Reefer Madness Era Comic-books WEIRD HORRORS #3


DATE: Oct. 1952
STORY TITLE:   "The Return of the Phantom Fakir (from the Orient)"
STORY PLOT:   A strange mental weakness has stricken an entire community, leaving them defenseless and unable to fight against slave raiders etc. News of this causes "Emir- The Phantom Fakir," to investigate. Soon he hears that it is none other than the evil "Mustapha Kemall" who is behind the strange mental malady. After freeing a beautiful slave girl, he flies on a magic carpet to the stronghold of the evil Kemal. There after defeating both guards and the Kemal himself, he discovers the secret of the strange malady. An urn who's vapors: --- "Are narcotic, not unlike the smoke from the HEMP weed. It drugged him with false courage, but he used the drug's contrary effects to enslave the minds of his followers! ShaH-Ri Hasheesh! Destroy this evil urn" --- And the people are saved. It should be noted that Medical Marihuana is not mentioned by name, only by implication.
FOOTNOTES:   [1]- None
Publisher: St. John Publishing Company, 454 Fifth Ave., New York 17, N.Y.


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