ReeferMadness The following consists of a grouping of Harry Anslinger’s lesser known and maybe less important Gore File Cases.   However, as they do constitute part of the Gore File, should therefore still be of interest to the reader.   Especially as part of the main problem historians have had in the past is the shear lack of any Who, What, Where, When regarding these cases.   Thus (in the past) making it all but impossible to allow actual local historians to physically do any research into these cases.   --- A matter to which, you can rest assured, was no accident on Anslinger’s part, and thus the reason for this web site.   Here we provide the reader with the exact Who, What, Where, When, needed by local historians to do local research on these cases.


Ida Strickland -- Date: Sep 4, 1935 - Location: Columbus, Ga.
What the Narcs were claiming
GEORGIA - Columbus - In September, 1935, a large amount of marihuana was seized in Columbus, which was confiscated and placed in sacks.   The investigation was based on information received from the Chief of Police at Columbus that the soldiers at Fort Benning were being supplied with marihuana cigarettes.   --- ILLICIT TRAFFIC IN MARIHUANA - aka Gore File

GEORGIA - Columbus on September 4, 1935, Federal agents, aided by local police, raided the premises at 2104 Second Avenue and arrested Mrs. Ida Strickland, 56, and her son Eugene Strickland.   They were charged with possession and sale of marihuana.   The net weight of the marihuana purchased for cigarettes was 1/2-ounce, dried marihuana 10 pounds, chopped up and found in sack 4 pounds, growing marihuana including green stalks and branches 125 pounds.   In a field a space of about 10’ x 30' was entirely covered by marihuana plants.   With the prepared marihuana and that found growing, at least 10,000 cigarettes could have been manufactured, these cigarettes selling two for 25-cents.   The defendants were arraigned in Police Court at Columbus on September 5, 1935, and were held under bond of $1,500.   --- ILLICIT TRAFFIC IN MARIHUANA - aka Gore File

Columbus, Ga.; Federal agents, aided by the local police, raided the premises of a house in this city and found marihuana growing in a plot of ground 10 by 30 feet between two houses.   Approximately fourteen pounds of marihuana was found in the house and in a building at the rear, in the process of being dried.   The estimated weight of the growing marihuana was fixed at 125 pounds.   ---- Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) Oct. 11, 1936 “Don't be a MuggleHead”

OWN Testimony
that on the night of May 31, 1935, about 10:00 P.M. I went alone to the residence of the above named defendant, Louis Strickland, at 2104 Second Ave, Coumbus, Ga.   As I walked up the steps, I noticed a boy lying in the swing on the porch.   As I reached the porch, he got up.   I then told him that I had been there about 2 weeks before with a fellow named Jack Wiggins, and had come back.   He asked me, “What do you want, some stuff? I told him yes, and he asked me how much.   I told him about eight (8) of them.   At that time, a voice within the house said who is it Louis?   The boy then went inside the house and leaving the door open, I could see inside.   He approached a bed and I could hear conversation but could not distinguish what was said.   About 5 minutes later, the boy came out of the house and handed me eight (8) cigarettes, which I put in my pocket.   I had on a soldier's uniform.   I later went to Room 6, Rankin Hotel, where I put them in an official envelope and marked it for identification and sealed it up.   On Saturday Morning about 3 P.M., I turned them over to the state Drug Inspector J. L. Williams., who was in my room at the Hotel, at the time.
Agent Lowe can further testify, that on the night of June 6, 1935, about 8:30 P.M. he again went to the home of Louis Strickland, at the above named address.   An old lady with white hat, came to the door, and asked what he wanted.   He told her that he wanted to get some more cigarettes, that he was the boy who had come there with Jack Wiggins, once and had been back again later and bought some from the boy.   The old lady told him that he would have to wait until her son came back an she didn’t have any rolled and her son rolled them.   That at this time a boy who the lady addressed as Louis, came up on the porch and asked what was wanted, and the old lady told him that I wanted to get some cigarettes.   The boy told me that he would have to roll them. --- PennState Anslinger Collection Box9File57

Columbus, Georgia.   May 31, 1935.   One Strickland, youth, arrested marihuana case. --- PennState Anslinger Collection Box9File57

[S]- 1935-09-06 p7 - “Agents Destroy Marijuana Farm In Columbus Raid, Arrest Woman”

[Key-finder - Case #GA02]

Cpl. Louis Gluckin -- Date: Sep. 19, 1953 - Location: Camp Gordon, Ga.
What the Narcs were claiming
Georgia - 1953 Camp Gordon, Georgia - Male 23 Indecent exposure 6 occasions to girls 10 to 12 years old; each time under influence marihuana; trumpet, musician; smoking marihuana over a year.   Arrested --- Article by James C. Munch; "UN Bulletin on Narcotics"-1966 Issue 2

1953 - L. Gluckin, - Camp Gordon, Georgia - M - 23 - Indecent exposure 6 occasions to girls 10 to 12 years old; Each time under influence marihuana; trumpet, musician; smoking marihuana over a year.   - Arrested --- 6th conference report - INEOA 1965

[S]- Sep. 19, 1953 - “Two Gis accused of possessing marijuana supply”
“Two soldiers are in the Camp Gordon stockade awaiting trial on charges of possessing marijuana, Army officials disclosed yesterday.
The soldiers were identified as Cpl. Louis Gluckin and Cpl. Bernard E. Adams, both of whom were stationed at Camp Gordon.
Gluckin was arrested Aug. 21 by civilian authorities on warrants charging him with indecent exposure by allegedly exposing himself to young girls, Army officials said.
Upon his arrest the officers found a small amount of marijuana in a tobacco can in his car.   The car was seized by narcotic agents and Gluckin was turned over to Camp Gordon authorities.
Further investigation by criminal investigators of the Provost Marshal’s office led to the arrest of Adams, Army officials said.  

[Key-finder - Case#GA03]

Marvin Carr -- Date: Dec 7, 1967 - Location: Atlanta, Ga.
What the Narc’s were claiming
Georgia - Atlanta, Ga., Dec 1967 --Two marihuana users argued over one man's wife.   One was shot through the neck and killed with a .22 caliber pistol.   The murderer was allegedly under the influence of marihuana at the time of the shooting.   -- Congressional Record -- April 4, 1968

[S]- Dec 7, 1967 p. 1-2 Man Slain at Grady Hospital; Argument Over Girl Blamed “On man shot and killed another shortly before noon Wednesday in a ground floor corridor at Grady hospital during an argument over which one was to invite a girl to attend a show, police said.”
[S]- Dec 8, 1967 p22 - “Grady Worker Held in Slaying”
[S]- Dec 9, 1967 p8 - “Indictment In Slaying At Hospital”
The Fulton County Grand Jury returned a murder indictment Friday against a 20-year-old Negro in the shooting death of a man in a corridor of Grady Memorial Hospital Wednesday.

[Key-finder - Case#GA04]

W. E. Layne -- Date: June 2, 1935 - Location: Muscogee, Georgia.
What the Narcs were claiming
GEORGIA - Columbus
On June 2, 1935, learned that W. E. Layne was peddling marihuana cigarettes to soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia.   Layne was arrested and 27-pounds of marihuana was found in his possession.   He was sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment.   --- ILLICIT TRAFFIC IN MARIHUANA - aka Gore File

One *.H. Layne who had been peddling Marijuana in New Orleans heard that there were good opportunities to sell Marijuana to the soldiers at Fort Benning Georgia and that during the past two or more years he had been going to various soldiers camps throught(sic) out the country following the profession, so he decided to come to Fort Beanning at Columbus Georgia to see what he could do there.
He accordingly had a box of Marijuana shipped to him from Mexico to Columbus, Georgia.   He then contacted a CCC worker then agreed to help him with the idea in mind of informing the police of the happenings.   All the arrangements were made and when they met again the CCC worker had informed the Police and they were on hand to apprehend the men.   They found some marijuana on Layne in a Prince Albert Can and a cigerette.   On the other man they found nothing.
The Police however arrested the men before they had a chance to go and get the stuff to take out to Fort Benning.   At that time, I was working undercover in Columbus, Georgia on some Morphine peddling and looking after some suspected Marijuana peddling.   This fact was known to the police and they immediately contacted me.   I arranged to be hooked up with the man Layne in order to secure the whereabouts of the Marijuana that he had made arrangements to sell to the soldiers.   --- PennState Anslinger Collection Box 9 – File 46

October 9, 1935.
You are advised that the approximate net weight of all the marihuana purchased for cigarettes was one-half ounce; that found drying, approximately ten pounds; chopped up in a sack, approximately four pounds.   The probable weight of the marihuana growing, including, of course, the green stalk and limbs, one hundred and twenty-five pounds.
The field, a space of about ten feet by thirty feet, which was an alleyway between two houses, was entirely covered by marihuana plants.
Fort Benning is approximately ten miles from Columbus, and no doubt a great deal of this marihuana would have found its way into this fort and have been used by soldiers.
I might state for your information that Chief Drug Inspector Deen, State of Georgia, seized a large amount of marihuana in Columbus, same having already been placed in bundles.
If you desire a report on that marihuana, I can secure same and transmit it to your office.   Please advise.   ---PennState Anslinger Collection Box 9 – File 46

The investigation at Columbus was based on information received from the Chief of Police at Columbus that the soldiers at Fort Benning were being supplied with marihuana cigarettes.   ---PennState Anslinger Collection Box 9 – File 46
(none that we have been able to locate)

While we have not been able to locate any Newspaper accounts relating to the incident, we have (via www ancestry com) been able to locate an official prison record, making mention of Mr. Lyne being a state prisoner.   Thus, proof that the incident did indeed occur.

Note that the records also show that he escaped from prison and (at least from what we know) was never captured and lived happily ever after.

[Key-finder - Case#GA05]


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[Dr. W.L. Hitchcock, of Madison, Georgia, Makes a specialty of treating all persons affected with Cancers, Scrofula, Indolent, Ulcers, etc., etc. He has successfully treated Cancers for the last TWENTY YEARS, without the use of the knife or [ ] merchfist agent.   He began to refer those afflicted to the following certificates of persons who have been cured by his treatment.   They speak for themselves.   etc.   INDIAN HEMP
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[Wanted ]- Sept 11, 1935 - Editorial



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