - “Mexican Jailed In Sale of Dope To Several Boys”
[S]- MorningSun1927-07-26p2 - “Maybe These Snakes Were All Monsters of marihuana Smoke”
[S]- MorningSun1929-06-21p2 - short

YUMA SUN - YUMA, Arizona
[S]- YumaSun1923-02-02p1 - “Dope Addicts Captured By Officers”
[S]- YumaSun1923-04-20p7 - “The Loathed Jade” Novel

[S]- DailySun1937-05-08p2 - “Liquor, Marijuana Offer Menace To Youth, PTA Leaders Declare”
[S]- DailySun1937-06-28p1 - “Arrest 4, Tucson, On Marijuana Weed Use”
[S]- DailySun1938-05-16p1 - “Marijuana Use Probed; Youths Held”
[S]- DailySun1938-05-18p1 - “2 Bound Over To U.S. Grand Jury, Narcotic Count”
[S]- DailySun1938-07-13p4 - “Movie Ad”
[S]- DailySun1938-09-30p2 - “Marijuana Seized; Two Men jailed”
[S]- DailySun1938-10-03p1 - “Two Jailed After Marijuana Farm Raided on coast”
[S]- DailySun1938-10-07p6 - “Noxious Weed Board Notes”
[S]- DailySun1938-12-02p1 - “Jury Begins Deliberating Fate of Youth Who Hit Jailer In Break Attempt”
[S]- DailySun1939-06-20p5 - “U.S. Agents Curtail Activities of Dope Peddlers In State”


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