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New Mexico
New Mexico
(Reefer Madness Era)


What follows are three short articles (chosen for their variety), which we feel accurately provides a good reflection, not only on the state of New Mexico’s Marihuana laws at the time, but also on what the times themselves were like.

The first article that was chosen (as the headline indicates), tells of an Extra Special Christmas Dinner to be held for those in the county jail.   It also provides some very thought provoking statistics.
ClovesEveningNews1935-12-25p1 ClovesEveningNews1935-12-25p1

“Extra For Xmas Fare of 24 Prisoners Here”

It’s no joke to be in jail on Christmas, but at least the 19 occupants of the county jail and five residents of the city jail will have a few concessions today in the way of Christmas dinner.

In contrast with the ordinarily plain jail fare, chicken dressing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and other trimmings will be served at the county jail, according to Sheriff R.L. Thomas. Fire Chief George Maddox, who feeds the city prisoners, said the menu had not been made out but that they would be given ‘something extra.' ”

Fifteen of the 19 county prisoners are facing marijuana charges and five of them are women.   Of the other four two are alleged grain thieves one is accused of raising a check and the other is serving a jail term for obstructing the law.

Three drunks, two drunken drivers and one man held for investigation are in the city jail.

From a statistical point of view, the above article is very reveling as it gives the following jail house numbers:
15 = have been incarcerated for Marihuana
3 = are there for public drunkenness (we presume alcohol)
2 = are grain thieves
2 = unknown crime
1 = is in for bad check writing

* We obtain a total of 23 not 24?
Thus out of a total of 24 prisoners,* 15 (or 62% of them) are there for Marihuana.   And granted, just a few days earlier there was a major marihuana bust in that area, still had this been an alcohol bust would this number of (we presume) white guys have still been in jail?

It is also interesting to make note of the fact that throughout the 20’ and 30’s, MOST marihuana arresties were NOT sent to state prisons, but instead were allowed to serve their time in local lock-up facilities and/or given heavy fines.

This next article is of relevance ONLY because it shows just how evil some situations can get.

RoswellDailyRecord1929-03-28p5 RoswellDailyRecord1929-03-28p5


Santa Fe. March 28—(AP) – Mrs. Refugia Avila, alias Cuca* Avila, who is the oldest woman and perhaps the oldest convict in the state penitentiary, was dressed in here yesterday to serve from a year to a year and a half for selling marihuana in Bernalillo county.   She was brought to the penitentiary yesterday by Sheriff Phillip Hubbell.

Her age is variously estimated at between seventy-five and ninety years, and she is not absolutely certain of the right figure herself.   She was arrested recently at San Jose and was charged with selling the weed to school boys.

Sheriff Hubbell said enough of the dope to start a revolution was found when the officers raided the Avila home at San Jose.   There was a 25-pound flour sack full, several bags and a ten-pound lard pail full.   The weed was grown on a farm near Home, the sheriff said.

* Spanish slang for kookoo Women

The article speaks for itself, but it is interesting to note that her prison records state quite clearly that Refugia Avila was 108 years of age at the time.   ---- Your tax dollars at work.

This last article was chosen because it covers a subject of no-small interest to legal historians.   In the words of Eugene Stanley (district attorney of New Orleans), who way back in 1931 wrote the following:
“Many prosecuting attorneys in the South and Southwest have been confronted with the defense that, at the time of the commission of the Criminal act, the defendant was irresponsible, because of being under the influence of Marihuana to such a degree he was unable to appreciate the difference between right and wrong, and was therefore legally insane.   A great deal of difficulty has been experienced in rebutting this defense with the testimony of psychiatrists, for, while some of these experts are conversant with the nature and effect of this drug, it has been the experience of the author that many of them are without any information on the subject.“   --- Marihuana as a Developer of Criminals - American Journal of Police Science (V2) 1931 p252
Meaning that (for good or for bad), quite a few defendants (or actually their defense attorneys) were now taking advantage of the “temporary Insanity” defense.

One presumes that such a defense went something like;   “But your honor, my client wasn’t himself at the time.   And had somehow been tricked into smoking a Marihuana Cigarette.   See he doesn’t even know what happened at the time, so why don’t you just let him go.”   --- A form of legal defense that seems to have started in earnest sometime around the early 1920’s, but gained much popularity during the height of Anslinger’s Reefer Madness campaign in the 1930’s.   Even Harry Anslinger himself, became disgusted with what was happening all around him.   In this own words:
“Many stories have been founded on bad information, which is certainly no news to anyone.   However, in addition to the usual unintentional misinformation which can befall any reporter, there have been many cases where an accused or his legal advisor has purposely conveyed the impression that the culprit was under the influence of dope when the crime occurred. In one absolutely unjustifiable killing of an aged grocer and the wounding of his wife and a customer in the store during the hold-up, no mention of marihuana use or influence was made until the defendants retained counsel to defend them against the State's demand for a death penalty.   Newspapermen, leaping to the bait, immediately began to write positive stories blaming the crime on marihuana, and within a few days it became an accepted fact that the root of the crime had been marihuana.   Worse yet, there was even a demand from one civic group that the defendants be treated as sick people rather than criminals---that they be hospitalized rather than tried for murder.   The true fact, as admitted later, was that defense counsel saw no way to avert a conviction, and hence was trying to save his clients from the death penalty by injecting the alibi that the crime had been committed while they were under the influence of marihuana and hence were not responsible for their acts.   Ultimately, the alibi collapsed for want of proof and the defendants were sentenced to death.”   ---The Traffic In Narcotics By H.J. Anslinger (1953)
Thus our interest in some of the earlier uses of this defense.   And while the following article only hints at the us of this defense tactic, it does provide use with a good example of that use.

AlbuquerqueMorningJournal1925-10-09p1 AlbuquerqueMorningJournal1925-10-09p1


Frank Ortiz, Held to District Court for Stabbing Mother and Sister, cannot Recall Motive of Deed

“Frank Ortiz, a young man who resides at Rarelas, was held to the district court by Justice Roddy Thursday under $1,000 bond on a charge of assaulting his mother and sister.   Ortiz pleaded guilty.   He will be arraigned Friday before Judge Milton J. Helmick in district court for sentence.

Ortiz declared he could not remember the deed of which he was accused for some time after his arrest and that even now he cannot account for it.

Manuel Acuna, a deputy sheriff, said that Ortiz had been drinking a mixture of whisky and marijuana and that he had been rendered almost a maniac.   Normally, he stated.   Ortiz is peaceable.

Ortiz is said to have stabbed his mother, an aged woman, and his sister, Pavlita, with a pocket knife and later to have knocked down Augustin Sanchez, a baker, and slashed him with the knife.   Persons whom he met on the street he is alleged to have attacked, one of them being a young girl.   None of the victims was seriously injured.

The case was prosecuted by the district attorney, A.A. Sedillo.   An effort is being made to learn where Ortiz secured the marijuana-whisky mixture, which is said to be one of the most dangerous drinks known.

Still it must be remembered that back in this era, the cops themselves (people in authority who we trusted), were the ones saying that it was so.   In fact, so much so that I believe one prominent socialite who had been found guilty of killing his own wife, was given a new trial after it was stated that the defendant had been slipped a strange looking cigarette at a reception the night of the murder.

And why shouldn’t they have believed, after all weren’t those in authority (Police Officials, etc.), the ones telling us that this was so?

The following Index for the State of New Mexico, is far from complete and should be seen only as a starting point for historians doing research into the Reefer Madness Era.

[S]- AlamogordoNews1923-01-25p1- short
[S]- AlamogordoNews1929-06-13p1- “Marihuana Addict Picked Up In Railroad Yards”
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[S]- AlamogordoNews1933-04-27p2- Editorial - “The Marihuana Menace”
[S]- AlamogordoNews1938-06-02p3- “Sidelights on the News by will Robinson”
[S]- AlamogordoNews193x-xx-xxp2- Editorial - Marihuana - (Pure Reefer Madness)
"The slaying by officers in the discharge of duty of the crazed Mexican Indian in the northern part of the county the other day, with the possible theory that the man was a marihuana addict, together with several other incidents in the past few months lends credence to the statement that the use of this destructive drug is growing.   It is said that only 15 states have any laws relating to the use and abuse of this drug.   In fact its potentiality for causing human misery is not even recognized in most state, although its use is said to be extending to all parts of the nation.
When a man goes crazed from the use of marihuana he gets as batty as a hoot owl, with all of an insane man’s strength and fury.   Sense of responsibility is entirely lost and desire for murder is in the heart.   The danger is not only to the victim himself, but to those with whom he comes in contact.
New Mexico has laws governing the sale and production of marihuana, but traffic in the cigarettes made of the leaves of the plant is said to be considerable.   They sell at 25 cents apiece, it is said, and one will go a long ways.   It is hard to suppress the traffic.

SANTA ROSA, New Mexico
[S]- SantaRosaNews1935-08-02p1 - “Two Are Convicted In Marihuana Case”

SANTA FE, New Mexico
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[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1928-03-08p10 - short
[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1928-04-30p8 - “Faces Charge of Having Marijuana; Autoists Arrested”
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[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1928-08-07p8 - short
[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1928-09-03p1 - “Man who put Bullets in His Skin And Said Sweetie Shot him Now Blames Marijuana and Moonshine”
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[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-02-13p4 - short
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[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-03-08p7 - short
[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-08-25p1 - “Wichita Home of Marijuana supply Rumor”
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[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-11-24p6 - “More Loot of Belen Home is found in city”
[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-12-19p2 - “Whisky, Wine Other Liquors are Destroyed”
[S]- AlbuquerqueJournal1929-12-21p9 - “Marijuana Jag”
[S]- Jan 27, 1930 p1 - “Four Deputies Are Necessary to Quell Paiz” - Alleged Marijuana Addict becomes violent at Santa Barbara Dance Hall Late Saturday
[S]- March 2, 1932 - “Marihuana ring Is Rounded up in Santa Fe”
[S]- Mar 5, 1930 p - “4 Men bound over at Santa Fe on Marihuana Charges”
[S]- July 10, 1930 p11 - “Wearer of Marijuana Belt Admits Having Drugs in Possession”
[S]- July 14, 1930 p8 - “Police Hold suspect in House robbery”
[S]- Nov 30, 1930 p1 - “Marijuana and Liquor found in Gallup Raid”
[S]- May 23, 1931 - “Marihuana smoker involved in case”
[S]- July 7, 1931 - “Bernalillo Man Held on Charge of Growing Possessing Marihuana”
[S]- Aug 6, 1931 p3 - “Marihuana Seized”
[S]- Nov 5, 1931 p1 - “Tablets Captured in Marijuana Raid May Contain Narcotics”
[S]- Nov 28, 1931 p5 - “Man Throwing Away cigarettes Causes His Arrest and Pal’s”
[S]- Feb 16, 1932 p8 - “Youth Promises to Quit Drug Habit, is Freed”
[S]- Mar 31, 1932 p2 - “Aged Couple Held as Drug Sellers”
[S]- April 1, 1932 p10 - “Woman Held for Trial on Marihuana Charge”
[S]- Aug 5, 1932 p3 - “Marijuana Use in State Grows, U.S. Agent Says”
[S]- Nov 30, 1932 p8 - “Two Had Marijuana; Thought it Tobacco, They Tell Officers”
[S]- Dec 5, 1932 p1 - “Officers Catch Suspects After Cafe Robbery”
[S]- Dec 13, 1932 p2 - “Two Men Held for Trial After Holdup Hearing”
[S]- Jan 9, 1933 p6 - “Patrolmen Wade in Ditch, find Indian Jewelry”
[S]- Jan 10, 1933 p6 - “Held for Prosecutor for Marijuana Sale”
[S]- April 9, 1933 p4 - “Crime Here Traced Directly to Marijuana; Use of Drug Becomes Widespread; Legislation Asked” [current issue of The Police Journal]
[S]- April 20, 1933 p2 - “Three Arrested for Possession Sale and Use of marihuana”
[S]- April 22, 1933 p1 - “Marijuana Addicts, Chased Through Streets After Aged Woman Is Robbed”
[S]- April 25, 1933 p1 - “Three Held in Roswell In Marijuana Probe” (AP)
[S]- Feb 22, 1934 p1 - “Plot to Make Marijuana Addicts of Children Bared” [Must Reading]
[S]- Feb 23, 1934 p4 - Marijuana Grown in Valleys Near Santa Fe Keeps Sheriff on Alert; Found 10 acre Field”
[S]- May 6, 1934 p4 - “Police Judge Calls Prowler Defendant Marijuana Addict”
[S]- Dec 20, 1934 p1 - “Shooting In Cruces Excusable”
[S]- May 19, 1936 p4 - “Marijuana A Problem Elsewhere” [Editorial]
[S]- Sep 20, 1936 p1 - “PTA Starts Drive Against Marijuana Throughout Nation” (AP)
[S]- Sep 29, 1936 p1 - “US Agents Arrest 300 In Cleanup”
[S]- Nov 7, 1936 p1 - “Woman Beaten By Marihuana Fiend Theory”
[S]- Feb 18, 1937 p1 - “Marijuana ‘Ring’ In Salt Lake City School is Nipped” (ap)
[S]- Feb 19, 1937 p6 - “Marijuana Possession Admitted in School Case” (ap)
[S]- April 23, 1937 p4 - “Two Men Are Held here On Marihuana Charges”
[S]- Aug 26, 1937 p5 - “Marijuana Law Enforcement Expected to Require Naming of More Officers”
[S]- Dec 5, 1937 p5 - “Patton Named to Aid In Marihuana Drive” (ap)
[S]- Jan 6, 1938 p1 - “Big Marijuana Cache Seized” (ap)
[S]- Jan 7, 1938 p7 - “Marijuana Owner Gets Prison Term; 2 Deny Possession” (ap)
[S]- Feb 8, 1938 p1 - “Man is Arrested in Marijuana Raid; Four Questioned”
[S]- Mar 31, 1938 p11- “Juarez Girl Attacked in El Paso, on Way to Cotton Mill” (ap)
[S]- Aprill 16, 1938 p11 - “Driver and Two Riders Accused of Being Under Marijuana Influence”
[S]- April 17, 1938 p5 - “Driver Fined $130 on Marijuana Charge”
[S]- May 3, 1938 p2 - “Fight Launched to Check Marijuana Growing Use” [Pix of Ansligner] [Must Read]
[S]- May 31, 1938 p6 - “The Menace Spreads” [Editorial]
[S]- June 19, 1938 - “The Black Side of Swing” [Must Read, pure Reefer Madness] S]- July 28, 1938 pg 3 - “Two Arrested For Growing Marihuana” (AP) [NWR]
[S]- Sep 23, 1938 p9 - “Marihuana Raids Net 5 Suspects”
[S]- Sep 23, 1938 p5 - “American Legion Urges America For Americans”
[S]- Sep 24, 1938 p4 - “Couple is Held on Marihuana Charge”
[S]- Nov 2, 1938 pg 3 - “Two Plead Guilty, Third Ordered Tried On Marihuana Charge”
[S]- Jan 8, 1939 p4 - “6 Arrest in Dope Raids at El Paso”
[S]- Mar 19, 1939 p14 - “Clovis Man Admits Two Thefts, Says ‘Probably’ Raided Third Place”

[S]- AlbuquerqueTribune1951-06-29p13 - “Use of marijuana Is Increasing Here Juvenile Crimes Are Laid to ‘Reefers’
[S]- AlbuquerqueTribune1952-01-22p1 - “Man Arrested As Marijuana sold to Agent”
[S]- AlbuquerqueTribune1952-02-01p1 - “Marijuana Peddlers Shielded by Fear”

[S]- DemingHeadlight1918-04-12p1- “Mexican Charged with Murder”
[S]- DemingHeadlight1923-06-15p1-“Tragedy in Latin Section of Deming Thurs.”
[S]- DemingHeadlightt1923-06-22p4- “Marihuana Patient Better”


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