Reefer Madness Era Comic-books WANTED COMICS #18


DATE: Feb. 1949
STORY TITLE:   "Satan's Cigarettes"
STORY PLOT:   The story "Satan's Cigarettes," based on actual police files (would the police or the publisher lie to us?), was also re-released as "The No. 1 Enemy" in a later issue. The story starts as follows: ---- "Do you want to buy Madness, Pain, and Horror? Do you want to join the ranks of pitiful fools who have blazed the trail to destruction? Then come closer and have a cigarette. A SPECIAL kind of cigarette…" The plot revolves around an honest, hardworking (tobacco) shopkeeper who is tricked into selling "a special kind of cigarette" to Marihuana addicts. The story's dialogue would make even Ross Potts (the Dare Guy) proud. Examples:--- "Today the menace of Marihuana is being combatted by every law enforcement agency in the United States… It is a vicious racket." …My favorite scene has the underworld gang leader saying: -- "Marihuana is for SAPS and spineless jellyfish! It makes you GOOFY WEAK UPSTAIRS! Let the weaklings smoke it - We get rich on it see?" "Nobody knows what a poison it is like we do.".
FOOTNOTES:   [1]- Must Reading, 5-Star Reefer Madness rating.
Publisher: Toytown Publications Inc., 420 DeSoto Ave., St. Louis Mo.


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