Reefer Madness Era Comic-books - REALISTIC ROMANCES #16


DATE: June/July 1954
STORY TITLE:   "My Scandalous Affair!"
STORY PLOT:   Story is titled "My Scandalous Affair!" The story of a fast and easy girl, but one day she goes too far, to a reefer party. --- "The taste was bitter and it choked me….the room began to spin …. I inhaled a few more puffs and began to grow deathly sick!" --- Her boyfriend (also under the influence of marihuana) tries to kill her etc. And after a few months she ends up in a mental institution where she sees first hand the effects of the evil weed. One plate has a doctor saying: -- "That girl is only five years older than you. She started the way you did and went much further, and now it's too late!" [Picture shows a very elderly looking woman, in a haze] --- But fear not, romance comic book fans, she recovers from her addiction and gets together with her old boyfriend. A happy ending.
FOOTNOTES:   [1]- [same story found in Romantic Love #6] -- Five star reefer madness rating.
Publisher: Avon Periodicals, Inc., 573 Madison Ave., New York 22, N.Y.


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