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THIS one is so sick (written by doctors no less) that it’s out and out funny:
“The addict is likely to commit sexual crimes of a homicidal nature, following the continuous use of cannabis or Run Amok.”
The next thing you will know the Indian Tourist Board will be blaming all their problems on the use of Medical Cannabis by addicts.


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Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:01:28 -0700

Brief Account on Cannabis Indica:
Marijuana also known as cannabis sativa, or Indian hemp in India, 'Dagga' in South Africa, and 'Hashish' in Egypt.   Also some people called it 'Grass', 'Pot', 'Reefer', ' Mary Jane', 'Joint', 'Cannabis' and Hashish.   Its cultivation is restricted by law, but it grows all over India.

It is the second most important addiction next to tobacco, and alcohol, the most popular substance used by young people for regular use and abusing.   The active principle is a fat soluble oleoresin, cannabinol and other cannaboids found in the leaves and flowering shoots of the plant.   The poisonous content is easily absorbed from the digestive and respiratory tract, with a stimulant action on central nervous system.   It can be used in various forms and different types:

Hashish is a resinous substance, taken from the tops of female plants, and it contains the highest concentration of the toxin.

It is prepared from dried leaves and fruit shoots, which are used as an infusion in the form of a beverage, also it is known as siddhi, patti, and sabji.

The term marihuana or marijuana is used in America to refer to cannabis, and its Mexican term meaning 'pleasurable feeling', also the form in which it is used is similar to ganja.   It is made up of flowering tops of female plant, specially grown so there is large amount of resinous exudate.   The active principle in concentration is about 25%, and resin has rusty green color with characteristic odor.   It is mixed with tobacco and smoked in a pipe, commonly indulged in by sadhus, fakirs, a class of people who dress in scarlet colored loose clothes, and claim to have given up the worldly bonds specially in India.

This is the preparation of bhang with sweetmeat.   It has all effects of bhang and severe grandiose delusions.

It is the resinous exudate from leaves, stems of the plant, it is dark green or brown in color.   The active principle is in a concentration varying between 25 to 40 percent.   It is commonly smoked with tobacco in a pipe or 'hookah' and other form in which it is used alone or as part of confection, or drunk in beer, and some other beverage or smoked in cigarettes.   The cigarettes contain about 500 mg of Indian hemp and known as reefers or weed.   It's regular use leads to heroin addiction especially in teenagers.

The effects, side-effects including symptoms and signs:
The effects of marijuana are noted within seconds to several minutes after inhaling the smoke from a joint or a pipe; or within 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion of food containing marijuana forms bhang, and hashish.   The drug is commonly used as an aphrodisiac.

Being fat soluble, it is stored in fat cells of the body and it acts like a time release capsule, with effect of a single dose lasting for over 7 days, hence it causes physical and psychological dependence and intense craving in children.   The effects of cannabis in small or moderate doses of the drugs shows: Euphoria, Sense of relaxation, feeling of cheerfulness and well-being, the addict tends to become talkative, His appetite is increased and eats food with great relish, He seeks sexual enjoyment.   The unpleasant effects that may occur are: Depersonalization, Change of body image, Disorientation and acute panic reactions or severe paranoia.   In severe cases delirium and hallucinations reported.

In case of large doses of the drug, the effects are:
There is loss of perception of time and space, Has visual hallucinations, He sees nude beautiful women dancing before him, playing music, and singing amorous songs.   In the later stage of narcosis giddiness, confusion and ataxia occur.   There is tingling and numbness in the extremities, In severe cases generalized anesthesia may be seen, very rarely the patient goes in drowsiness, followed by coma and collapse.   Death may occur from respiratory paralysis.

The chronic use of the drug in any form of marijuana is known as hashish insanity.   The addict is likely to commit sexual crimes of a homicidal nature, following the continuous use of cannabis or Run Amok (It is a condition resulting from the continued use of cannabis or even its use for first time.   It is characterized by a frenzied desire on the part of the person to commit murders.)

Withdrawal Effects: Agitation, Insomnia, Irritability, Anxiety.
The lethal dose and period of Marijuana:
Minimum lethal dose of Charas is = 2.0 gms.
Minimum lethal dose of Ganja is = 8.0 gms.
Per kilo body weight.
Minimum lethal dose of Bhang is = 10.0 gms.

Lethal period:
Death can occur after 12 hours in acute poisoning.

Effects of marijuana in pregnancy: -

Treatment and Rehabilitation:
The treatment in marijuana lies in conjunction with community based support programs, such as:
Comprehensive residential treatment program,
Behavior recognition therapy and modification program,
Psychotherapeutic treatment,
Rehabilitate the addict in counseling centers with proper counselor and educator and social worker.

In worse health conditions, start with both physiological and psychological treatment and support.   In an emergency, the patient should be hospitalized:
Stomach wash with warm water.
Intravenous fluids like saline, dextrose etc.
Give strong tea or coffee by mouth or per rectum.
In severe case give artificial respiration or supply oxygen.
Saline purgatives are administered to wash out the poisonous drug.

Contrary to what happened back in the 1930’s, this is the here and now, so we are able to contact the individuals involved.   -- The following letter was sent to them, just before their whole web site crashed and NEVER WENT BACK UP AGAIN.
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Subject: Doctor On Net:

Our museum defines “Reefer Madness” as an organized campaign (usually but not necessarily governmental in origin) of lies directed against the Medical Marihuana plant--a plant with medical properties now desperately needed by cancer victims here in America.

Reefer Madness can officially be said to have began in 1915 with the publication of the “poison ship” (Harper’s), but its ending date is unclear.   In fact there has been much debate on the subject, with some saying that the campaign of out-and-out lies has never ended.

Sir, your web publication “Doctor-On-Net” has put an end to this debate once and for all with wording such as:
“The chronic use of the drug in any form of marijuana is known as hashish insanity.   The addict is likely to commit sexual crimes of a homicidal nature, following the continuous use of cannabis or Run Amok (It is a condition resulting from the continued use of cannabis or even its use for first time.   It is characterized by a frenzied desire on the part of the person to commit murders.) http://doctoronnet.com/addictions/drug7.php3 “
How can there be any doubt?

It is for this reason than that I write.   Under American law, we need no permission to reproduce your website and display it prominently as a museum exhibit.   However, we do need your permission to use your copyrighted material for an upcoming booklet on the subject.   I hereby ask for such permission; and please do not worry about credit, as our museum believes fully in giving proper credit where credit is due.   And I can assure you, we will take every opportunity to let people know exactly where the material came from.

However, there is one small problem.   Sometimes web owners are not responsible for the content of their websites; for example, some buy pre-packaged material from external sources without checking for content, in which case we will NOT be able to give you credit.   If this is the case please let me know, or let me know the circumstances, as I do not wish to give credit where credit is not due.

Antique Andy
Curator, Museum of Reefer Madness
An educational pro-Medical Marihuana organization
To their credit, the Doctor On Net site (upon getting numerous e-mails from pro-Medical Cannabis groups), took down the site.   Although no one ever wrote back, we believe that they had just copied and pasted this information from an old book somewhere.   And probably didn’t even truly look at what they were posting up -- (stuff like that happens a lot).

NOTE: It appears that the Doctor On Net website ceased to exist some time ago.

MUSEUM NOTE:  A quick search of the U.S. Copyright office shows that "Ascent Infinity Technologies" has either gone out of business or never applied under U.S. registration.

Also due to download times, we had to limit the quality of the images, if anyone needs the originals feel free to contact us.



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