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If anyone needs any proof that Utah stood alone during the Reefer Madness, all one need do is look over it’s historical newspaper headlines.   In just about every other state:
  •   First came warnings of a new Mexican Drug
  •   Next, came headlines about how our colored population was also using this drug
  •   Soon stories began to be ran about civic, women’s, and teachers groups who had be this time began an almost religious crusade again the new Mexican drug menace.
  •   Stories about violent crimes being committed with under it’s deadly influence then began to appear.
  •   Then (very quietly) the state legislature passed legislation outlawing this new Weed Of Madness.
  •   Then came the arrests.
BUT NOT IN UTAH, as can be seen by our index below.   First came the law, next came the arrests, and only last of all did the campaign demonizing Marihuana begin to appear.   In other words, everything seems to have happened in reverse order.   For good or for bad, this seems to have a lot to do with religious values;--- Specifically those of the dominant religion in the neck of the woods.

However, it is interesting to note that (irregardless of what came when), Utah-anians seemed to have been all too aware of what was going on around them.   This can also be seen by the number of “Marihuana as a Legal Defense” uses made in criminal court.   These (as can be seen by the examples below), consisting of criminals trying to excuse their actions by stating that they were under the influence of Medical Marihuana at the time they were committing their crimes.   --- In other words it appears (now looking back at it with twenty-twenty hind sight, that they were playing the system.   “But Judge, don’t blame me, blame that Medical Marihuana peddler in that school yard who made me an addict. . . etc.”

[Last update Nov 27 2016]

It has been said that one man’s mountain is another man’s molehill.   An expression which, due to the nature of the subject matter at hand, one would do well to recall.   - - Simply put, what constitutes “Reefer Madness” to one individual; May or may not constitute Reefer Madness to another.   Thus, what is presented here is (what can be considered at best) a hodgepodge of old Marihuana mentions.

In addition, no pretense of any kind is made that this list is complete in any way shape or form.   What is indexed below is simply what this museum was able to locate and that is that.   HOWEVER, it does provide the reader as well as the historian, with a good starting point for future research on the subject.

Last of all, BEWARE;/b> -- While every effort has been made at accuracy.   Obviously, due to a merit of factors; MISTAKES, (spelling, dating, etc.) errors in all probability HAVE BEEN MADE.

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[S]- OgdenStandard1923-03-23p4- “Drugs Worth $300,000 Fired”
[S]- OgdenStandard1924-04-02p2- “Make Loco Weed Into Narcotics”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1925-07-20p12- “Mexican Held in Drug Sale”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1927-02-08p2- short
[S]- OgdenStandard1927-02-11p6- “Three Receive Jail Sentences”
[S]- OgdenStandard1927-12-05p12- “Police Seize Narcotic Tins”
[S]- OgdenStandard1927-12-16p24- “Dies From Using Mexican Drug” (AP)
"Detroit, Dec. 16. -- (By the Associated Press)  -- Widespread sale here of marihuana weed, described as a dangerous drug, the sale of which is not covered in federal regulations, has led to the drafting of an emergency ordinance to halt its use.

Officials were stirred to action yesterday by the death of Neil Moore, 21, described as addicted to the use of marihuana.   Subsequent investigation revealed the open sale of the Mexican weed in cigaret form."

[Museum Editorial]   Despite what the narc's were saying, a quick check on his death certificate (via www ancestry com) shows that he died of an overdose of ‘some kind of barbiturate”.   You figure??

[S]- OgdenStandard1928-03-13p2- “Drive Is Begun Against Dope”
[S]- OgdenStandard1928-04-22p1- “Marijuana Brings Long Jail Term”
[S]- OgdenStandard1928-06-14p2 - “Story of Jail beating told” nwr
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[S]- OgdenStandard1930-02-10p2- “Mexican narcotics Seized By Officers”
[S]- OgdenStandard1930-02-14p7- “Mexican Given Fine or Term”
[S]- OgdenStandard1930-02-14p28- “Former Meat Plant Buyer Kills Self”
[S]- OgdenStandard1930-03-01p8- “Youth Avers Mexican Weed Drove Him Mad”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1931-03-08p10- short
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[S]- OgdenStandard1932-07-05p3- “Wild Prisoner Becomes Quiet”
[S]- OgdenStandard1932-07-09p8- “Captive Again Becomes Wild”
[S]- OgdenStandard1932-07-20p12- “felony Cases Filed in Court”
[S]- OgdenStandard1932-11-21p1- “Youth Admits He is guilty of Slayings”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1933-02-03p7-“Dope Cigaret new menace to Students”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1933-07-14p15- “Indians Had Peyote”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1936-05-12p8- Lee Rice San Antonio Tx mention
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[S]- OgdenStandard1937-09-17p10- “Dope Grown In Beet Fields of Southern Idaho”
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-11-12p3- “Marihuana War Is On”
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-11-30p3- “Prepares First Marihuana Case”
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-12-06p1- short (AP)
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-12-14p1- “Federals Nab Marihuana in Ogden Arrest”
First Ogdenite Arrested In Government Drive On 'Hay’ Smokes Twelve yellow "hay"-filled cigarets were in possession of United States agents today and Joe Pacheo, 41, of 167 Twenty fifth, was in jail as the first Ogden man to be prosecuted under the new anti-marahuana(sic) drive of the federal government.

Pacheo was arrested by Detectives D. B. Ballantyne and Henry G. Allred and his case immediately turned over to the federal anti-narcotics bureau. R. C. Belnap, Salt Lake City, arrived in Ogden to handle the prosecution.

Officers could not connect Pacheo to any "ring" nor identify him with any extensive merchandising of the drug.   He said he obtained the "hay" from "a man passing through."

In his possession, however, were a dozen of the paper-wrapped smokes which-for 25 cents each will produce any number of gratifying visions.   He had also a can of marihuana.   The material, which flourishes as a weed and is sometimes cultivated, looks' like crumbled sage when, dried, and-ready for smoking.

Pacheo was first arrested several days ago, after he had terrorized the residents of a Twenty-fifth street rooming house with a hooked beet knife.   Entirely sober, he was suspected by police of being under, drug influence, though, he carried no drugs: Today Allred and Ballantyne released him, then shadowed him to his room.   When he returned to "the street they re-arrested him and found the cigarets wrapped, in a blue Bandana in his pocket and the can in another pocket.

Belnap called Pacheo's a "perfect case" for prosecution under the new ruling which classifies marihuana-as a narcotic, punishable under the Harrison act.
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-12-14p7- “Federals Nab Gay In Ogden”
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-12-15p9- “Hearing Set in Narcotic Case”
[S]- OgdenStandard1937-12-23p16- “Agents Fight Dirtiest Drug”
Renew Determination to Stamp Out Use of Marihuana
With the marihuana case of Joe Pacheo, 41, awaiting consideration by a grand jury, federal agents today announced renewed determination to stamp out illegal use of "the dirtiest, deadliest drug that ever came".

The phrase was used by Scott B. Matheson, assistant United States district attorney for Utah, following a hearing late Wednesday before United States Commissioner John A. Sneddon at which Pacheo was ordered held for the grand jury under $1,500 bail.

Pacheo assertedly ran amuck with a hooked beet knife in an Ogden rooming house 10 days ago.   Detectives Henry G. Allred and D. B. Ballantyne claimed they found a tobacco can and 12 cigarets containing marihuana under Pacheo's mattress when they arrested him.

"It's true, what the officers say," was the defendant's only comment at the hearing.

"This marihuana is the dirtiest, deadliest drug that ever came," Matheson remarked.   "If you'd seen what I have seen among high school kids—"

R. C. Belnap, federal narcotics agent who examined the evidence in Pacheo's case, said recent inclusion of marihuana under the Harrison act had given impetus to the drive against it throughout the country.

[S]- OgdenStandard1938-02-10p3 - “Marihuana Users Visit Weber …..”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-02-16p2- “Killer Girls Get Life Term”
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[S]- OgdenStandard1938-04-28p1- short
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-05-01p10- “Dope Seized On Ship”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-05-22p3- “Negro Is Held On Marijuana Charge”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-05-26p7- “Idaho to Battle Marihuana Weed”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-05-28p8- “Ordered Held In Dope Case”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-06-11p1- “Attacker Pleads Guilty; Is Given 5-Year Sentence”
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-06-12p16b- “Justice Speeds In Martin Case”
[Marihuana Defense]
Only Five Minutes Required To Send Girl Attacker To State Prison
Charles Martin, 27-year-old Ogden husband, was whisked to the state penitentiary near Salt Lake City Saturday to begin serving a rape sentence of not less than five years, following one of the speediest disposals earlier in the day of a felony case on record here.

Martin, appearing before District Judge Lester A. Wade, in a five-minute court session, blamed marihuana in explaining his attack on a 10-year-old West Ogden girl June 6.

Pleads Guilty
He pleaded guilty to a charge of rape, waived an offer of counsel and additional time for his arraignment and plea, and was sentenced to prison all within the short space of five minutes after his case was called.

He was arrested last Tuesday night by Detectives George Theobald and Leo W. Pack upon a description of his car furnished police by the girl, whom Martin allegedly attacked on a darkened roadway in Wilson after he had offered a ride home to her and her brother.

Police said Martin told them he did not remember the alleged attack on the 10-year-old girl, but that he admitted the rape of another 16-year-old girl, who recognized his picture in The Standard-Examiner.   The second girl did not figure in the complaint to which he pleaded guilty.

Wife Expectant
Martin was turned over to state prison officials soon after his sentence Saturday by Sheriff John R. Watson and Deputies Earl Thompson and Gailord Taylor, who took him to Salt Lake City.

Mrs. Martin, officers said, who has refused to see her husband since the night of his arrest has been taken to her relatives home in Uintah.   She is expected to have her first child next month, officers said they had been informed.
[S]- OgdenStandard1938-06-15p2- short
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[S]- OgdenStandard1952-01-23p6- “Teen Agers Seek Thrill, Become dope Addicts

[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1935-08-16p1- “Joliet Ill -
JOLIET, III., Aug. 1C (U.R)— The source of supply for marijuana smokers at Joliet penitentiary was plowed under today.   A 10 by_15 foot bed of the narcotic weed was found near the old prison quarry after guards discovered three convicts smoking marijuana ciganets.
[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1936-04-20p6- Pix Blue Mt.
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[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1937-12-01p1- “Dope Ring Leader Is Under Arrest”
[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1938-03-28p2- “Marijuana Dose Proves Fatal” - Death due to Marihuana?
CALDWELL, Idaho, March 28 —Authorities today awaited word from Denver, Colo., as to disposition of the body of Fred Kaiser, 30, found dead in a cell in the county jail here Sunday.

Kaiser, reportedly a marijuana addict, was arrested and jailed on charge of possession of the drug.   His death was believed due to an overdose of the narcotic.
His parents live in Denver.
[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1938-04-28p5b- “Runaway Trusties Now in Solitary”
[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1938-05-01p3- short
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[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1938-11-06p1- “Odd Fellow Envoy Sounds Warning On Crime Growth”
[S]- ProvoEveningHerald1939-02-26p7- cool Movie Ad - Must see
[S]- ProvoDailyHerald1967-12-18p2- “Double Stabbing In Nephi Hospitalizes Californians”
Double Stabbing in Nephi Hospitalizes Californians
NEPHI, Utah (UPI)- Two Jarlsbad, Calif., motorists were hospitalized following a double stabbing here Sunday.   Juab County sheriff Duane Sperry said Martha G. Jones 24 suffered two stab wounds in the back.   Robert Davis, 27, was stabbed in the abdomen.

Trooper Rex Hall of the Utah Highway Patrol took the motorists to Nephi Saturday night after their small foreign car ran off U.S. 91 about 19 miles south of Levan.

Sheriff Sperry said they checked into a Nephi motel, where the stabbing reportedly occurred Sunday about 2 a.m.

The woman was reported in satisfactory condition at Juab county Hospital here.   Davis /as transported to Utah Valley Hospital, Provo, where he was listed at press time today in poor to fair" condition following surgery.

[S]- Mar 21, 1940 p3 - “Our School News” [letter]

Vernal Express

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Millard County Chronicle / Progress
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[S]- 1914-09-28 Marihuana Weed Will Cause Insanity
[S]- 1914-11-23 Marihuana Weed Will Cause Insanity
[S]- 1927-09-01 Weed Drives Widow, Four Children Insane
[Wanted]- 1931-07-09 "Loco Weed"
[Wanted]- 1934-10-04 "Ma-Ri-Hwa-Na"
[S]- 1938-05-05 Club Projects
[Wanted]- 1939-10-05 East and West

[S]- 1931-05-28 J. J. Winters Makes Sensational Capture Thompsons Burglars
[Wanted]- 1937-05-27 Who's News This Week
[S]- 1937-08-19 Floyd Gibbons' Adventurers' Club
[S]- 1939-08-24 These Changing Times

[Wanted]- 1925-08-14 Telegraphic Tales for Busy Readers

Tooele Transcript Bulletin
[S]- 1905-07-14 Dangerous Mexican Weed to Smoke

[S]- SaltLakeTribune1922-02-04p16- “Revenge Motive Police Assert”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1923-12-07p24- “Marihuana Is Narcotic”
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[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-03-12p24- “Frank Rojas Denies Peddling narcotics”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-03-24p22- “Offer of Leniency Buys Drug Witness”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-03-27p20- “Drug Peddler Found Guilty”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-05-13p11- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-05-18p3- “Sheriff Wants Ban of Law Placed on Sale of marijuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-11-03p6- “How to Keep Well” by Dr. W.A. Evans
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1926-11-28p61- “Shooting at Random in an Amazing Vengeance War On Society”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-01-020p11- “Drastic Drug Law Proposed” short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-03-25p6- “Drug Habit Penalizes Addict in the End” or How to Keep Well, by Dr. Evans
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-07-15p7- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-07-16p22- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-11-26p18- “Arrest of Dope Trafficker May Unearth Ring”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1927-12-07p11- “Officers Find Stolen clothes”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-03-04p8- “Bondsman Pays Fine For Missing Defendant”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-03-06p10- “Two Taken In Raid”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-03-07p7- “Complaint Issued”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-03-13p18- “Whisky, Arms Taken In Raid”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-04-18p12- “Marijuana Possession Brings Fine Of $50”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-04-27p7- “New Narcotic Charge Substitutes Old One”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-05-09p4- “Found Not Guilty”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-06-13p20- “Narcotic Charge Made”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-06-15p4- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-06-22p7- “Had Barred Cigarets, Claim”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-06-30p17 - “Marihuana Possession Brings Fine of $100”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-07-28p24- “Marijuana Seizure Lands Suspect in Salt Lake Jail”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-07-29p20- “Jim Denitos Charged With Serious Crime”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-08-17p18- “Accused Marijuana Seller Under Arrest”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-09-03p18- “Car Falls 300 Feet, Man’s Back Broken”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-09-23p22- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-11-09p20- “Huge Drug Haul Made at Helper”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-11-15p8- “Narcotic Prosecution Delayed for Analysis”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-11-28p30- “Wife, Husband Jailed on Charge of Selling Marijuana to Deputy”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-11-29p26- “Marijuana Owner Enters Guilty Plea”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-12-16p8- “Marihuana Weed Control Sought”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-12-16p14- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-12-28p24- “One Marihuana Cigaret Brings Big Day Which Ends in Prison”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-12-29p6- Editorial - “Something Different”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1928-12-30p - “A Home Grown New Drug That Drives Its Victims Mad”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-03p5- “Possession of Marihuana Brings Suspended Sentence”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-04p23- “Marihuana Owner Freed by court”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-21p16- “Officers Make Arrest On Marihuana Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-22p14- “Drug Case Hearing Set”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-30p19- “Bond Over”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-01-31p11- “Sheriff Holds M. Montis”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-02-02p26- “Police Arrest Mexican On Mariauana Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-02-18p2- “Jury Convicts One On Drug Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-02-20p21- “Faces Dope Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-02-21p25- “Court Releases Ross Roja”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-07p28- “Eye Treatment Prevents Arrest Of Drug suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-08p18- “District Court Convicts Helper Man on Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-09p30- “Drug Suspect Must Face Trial”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-19p24- “Woman Receives Court Leniency”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-21p26- “Court Suspends Sentence Time”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-22p36- “Judge Holds Drug Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-23p13- Jury convicts Young Robber”
[Marihuana Defense]
Court Sets Monday as Date for Sentence; One Charge Pending.

OGDEN.   —Virgil Thomas, 21, who has been in court a number of times within the past eighteen months, was convicted on a second degree burglary charge in Judge Geohce B. Barker's division of the Second district court Friday afternoon.   The jury deliberated twenty minutes.   Thomas was charged with robbing a service station at Twenty-third street and Grant avenue on the night of January 5. He was ordered to appear for sentence Monday.   Thomas testified in court that he was under the influence of marihuana at the time remembers nothing until he was struck over the head with a gun.

Thomas is still to be tried on a charge of robbery for the alleged holding up of J. T. Alsop the same night.

Some weeks ago Thomas was acquitted on a charge of robbing Thomas Williams, an ex-service man, of $5 in tabernacle square park on the night of October 17.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-04-14p12- “Vendor of Drug Gets Cell Term”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-04-17p30- “Court Frees Drug Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-04-20p30- “Judge Considers Case”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-04-21p5 - “Held For Trial”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-08-29p4- “Growing Loco Weed Count Against Man”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-07p11- “Suspect Admits Slaying”
[Marihuana Defense]
Special to The Tribune.- FARMJNGTON.   —Nicholas Diaz, on trial in the Second district court pleaded guilty to murder in the first degree for the slaying of Juan Martinez early in the summer.   Diaz threw himself on the mercy of the Jury his plea being that he was under the influence of the narcotic marihuana at the time and did not know what he was doing.   The court probably will give the case to the jury Saturday morning.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-08p11- “Jury Decrees Death Penalty For Murderer”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-10p2- “Officers Visiting Farm Discover Marihuana Crop”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-10p5- “Narcotic Plant Raiser Arrested”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-21p7- “Convicts Drug Possessor”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-24p12- “Sheriff’s Force Holds Marihuana Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-09-27p11- “Marihuana Case Defendant Flees, Forfeiting $200”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-10-02p18- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-10-20p8d- shorts
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-11-01p36- Detectives Files Charge Against Alleged Knifer”
[Marihuana Defense]
Victim Identifies Suspect; Blames Marihuana Sale for Quarrel.

A complaint charging Antone Gonzales, 27, of Blum, Utah, with assault with intent to commit murder, was filed with the county attorney and signed by Detective J. J. Ferrin, Thursday, in connection with a knife attack early Wednesday on Dario Marques.

Gonzales.   arrested at the Denver & Rio Grande Western railroad station by Detective Chief David H: -Clayton early Thursday, was held in the city all until filing of the complaint and then transferred to the county jail.

The suspect was Identified, according to the police, by Marques as his assailant.   The wounded man was reported recovering at the Salt Lake County General hospital Thursday night.

The fight, which culminated in stabbing of Marques in the body, followed an argument over the sale of marihuana, said the police.   The stabbing occurred near Fourth West and second South streets.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-11-02p28- “Pair Deny charges In Stabbing Frays”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-11-19p5- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-11-20p28- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-12-14p26- “Judge McConkie Speaks to Exchangeites on Juries”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1929-03-07p20- “Alleged Sale Of Marihuana Jails Franco”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-01-07p3- “Police Seize Cans of Drug and Liquor”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-01-10p21- “Marihuana Suspect Held on Open Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-01-11p2- “Officers Search Clearfield House”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-02-14p5- “Indian, White Man Held for Fighting”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-03-23p8- “Drug Handler Loses Appeal”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-05-01p23- “Carbon Officers Learn Suspect Has Long Record”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-08-29p7- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-08-31p4x- Exposing Traffic in Dope the worlds wickedest Evil all Over the globe today”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-09-10p20- “Drug Charge dismissed”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-09-11p2- Marihuana Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-09-14p5- - Exposing Traffic in Dope the worlds wickedest Evil all Over the globe today”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-09-14p6d- “Prison Term meted”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-09-31p4- “Exposing Traffic in Dope the worlds wickedest Evil all Over the globe today”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-10-10p30- “Prisoner Freed When Detectives Lose Evidence”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-10-19p8d- “Parrish Names Seven State Prisoners”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-10-26p2- “Exposing Traffic in Dope the worlds wickedest Evil all Over the globe today”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-10-28p26- “Pardons Board Saves Slayer”
[Marihuana Defense]
Commutes Nicholas Diaz's Death Penalty to Life Imprisonment.
The state board of pardons, meeting Monday in the office of Warden R. E. Davis at the state penitentiary, commuted the sentence of Nicholas Diaz, convicted slayer, from the death penalty to life Imprisonment.   Execution of Dlas had been set November 8.

This board based Its action upon the fact that Diaz is only 20 years old, the strong probability that he was under the influence of marihuana and whisky when the crime was committed and upon the recommendation of the prosecuting attorney and the arresting officer.

On September 5, 1929, Diaz was convicted in Farmington of having slain Juan Martinez, a fellow railroad worker, near Kaysville on May 10 1929.   He had fled to California and was apprehended In San Francisco.   During his trial he admitted the slaying.   Because the jury failed to recommend leniency, 'the sentence to death was mandatory.

The case was appealed to the supreme court, which upheld the action of the Second district court.

At the regular meeting of the board of pardons on October 18, the Diaz case occupied the major portion of the time spent in considering pardons appeals.   The board reached no decision at that time, and again on October 20 the board deliberated for almost three hours without deciding the case.   Again Monday the board spent almost four hours in executive session before finally commuting the sentence to life imprisonment.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-11-16p8d- “Prisoners Paroled At Board Meeting”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-11-29p8- “Five Seized by Narcotic Raiders”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-12-04p10- “Three Receive Prison Terms”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-12-13p8- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1930-12-25p20- “Judge Sets Trial”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-01-18p8d- “Marijuana Sale On Street Charged”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-01-20p22- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-01-21p8- “Drug Suspect Freed”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-02-16p4- “Gets Prison Term”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-02-19p10- “Marijuana Blamed In Assault Case”
[Marihuana Defense]
Marijuana Blamed In Assault Case

POCATELLO, Idaho—Lester Thompson, 25, blamed marijuana clgarets for his assault with intent to rob a local store proprietor when he was sentenced in district court here Wednesday.

Thompson said be found the cigarets and did not remember having entered the store recently nor his attack upon Walter Kuhn with a lead pipe, for which he was convicted.   He pleaded guilty before Judge Jay L.. Downing and was sentenced to from five to fifteen years in the state penitentiary.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-03-08p7- “War on Marihuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-03-15p9- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-05-12p26- “Police Open War On Drug Peddlers”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-05-24p14b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-07-14p8- “Rum Charges Accuse Four”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-08-06p8- “Judge Frees Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-08-11p16- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-08-14p11- “Mexican Officers Seize narcotics”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-08-23p8- “Murder Drug That Gives Gunmen Courage to Kill”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-08-30p2- “Patch Holds Fortune in Drug Plant”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-09-05p24- “Sheriff Raids Narcotics Farm; Arrests Three”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-09-07p9- “Sheriff Watches to check Jail Rescue”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-09-10p8- “Three Admit Guilt In Marijuana Case”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-09-25p12- “Trio Deny Dope Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-10-04p1- “Marijuana Brings Farmer’s Arrest”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-10-14p14- “Immigration Director Deports Dope Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-11-01p12- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-11-08p8- two shorts
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-11-26p13- “Man Faces Sentence”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-12-01p6- “Court Sentences Man”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-12-14p3- “Sheriff Seizes Narcotics in Tobacco Tins”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1931-19-13p8- Texas Holds Suspect for Mary Jane”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-01-23p20- “Accused man Denies Intent to Kill Sheriff in Jail Raid”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-02-24p1- “Shot Perils Financier, hurts Girl”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-02-24p3- “Bullet of Gunman Misses Capitalist; Girl Tells Story”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-03-20p2b- “Police Hold Man in Probe of Marihuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-03-20p12b- “Two Hurt in Prison Feud; One Knifed”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-03-21p5- “Victim of Prison Battle Recovers”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-03-25p26- “Hospital Guards Baby With Parents in Jail”
Hospital Guards Baby With Parents in Jail
The 9-month-old baby of Augustin and Bellan Amador was being cared for Thursday night at the Salt Lake county general hospital while the parents are in jail facing trial on charges of possession of marihuana The child was taken to the hospital for custodial care after Mr. and Mrs. Amador had pleaded not guilty before Judge Daniel Harrington Preliminary hearing of the couple was set for Monday.   Mrs. Amador carried the child into the courtroom.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-03-29p14- “Nurses Keep Baby; Mother Goes to jail” Nurses Keep Baby; Mother Goes to Jail Pedro Amactor, one month old, was still in the care of the nurses at the Salt Lake general hospital Monday night after his mother, Bellan Amador, had been consigned to the county jail on charges of possession of marijuana.

Augustin Amador, father of the baby boy, was acquitted of the same charge by Judge Daniel Harrington, but late Monday night had failed to call for young Pedro.

The Amadors were charged with having the drug at 576 West Fourth South street on March 21.   Mrs. Amador failed to obtain the $1000 bail fixed for her appearance before the district court and was remanded to jail.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-04-04p6- “Murder on the roof” novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-04-05p3- “Jury Convicts Woman of Having Marihuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-04-17p14- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-06-12p1b- “Narcotic Possessor hears Prison Sentence”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-07-01p6- “Three Taken for Alleged Thefts”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-09-18p7c- “Mail Readers at Prison Have Very Important Work”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-11-06p2c- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1932-12-28p18- “Four Men Arrested As Holdup Suspects”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-01-24p16- “Six Men Held For Quiz After Marihuana Raid”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-01-25p10- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-02-16p18- “Convicted By Jury”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-03-19p10b- “Marihuana Law Is Questioned”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-03-21p3- “Marihuana Law Is Held Valid”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-04-09p8- “Narcotic Suspect Held”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-05-17p7- “Marihuana Case Appeal Based on Place of Comma”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-05-21p9b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-06-18pb9- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-07-13p10- “Narcotic Owner Pleads Guilty, goes to Prison”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-09-04p13- “Pair Freed of Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-09-20p8- shorts
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-06p5- “Drug Possession Charged”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-14p21- “Narcotic Suspects Held”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-15p12- “Drive Launched to Cut Number of Weed Users”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-22p7b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-23p5- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-29p12b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-10-31p9- “Police Seize Narcotic Cache, Arrest Three”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-11-03p7- “Marihuana Defendant
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-11-20p14- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-11-29p8- “suspect Bound Over”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-12-10p10b- “Four Men Sentenced to State Prison Terms”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1933-12-19p18- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-01-20p5- “Suspect Denies Narcotic Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-01-21p11- “Suspect Denies Charge of Marihuana Possession”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-01-21p12b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-02-04p11- “Held For Investigation”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-02-06p3- “Hearing Waived”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-02-07p20- “Marijuana Suspect Held”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-02-11p8b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-04-01p12- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-05-20p8b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-06-03p2b-short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-06-28p7- “Sentence Imposed”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-06-28p16- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-07-10p18- “Transient Relief Nurse Near Death in Hospital, Victim of Knife Attach”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-07-11p26- “Knife Attack Suspect Held”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-08-05p2c – short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-08-17p22- “Narcotic Hearing Set”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-09-19p7- shorts
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-09-27p13- “Jury Convicts Man”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-10-02p11- “sentenced To Prison”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1934-11-25p10- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-01-20p4- two shorts
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-04-24p6- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-04-28p13- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-07-02p6- “Narcotic Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-07-03p8- “Charges Denied”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-07-18p3- “Trial continued”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-07-31p3- “Pleads Guilty”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-09-24p13- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-09-29p12b- “Alleged Marijuana Deal Jails Couple”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-10-27p5c- “How to Keep Well” by Dr. Irving Cutter
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1935-11-17p2- “Gain Reported In US Battle On Marijuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-01-28p8- “Held for Parole”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-01-28p16- “Faces Charge” - Carl Martinez
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-01-30p- “Admits Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-02-22p18- Ad - Utah Wages War on Marihuana
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-02-23p5- “Utah Carries On Marihuana War”
(Continued from Preceding Page)
Marihuana has been called the "killer drug."

In California, a man under its influence, killed his best friend, and then, coming out of the drug's effects, was as horrified as anyone else over what he had done.

In Colorado a man, whom, authorities had made arrangements with for a purchase of stolen cocaine, ran amok the night before the purchase was to be made, attempted to shoot his wife, but mortally wounded his grandmother, and, after shooting it out with police officers, killed himself.   He was a known marihuana addict.

In Florida, a youth who had become addicted to the drug, seized an ax and killed his father, mother, two brothers and a sister, the entire family.   In a fit of frenzy, he then ran to the porch shrieking madly that a number of people were trying to cut off his arms and legs.

Inasmuch as the harmful effects of marihuana are daily being more widely known and since it has been classed as a narcotic by the statutory laws of 18 American states, England and Mexico, the United States government will unquestionably be compelled to adopt a more consistent attitude toward it.

Harry J. Anslinger, chief of the federal bureau of narcotics, believes the states are primarily responsible for suppressing the vice.   They can act under the police powers.   The federal government has no such freedom.   The constitution limits its police authority
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-03-04p6- “Youth Questioned In Plot at Jail”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-03-06p16- “Files Dope Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-03-21p20- “Pleads Not Guilty”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-03-29pC7- “Marijuana Smokers Increase in London, vice Probe Reveals”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-04-14p22- “Charge Dismissed”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-07-28p11- “Held for Investigation”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1936-09-20p12- “to Fight Marijuana”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-01-31p17- “Officers Nab Theft Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-02-06p- “Narcotic Suspect Held”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-02-18p17- “Three Facing dope charges”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-02-19p10- “Dope Suspect Pleads Guilty”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-02-20p34- “Dope Peddler Gets Sentence”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-03-16p20- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-04-21p1- “Women Strike At Social Evils and Ask cure”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-08-22p17- “Davis County Up Against $10,000 Claim”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-09-29p27- “Idaho Falls Police Hold Narcotics Suspect”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-10-31p7- “Drive Against Marihuana Gains Results”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1937-12-03p15- “Narcotic Suspect Denies Charge”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-01-01p9- “Officer Urges Narcotics Law Changes to Reduce Crime”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-02-16p11- “Two Girls Get Life Terms $2.10 Holdup Murder”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-04-01p3- “Sailor Runs Amuck”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-05-06p25- “Federal Court Judge Dismisses Jury”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-06-12p13e- “Marihuana Serious menace to Public” by Dr. Irving Cutter”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-01p7- Movie Ad”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-18p12- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-19p18- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-20p28- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-23p16- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-26p8- “Sheriff Finds Marihuana Near Kaysville” Pix
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-27p25- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-27p30- “Marihuana count Faces Farmer”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-08-29p5- short “Marihuana Farm”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-09-03p19- “Narcotic Figure Jailed by Court”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-09-05p13- “Lost Lady” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-09-18p8- Odds and Ends”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-09-23p12- “Where the Reefers Grow” pix
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-10-14p34- “Club Protests Open Creek”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-10-19p6- short “Hung Jury”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-11-06p1b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-11-20p1b- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-11-22p22- short “Fiery Session Discusses Park Meters”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-12-02p29- “Health Officer to Give Talk on Diseases”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-12-03p34- “Pentolgist Urges Campaign To Curb Marihuana Uses”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-12-13p6- Narcotic Addicts Hopeless, California Officer Asserts” - Walker
Narcotic Addicts Hopeless, California Officer Asserts
The arrest of a transient for trying to obtain morphine on a forged prescription the other day in Salt Lake City recalls allegations recently made that certain members of the medical fraternity were once suspected of laxity or complicity in dispensing opiates to addicts.   Presumably they have been expelled.

It is not often one hears of morphine as a menace since the hempen product of marijuana has become "a drug on the market."   This inanimate public enemy is held directly responsible for many of the most bestial crimes, including murder, torture, rape and arson.   It causes insanity and leads to suicide.   Many of its addicts are swaggering youths who seek therein a temporary reprieve from their inferiority complex.   Under its influence they feel able to conquer foes, overcome opposition and achieve wonders with no moral restraint of which they are cognizant.

Big racketeers do not handle marijuana because competition is too keen.   The weed is easily cultivated and may be grown on any vacant lot.   Of course, it is cultivated by depraved wretches who seek to make a living off the misfortune of their fellow creatures.   One Asiatic was arrested in Davis county some time ago for tending his patch of hemp with care and caution.

While 180 tons of marijuana were seized by federal agents in 1935 and 386 tons in 1936, it was not until October 1, 1937, that the plant and its product were listed in the narcotics act.   At that time it was made possible for action to be taken against every person, whether licensed to produce or sell the drug or not, caught disposing of it in any form or manner without a regular prescription.

The habit, once formed, is not easily cured.   Some contend that it undermines the will and moral sense to such a degree that the craving is almost ineradicable.   William Walker, chief of the California narcotics division, recently recommended to Governor-elect Culbert L. Olson that hospitals or narcotic patients be abolished, since "addiction is incurable."   Basing his opinion on the study of hundreds of cases and scores of alleged cures, he reached the conclusion that maintenance of such institutions is a waste of money.

In lieu of hospitalization he suggested that all addicts be registered, fingerprinted, given a physical examination and that the minimum amount of narcotics required by each addict be administered by duly designated physicians acting under federal authority.

"The solution to the narcotics problem," Walker said, "is control, not punishment."   He regards the detention and forcible treatment of these victims of habit hallucination as futile castigation rather than reformation.

According to his judgment, based on long experience, this plan, besides giving addicts a chance to lead an otherwise normal life, would largely remove the market for illegal traffic, eliminate venders and simplify enforcement of narcotics laws.

One of two most serious charges pending before the tribunal of civilization against Japan, alleging an offense more vicious and unpardonable than the burning of homes, the seizure of lands, the slaughter of noncombatants, the starvation of mothers and Children and the massacre of helpless captives is the production of narcotics with which it is trying to debauch the Chinese, whose government long treated it as a capital offense, and which Japanese are now dispensing through emissaries to all the world.

Laws have been enacted to put kidnapers in the same category with murderers.   Dope producers and peddlers belong in the same classification of malefactors.   No man caught in this traffic should ever be given a chance to get back into it.   He is worse than a murderer, just as imbecility and lasting disgrace are worse than death.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1938-12-13p10- short
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-01-22p11- “Penalty Levied In dope Case”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-03-10p15- “Marihuana Goes Up in Smoke”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-03-23p14- “Ex-Felon Will Be Deported”
[Marihuana Defense]
Ex-Felon Will Be Deported
Nicholas Diaz, who on September 14, 1929, was sentenced to die for the murder of Juan Martinez, a fellow section hand, shortly will be returned to his native Mexico to spend the rest of his life.   The Utah state board of pardons Wednesday terminated his life sentence.

Prison officials informed the board that Diaz was in an unbalanced mental state, and that if he were to remain in the custody of the prison he might have to be transferred to the Utah State hospital.

Diaz shot his sleeping victim in the top of the head.   The defendant testified that he was so under the influence of marijuana that he did not remember the shooting.   District Judge George S. Barker sentenced Diaz to die on November 8 1929, but 12 days before the execution date the board of pardons commuted the sentence to a life term Diaz is 30 years of age.
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-04-20p1- short “Utah clubwomen . . .”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-05-21p45- “Save our Boys and Girls”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-06-12p18- “Woman Set Free In Narcotic Quiz”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-06-16p30- “Marihuana Suspect Waives Hearing”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-07-24p6- “Love comes Last by Julie Moore” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-07-24p7- “Love comes Last by Julie Moore” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-07-25p10- “Drug, Habits and Addicts Reviewed by Utah Educators”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-07-25p15- “Love comes Last by Julie Moore” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-07-28p15- “Love comes Last by Julie Moore” - serial novel
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-08p10- “Two Accused of Beating US Witness”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-09p14- “Released On Bond”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-10p4- “Bill Aids Dope Probes”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-13p3b- “Hearing Continued”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-13p7d- “Marihuana on US Land”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-08-25p26- “Farmer Faces Charges”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-10-08p1b- “Released on Bond”
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[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-11-15p25- short
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[S]- SaltLakeTribune1939-11-26p16b- “Federal Court Imposes Sentences on Eight Law Violators”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1967-12-18p4b- “Double Stabbing Leaves 1 Poor, 1 Satisfactory”:
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1967-12-19p13- “Sheriff Probes Juab Knifing”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1967-12-20p3d- “Juab Checking Material in Knifing Probe”
[S]- SaltLakeTribune1967-12-23p30- “Chemists Report Material in Car Marijuana”


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