Below is the museum’s index of (it considers to be) Reefer Madness newspaper articles.     Obviously it consists solely of those newspaper articles that we have been able to locate and thus is far from complete.     In addition, there is no real definition of exactly what a “Reefer Madness” newspaper article is or is not.     Thus it is possible that some headlines did NOT make their way into our index and others, who some would not view as belonging to the genre did.

Additionally, you may see the dreaded [N.W.R.] which literally stands for “Not Worth Reading.”    These are probably simple arrests or conviction notices that (while having something to do with other articles), of and by themselves have little meaning.

Thus that reader should think of this index as solely being a starting point.     A look up table that can be used to begin ones research into Oklahoma reefer-oligy and nothing more.

ADA Evening News
[S]- April 2, 1924 p2 - “Loco Weed Now Cultivated and smoked in Cigarettes”
[S]- May 23, 1928 p8 - “War On Marihuana”
[S]- May 27, 1928 p5 - short
[S]- Jan 23, 1929 p1 - Foul Weed of Power Wallop Found in Use”
[S]- Jan 21, 1937 p2 - Marihuana Is Striking Expose of Dope Racket - film
[S]- Jan 24, 1937 p7 - “Actual case is story of Marihuana” - film write up
[S]- Oct 7, 1937 p5 - “Dolen Discusses Liquor, Narcotics”
[S]- Dec 2, 1937 p5 - “Man Arrested At Norman Held in Narcotics Case”
[S]- July 1, 1938 p18 - “Your Health by Dr. Morris Fishbein”
[S]- July 3, 1938 p18 - “Your Health by Dr. Morris Fishbein”
[S]- Oct 24, 1939 p2 - “Tell Your Children” Film ad

[S]- Mar 8, 1934 p3 - “Marijuana smokers sought at Kansas U.”
[S]- Mar 20, 1935 p6 - “Marihuana Case Filed in Court” Picher man Pleads not guilty - Weed Valued at $100 is Found
[S]-April 9, 1935 p2 - “Picher Man is Held for Trial”
[S]- Sept 05, 1937 p15 - Five Arrests Made in Marihuana Drive”
[S]- Dec 1, 1937 p1 - “Federal Agents Arrest Student of Theosophy at norman in campaign Against the Traffic in Marihuana”
[S]- May 12, 1938 p6 - “Students Hear County attorney; Marijuana a Topic”
[S]- July 20, 1938 p8 -“Officers Destroy Marijuana Patch”
[S]- Oct 19, 1938 p1 - “Marihuana Seized, Kansan Arrested”
[S]- Feb 8, 1939 p6 - “Kennamer Blisters Federal informers in Marihuana Case”
[S]- Feb 9, 1939 p8 - “Trio Held In Dope Fraud”
[S]- Feb 6, 1941 p1 - “Police Deal Blow to Marihuana ring with five arrests”
[S]- Feb 9, 1941 p1 - “PIX Miami Officers Inspect Marihuana From Seized Cache”

[[S] Mar 7, 1930 p1 - Silly Weed price jumps to High mark"
[S]- July 31, 1930 p12 "Mexican Finned for Selling Marihuana"
[S]- Nov 31, 1930 p3 - Police Seize Crazy Weed supply"
[S]- Mar 11, 1931 p3 -- " none"
[S]- July 20, 1931 p3 -- "Marijuana Addicts Are Few in city Narcotics bureau Believes Fights Not Necessary
[S]- Sept 13, 1931 --"Error in spelling Fails to Free Man" [NWR]
[S]- Dec 13, 1931 p11 -- "Six Men are held for investigation - Police Seize Narcotics And Wearing Apparel"
[S]- Sept 25, 1932 p22 "State Law Will Be Sought To Stop Sales of Marijuana" -- Peddlers Around Highschools and Dance Halls Menace to City Youth, Huston Says.
[S]- Oct 6, 1932 p10 -- "State narcotic Group Will Meet"
[S]- Oct 7, 1932 p21] "State Act Planned Against marijuana"
[S]- Nov 3, 1932 p15 -- "committee to Report on drive against marijuana”
[S]- Nov 6, 1932 ] -- "Radio - Anti-Narcotic Talk.
[S]- Nov 10, 1932 p1 -- "Youths Taken in dope raid" Highschool Students Given Release After Lecture At Police Station.
[S]- Nov 18, 1932 p8 -- "Any of These Your Alibi?" editorial
[S]- Nov 21, 1932 p2 -- "Police Doubt His claim of Being Insane seven Unprovoked Shootings, Attacks on Women Are Charge to Him.
[S]- Dec 1, 1932 p5 "Doped Cigaret Warning Given" Evils of marijuana cited at Teacher Session.
[S]- Dec 7, 1932 p9 "Use of Marijuana Spreads”
[S]- Jan 6, 1933 p10 "Narcotic Group to change Radio Hour" [Radio] KFXR
[S]- Jan 15, 1933 p20 "Seven Caught in Marijuana Raids"
[S]- Jan 17, 1933 p20 “Eight Get Marijuana Fines”
[S]- Feb 2, 1933 ] "Discuss Marijuana bill"
[S]- Feb 4, 1933 p2 "narcotics Bill Passed"
[S]- Feb 8, 1933 p6 "Police arrest two after alleged sale of marijuana"
[S]- Mar 4, 1933 p7 "City Briefs
[S]- April 5, 1933 p15 "Marijuana Bill is Favored by House" - Anti-Narcotic Proposal Goes to governor Now.
[S]- April 11, 1933 p8 "Editorial Endangering Its Purpose:
[S]- April 23, 1933 p41 "Marijuana Raids, Planned by City"
[S]-- April 24, 1933 p3 " Meeting Held Here by Peace Officers"
[S]-- May 5, 1933 p13 "New Narcotic Law Studied by Group"
[S]- May 5, 1933 p9 "Marijuana suspect Held on New Law"
[S]-- May 6, 1933 P2 - “Marijuana Inquiry Hinges on Analysis”
[S]- July 9, 1933 p10 "Marijuana suspect Held"
[S]- July 11, 1933 p3 "Pretty Stalks In Garden are dope"
[S]- Oct 18, 1933 p16 - “Four in Family Are Slain; Youth Held” - Victor Licata, Gore File
[S]- Nov 4, 1933 p9- “city Briefs”
[S]- Nov 26, 1933 p18 "Results Seen in State War on Marijuana"
[S]- Dec 29, 1933 p2 "Jury to Scan Dope charge" -- Alleged Peddler arrested near highschool.
[S]- May 25, 1934 ] -- "ad Move -- Murder at the vanities"
[S]- Jan 8, 1934 p11 "Possession of Marijuana charged against city man”
[S]- Mar 9, 1934 p4 "Kansas Institutes Marijuana Probe"
[S]- April 5, 1934 p8 - “letter to editor
[S]- May 26, 1934 - Move Ad, Murder at the Vantities”
[S]- July 15, 1934 p24 "Students Aid Narcotic Raid" -- Highschool Youth Help In setting Marijuana Trap.
[S]- July 21, 1934 p3 - “Girls Taught to use Marijuana at Park, Claim”
[S]- Jan 13, 1935 p32 "cartoon Marijuana"
[S]- Jan 9, 1935 p14 "City Briefs"
[S]- Mar 6, 1935 p18 -- "Nine-Month Term Set for Mexican"
[S]- Mar 13, 1935 p10 -- "Marijuana in Rhode Island”
[S]- May 9, 1935 p24 -- "Narcotic Ring May be Broken”
[S]- May 10, 1935 p10 -- "Suspect Arraigned on Narcotic Charge"
[S]- June 15, 1935 p3 "Tulsan Faces Marijuana Charges"
[S]- Sept 20, 1935 p10 -- "Letters" CM Goethe “
[S]- Oct 13, 1935 p67 -- "The Scotland Yard Fallacy" novel
[S]- Oct 23, 1935 p1 -- "Woman Gets Two Years in Prison"
[S]- Oct 29, 1935 p11 -- "CM Goethe “
[S]- July 19, 1936 p24 "City Briefs"
[S]- Sept 20, 1936 p59 -- "Elusive Corpse" book review
[S]- Nov 12, 1936 p1 -- "Marihuana Seized by Police Raiders"
[S]- Nov 19, 1936 p21 -- "Marihunaa suspect bound over"
[S]- Dec 1, 1936 p1 -- "Six Months given In Marihuana Sale"
[S]- Dec 6, 1936 p31 "Narcotic Suspect in Jail”
[S]- Dec 29, 1936 p13 "Death, law separates city Family" Gore File
[S]- Mar 12, 1937 p12 -- "Negro Is Guilty On Marijuana Charge”
[S]- Mar 28, 1937 p48 "State's fight on Marijuana Gets results"
[S]- April 30, 1937 p20 -- "City Briefs"
[S]- April 30, 1937 p4 -- "Narcotic Officers Make Two Arrests"
[S]- May 4, 1937 p18 "City Briefs"
[S]- June 20, 1937 p71 -- "Happy go Lucky" book review
[S] - June 22, 1937 p2 -- "Pretty, Eh?"
[S]- June 23, 1937 p4 -- "One Ray Johnson Is Out Now And" Another is In”
[S]- June 30, 1937 p5 -- "Field of Marijuana Seized; man Held" [Gore Maybe]
[S]- July 4, 1937 p19 -- "Thirteen Charged in dance Hall Raid"
[Wanted July 19, 1937 ] "Detective Takes city Pulpit"
[S]-- July 19, 1937 p14 "Officer says Drug Addicts Cause Crimes" Many City Youths Acquire Marijuana Habit"
[S]- July 31, 1937 p11 "City Briefs”
[S]- Oct 1, 1937 p8 "The Lowdown Sees Marijuana Control a Step Nearer" Reefer Madness
[S]- Oct 3, 1937 p20 “Lewis, et al, Will Study in re the Marijuana Laws”
[S]- Oct 17, 1937 p32 "New U.S. Law invoked Here”
[S]- Oct 24, 1937 p28 "12 Year Sentence Given for sale of marijuana - rito Lozanay" Gore File
[S]- Nov 7, 1937 p20 "Marijuana Sale is Charged to Two
[S]- Dec 1, 1937 p1 "Huge Marijuana Cache Is Discovered at Norman"
[S]- Dec 9, 1937 p7 "New U.S. Law Invoked Here to Stop Sale"
[S]- Dec 22, 1937 p17 "City Briefs"
[S]- Feb 11, 1938 15 -- "novel
[S]- Feb 11, 1938 p9 -- "Crime Is Laid To Marijuana" Gore File
[S]- Feb 12, 1938 p -- "Ad for Magazine"
[S]- Feb 14, 1938 p7 -- "Lost lady By George E. Holt" Novel
[S]- Feb 19, 1938 p5 -- novel
[S]- Feb 27, 1938 p7 -- "Betty Grable's Appetite gives" Med Use
[S]- Feb 27, 1938 p49 -- "Dixie Payne's Diary" novel
[Wanted Mar 2, 1938 ] "Marijuana Charge Denial Is Enter
[S]- Mar 13, 1938 p50 "Clubs Face Big Issues At Session"
[S]- April 20, 1938 p18 "Marijuana Charge filed Against Two"
[S]- May 23, 1938 p8 -- "The Drive Against Obscene Literature"
[S]- May 24, 1938 p12 -- "City Briefs"
[S]- June 10, 1938 p1 -- "School Principal's Tip Leads To Huge Marijuana Haul"
[S]-- June 11, 1938 p3 -- "Woman Freed After hearing" Two seized in U.S. Marijuana Raid Are Arraigned.
[S]- June 19, 1938 p56 -- " Letter to the editor - It’s no Joke
[S]- June 21, 1938 p11 -- "Here’s what Oklahoma grown Marijuana looks like”
[S]- July 21, 1938 p2 -- "Tons of marijuana Destroyed in Kansas"
[S]-- Sept 23, 1938 p15 -- "Negroes face U.s. charges" Marijuana arrests made by agents, city Detective
[S]-- Oct 21, 1938 p5 "Marijuana is Sold at Irving"
[e]- Nov. 8,, 1938 pg.10]- “A One Way Ticket to Destruction”
[S]- Nov 20, 1938 p32 -- "Three sentenced In Marijuana Cases"
[S]- Nov 25, 1938 p13 -- "Weed Dealer Flees Asylum" U.S. Narcotic Agents Says He's Dangerous Man. -- NORMAN OK
[S]- Dec 6, 1938 p1 -- "Negro Church Hides Marijuana Cache”
[S]- Dec 7, 1938 p6 -- "City Briefs" Negro is arraigned
[S]- Dec 22, 1938 p2 -- "Marijuana found by Whisky Raiders"
[S]- Dec 23, 1938 p18 -- "Narcotics charge Filed in state Court"
[[Wanted Jan 2, 1939 ] "Clinton Man Named in U.S" Mail Charge
[S]- May 21, 1939 p66 -- "editorial - the judge attends school”
[[Wanted July 7, 1939 ] -- Notice
[S]- July 6, 1939 p15 -- “Marijuana Suspect Is Placed in Jail”
[S]- July 28, 1939 p5 -- "Ad Move" tech your children
[S]- July 29, 1939 p12 -- Tech your children'
[[S]-Aug 30, 1939 p4 -- "Half Ton of Marihuana"
[[S]-Sept 17, 1939 p27 -- "Court Seeks Place for Insane man”
[S]- Dec 7, 1939 p8 -- "Sigma chi Mothers Will Meet Friday At Norman Home"
[S]- Dec 13, 1939 p5 -- "Sanity Question Faces Hunt Again” Norman Ok
[S]- Dec 14, 1939 p20 -- "Bud Grady Hunt Held Sane, Guilty In Narcotic Case"
[[S]-- Dec 15, 1939 p6 -- "Narcotics Seller Is Found Guilty"
[S]- Dec 7, 1939 p8 -- "-short “Capt. Walter Acord and Mrs. W.L. McMurtry will speak on The Marijuana Menace when the Y’s Y’ves club meets Thursday at t1:30 o’clock at the Y.W.C.A.”
[S]- Mar 16, 1940 p6 -- "Marijuana brings strange effects on brain”
[S]- Mar 26, 1940 p18 -- "Is charged to Negro"
[S]- Mar 30, 1940 p7 -- "Mexican Is Held On U.S. Marijuana Count"
[S]- June 23, 1940 ] -- "Marijuana Is Seized”
[S]- Feb 2, 1941 p31 -- "City Youth Freed On One charge But Guilty on Another"
[S]- Feb 4, 1941 p4 -- "4 Month Term Given on Marihuana Charge"
[S]- Feb 7, 1941 p20 -- "5 Arrested in Raid On Vinita Dwelling"
[S]- April 20, 1941 p17 -- "16 Held in Northeast Area Marijuana Raids"
[S]- May 24, 1941 p2 -- "Peddler of 'Weed' Picks Detective For a Customer"
[S]- June 25, 1941 p20 -- "Anadarko couple Denies Handling Marijuana"
[S]- July 3, 1941 p3 -- "4 in tulsa Plead Guilty to Marihuana charges"
[S]- July 4, 1941 p4 -- "Youth Says Marijuana Purchased at School”
[S]- Sept 21, 1942 p10 -- "Special blockin Raw materials can be grown” - NORMAN
[S]- Nov 1, 1942 p22 -- "Federal Judge Set Sentence Date for Two"
[S]- Dec 1, 1942 p5 -- "Mother, Son are guilty"
[S]- Dec 4, 1942 p1 -- "U.S. Narcotics Agent Dies of Bullet Wound" suicide
[S]- Dec 27, 1942 p27 -- "Mother, Son Jailed, Taxed On Marijuana"
[S]- May 21, 1943 p11] -- "Marijuana Smokers Get U.s. Sentences” - nice conspiracy
[S]- July 20, 1943 p6 -- "Reefer business Is Sad Offshoot Of the Jive Craze"
[S]- Nov 1, 1943 p1 -- "Bellhop of U.S." J.S. Smith dies In struggle At Recruiting Post"
[S]- Nov 2, 1943 p1 “Marijuana Slayer Awakes in Horror” - Gore File
[S]- Nov 2, 1943 p9 -- "Officer's Death Is Laid to Own Mercy Policy" - Gore File
[S]- Nov 2, 1943 p3 -- "U.S. Murder Charge Filed Against Bellboy" Gore File
[S]- Nov 3, 1943 p10 -- "Tragedy Trails Users of Marijuana, Redbirds" - Gore File
[S]- Nov 6, 1943 p1 -“Jailer’s Faces Get Slightly Red as trusty uncovers reefers”
[S]- Nov 7, 1943 p47 -- "City Bellboy Slays Federal Guard Here"
[S]- Nov 9, 1943 p3 -- "Bail to be asked For Marijuana Slayer"
[[S]--Nov 13, 1943 p4 -- "Bond Sought In city Slaying" - Gore File
[S]- Nov 15, 1943 p4 -- "Prisoner Search Finds Marijuana"
[S]- Nov 20, 1943 p2-- "City Briefs"
[S]- Nov 30, 1943 p1 -- "Officers Raid City Marijuana Farm"
[S]- Dec 5, 1943 p29 -- "Marijuana Seized"
[S]- Dec 19, 1943 p31 -- "Marijuana Shooting Witnesses Called" - Gore File
[S]- Jan 11, 1944 p6 -- "Bellhop, was indicted Monday by the federal grand jury on a charge of first degree murder, in the shooting of J. Stayton Smith federal buid - Gore File
[S]- Jan 12, 1944 p15 -- "16 Federal Court Pleas Due Today" Gore File
[S]- Jan 20, 1944 p16 -- "Harrell's Kin to Face Court"
[S]- Jan 20, 1944 p1 -- "Trial of Marijuana Slaying Case Set"
[S]- Jan 23, 1944 p16 -- "Federal Judge Sentences Two"
[S]- Jan 30, 1944 p21 -- "Federal Court Sentences Set"
[S]- Jan 30, 1944 p8 - “Marijuana Count Nets Five Years” Gore File
[S]- Jan 30, 1944 p9 -- "Seminole County Marijuana Probe Nets Liquor, Too"
[S]- Feb 3, 1944 p11 -- "PIX”
[S]- Feb 3, 1944 p11 -- "Two convicted In dope Trial"
[S]- Feb 5, 1944 p1 -- "City Bellhop Is Found Guilty of Marijuana Slaying charge" - Gore File
[S]- Feb 13, 1944 p13 -- "Five Sentenced On Marijuana charges here”
[S]- Feb 13, 1944 p13 - “ -- "Marijuana Slaying sentence is set" Gore File
[S]- Feb 17, 1944 p3 -- "Marijuana Charge Filed After Five cigarets Seized"
[S]- July 28, 1944 p18 -- "News of city Briefly told"
[S]- Jan 5, 1945 p11 -- "City Boy, 5, Captures"
[S]- June 6 1946p16 -- "Vast Marijuana Cache Seized by Federal Agents"
[S]- June 13 1946 p40 - Record Marijuana Crop is Confiscated” - short
[S]- Dec 14, 1946 p3 -- "Negro Slayer of Matron Gets Death Penalty" [interesting]
[S]- Dec 30, 1946 p6 -- "Two Held as Suspects In Dope-Selling Ring"
[S]- Jan 4, 1947 p28 -- "Negro is Held As marijuana Source Here"
[S]- Jan 4, 1947 p23 -- "Two Girls held After Police Raid on Negro Home"
[S]- Jan 7, 1947 p2 -- "Negro Is Quizzed on associations with White Girls"
[S]- Feb 2, 1947 p82 -- "No One like him in a book before" - really the blues
[S]- Mar 30, 1947 p8 -- "Police Arrest Negro In marijuana a probe”
[S]- July 10, 1947 p5 -- "Marijuana Patch at Wewoka Destroyed”
[S]- Aug 16, 1947 p21 -- "Quartet Pleads Guilty Following narcotics raids"
[S]- Aug 29 1947 p42 -- "Pair Captured in dope Raid"
[S]- Oct 15, 1947 p14 -- "Innocent Is Plea In Marijuana Case"
[S]- Dec 17, 1947 p2 -- "Drug Trial Airs Liquor Traffic In City Hotel”
[S]- Dec 31, 1947p17 - “Negro Jury Ban charged Denied”
[S]- Dec. 30, 1947p23 “Jury’s Selection Attacked by Negro”
[S]- Jan 9, 1948 p26 -- "Slain Texan's role In Dope War cited" - even mother terisa would have wanted this guy dead.
[S]- Feb 15, 1948 p14 - “Letter to the Editor - Reefer Madness
[S]- Aug 25, 1948 p11 - “Marijuana Ring Probed, Pair Held”
[S]- Aug 30, 1948p36 - “Marijuana Seized Peddlers Sought”
[S]- Sep 7, 1948 p26 - “City Police Seize Five Youths With $8,000 Marijuana Haul”
[S]- Oct 2, 1948 p7 -- "Hotel Clerk Faces Marijuana Count”
[S]- Oct 15, 1948p43 - “Milwaukee Police Crack Hopped up Sexual Orgy Ring” Reefer Madness
[S]- Sep 7, 1948 p57 PIX Marijuana Seized
[S]- July 10, 1949 p16 - “Huge Marijuana Crop Found at Sand Springs”
[S]- Mar 18, 1950 p1 - “Marijuana Raid Puts Five in Jail”
[S]- Mar 19, 1950 p95 - Six Reefer Arrests Take a Long Drag”
[S]- Mar 19, 1950 p1 -“Marijuana Seen As No Serious City Threat Yet”
[S]- June 28, 1950 p33 -- "Slain Negro's Marijuana Cut"
[S]- Nov 15, 1950 p4 - “Doctors Told Marijuana is Biggest Menace” - Reefer Madness


[e]- Sept. 10, 1929 pg.5] “Police Find Drug in Peddler’s Cart”
[e]- Dec. 14, 1934 pg.1] "Thrill-Seeking Tulsa Youths Blamed for Marihuana Evil”


[e]- Sept. 9, 1929 pg.3]- “Mexican Arrested here for selling Marihuana Plants”(Home of a Mexican hot-tamale salesman, recently arrested, was a dope den for boys and girls of high-school age) - [N.W.R.]
[Wanted]- (note could not locate – possible date error) The Tulsa Tribune of June 11, 1930, carried the following article under an El Paso, Texas, date line, "Four men, including a deputy sheriff, were seriously injured last night by a Marihuana-crazed Mexican before the bullets of another officer killed him, as he charged this officer with a knife. The Mexican, Gregorio Salas, thirty, died after being shot through the body and both legs. H. S. Palmer, the deputy sheriff, was badly cut on the nose by a rock thrown by the Mexican."

[Unknown Tulsa newspaper]
[WANTED These are possible articles that the museum is trying to locate. ]
[ ]-1931 - “”Marihuana, Deadly drug, as yet unregulated by United States State Law,” A Tulsa county attorney asserted: “The general use of the drug among young people is making it imperative that the state or the government of the United States take immediate steps to cope with this deadly drug, the dope which is used by murderers. …In some eastern cities, it has been learned, the gunman has discovered that the weed offers him something new in the way of courage--courage to kill. It is notoriously a fact, authorities point out, that gunmen, who occupy the lowest levels in the ranks of crime, are usually cowards. To undertake murder, they need something to “pep them up.” A few whiffs of a marihuana cigarette, mixed with tobacco and he loses all sense of fear.”

Is it the ‘War On Drugs’ or the ‘War On Blacks’?
The articles listed on this web-page all come from the 1920’s, and 30’s with a few running all the way up into the 1950’s.   But there is one thing that they ALL seem to have in common, and that is that for the most part those being arrested ALL seem to have Mexican sounding last names.   Coincidence, we believe not.

If the Oklahoma Historical Societies web-site is any indication, Oklahoma has had a long history of problems in that area. [A]   Examples:
  • In 1910 a literacy test was made a requirement for voters whose ancestors did not have the franchise before 1866.   This "grandfather clause" virtually ended black voting in Oklahoma.

  • In 1921 in Tulsa a race riot, fanned by newspaper editorials, destroyed the city's black Greenwood District and resulted in many deaths.
Thus given Oklahoma’s history, logic and reason would than dictate that the state legislature at that time would have been looking for any (ah) creative ways to keep certain kinds of peoples in their place.   Thus the question; -- Is this a "War On Drugs", or a "War On Blacks"?


[A]- Oklahoma Historical Society :


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