Name: Rito Lozano   Date: 1937   Location: Oklahoma city, OK.

What the Narc's were claiming
1937 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - M Smoked marihuana 12 years.     Arrested for raping his 13-year old daughter.     Previous criminal record-assault with knife; sale marihuana; assault with knife; vagrancy.     Arrested -- Article by James C. Munch; "UN Bulletin on Narcotics"-1966 Issue 2

1937 - R. Lozano, - Oklahoma City, Okla.- Smoked marihuana 12 years.     Arrested for raping his 13-yr. old daughter.     Previous criminal record assault with knife; sale marihuana; assault with knife; vagrancy.   - Hung -- 6th conference report - INEOA 1965

Attacked own daughter, 13, after smoking reefers.   --- The Truth about Marijuana - STEPPING STONE to DESTRUCTION June 1967 [pamphlet]


-Dec 1, 1936 - [short article about Rito Lozano’s first Marihuana arrest]
-Dec 29, 1936 p13 “Death Law Separates City Family” [after affects of 1st Marihuana arrest]

Most of what we know about the case comes from documents located via the national archives [Collage Park, MD].
[Note some modern-day spelling changes made by transcriber]
Oklahoma City, Okla.
December 23, 1937
Subject: Rito Lozano.

Mr. J.B. Greeson
District Supervisor,
Bureau of Narcotics
Kansas City, Missouri.
Dear Sir:

Reference is made to your letter of December 11, 1937 regarding the above named subject who has been mentioned in several marihuana reports, with a request that the fact mentioned in the reports about Lozano running amuck with a large butcher knife be verified from the police reports.

Please be advised that on December 22, 1937 I personally checked the files and read the copy of the report which was made by the police officers at the time which is as follows:
Case No. 11805 April 28, 1935.   Assault with a knife.
Report:   This man cut another Mexican named Joe Lary.     He was cut on the left side, under the shoulder blade.   He was sent to the Westey Hospital.     We took a knife off his boy which Lazano had given him after the fight.     It was a large butcher knife.

J.W. Clinagin
W.D. Tucker.
After this man was sent to the Oklahoma State Prison he wrote the Mexican Consul who asked the police department for a report on Lazano.     We have been fortunate in securing a copy of the letter written to the Mexican Consul which is hereto attached.     I hope this gives the desired information.

Roy F. Bridgess
Narcotic Agent.

December 16, 1937

Mexican Consul
Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
Re: Rito Lozano


Regarding the case of Rito Lozano, who has many minor cases in our department, who received a sentence of twelve years in the McAlester Penitentiary on charge of Sale of narcotic drugs After a Former Conviction of a Felony:

On October 26, 1936, the above subject was arrested for Sale of Narcotics and entered a plea of not guilty and was tried by a jury and sentenced to six months in the McAlester Penitentiary.   After completing this sentence I talked to this man several times, warning him about the sale of marihuana and he promised me several times that he would have nothing to do with the sale of marihuana.

Again on October 6, 1937, he was arrested by this department at 228 S.W. 11th Street, after making two buys of marihuana and Obtaining a search warrant from Justice of Peace Carl Traub, we raided the above named address and found in his possession one-half dollar, marked, with which we had purchased marihuana a few minutes before.   We also found sixty-nine marihuana cigarettes.   He was charged in State Court with Sale of Narcotics after a Former Conviction of a Felony.   On October 23, 1937, he entered a plea of guilty before Hon. Judge Arnold, who sentenced him to twelve years in the McAlester Penitentiary.   The minimum on this state charge is two years under the statutes of Oklahoma, and the maximum is life imprisonment.   This department has had many dealings with the above subject and feel this man to be very dangerous.

He was arrested by this department on December 10, 1932, for Assault with a knife and on December 26, 1934, he was arrested for Sale of marihuana.   On March 28, 1935, he was arrested for Drunkenness and Investigation of Assault with a knife.   On February 4, 1936, he was arrested for Vagrancy and Investigation, and on February 5, 1936, he was arrested at Frederick, Oklahoma.

On December 26, 1934, we made two purchases of marihuana cigarettes at 401 S.W. 10th Street (in the rear), knowing that the above defendant lived at this address, and after making two purchases of cigarettes, we arrested Rito Lozano and asked the boy who made the purchases of the cigarettes if this was the man he had been buying from and he said he had been buying from a girl about twelve years old, whom we later found out was Rito Lozano’s daughter.

On each occasion this man has been arrested, as you know, your office has been notified, and each time you have always sent a representative from your office to talk with the defendant, as in all cases where anyone that was born in Mexico, that is arrested by this department, we notify your office and have always found you willing and ready to cooperate with this department.   Each time this defendant was charged in State Court, I was a witness in each case and was present both times this man was sentenced, and there was a representative from your office in court representing this man on both occasions.   We feel that the sentence given to this man by Hon. Judge Arnold, was very light considering the trouble this man has been in, although he has four children.

When this man was sentenced on the six months sentence, we made arrangements with Father Garvey and the children were taken to the St. Joseph’s Orphanage at Bethany, Oklahoma, and afterward the older girl, who was at that time thirteen years old, was transferred to Bigsby, Oklahoma, to a similar institution.

After the arrest of this man on October 26, 1936, this department had information that this man had had intercourse with his daughter who was at that time thirteen years old.   I called a representative of your office who had this girl examined by Dr. Paul Crawford, county Doctor, who said that someone had had intercourse with this girl.

I am giving you this information so that the record of this defendant will be clear in your office.   According to our records this defendant was born May 22, 1892 in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Also please find enclosed F.B.I. Record Transcript, Number 614016.

Very truly yours,

(Signed) Walter M. Acord
Head of Narcotic Investigation
Oklahoma City Police Department


Petition p1
Petition p1
Petition p1
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