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INDIANA NEWSPAPER INDEX (Last updated - April 26, 2016 )
NO, this index of (what may or may not be) Reefer Madness Newspaper articles is NOT COMPLETE and in fact is anything but.   At best it should be thought of as a starting point for historical scholars doing research into the origin of the anti-Medical Cannabis laws.

[S]- LebanonDailyReporter1921-10-18p1- “Jazz Weed Source of Much Crime in the Far Southwest”

[S]- ConnersvilleNewsExaminer1923-04-17p1- “A Million in drugs Destroyed”

[S]- SwayzeePress1920-05-28p6- “A Strong Narcotic”

[S]- WanatahMirror1922-12-28p2- “To Clean Up Hollywood”

[S]- WashingtonDemocrat1923-03-21p7- “Drug Evil Increases In Los Angeles, Cal”

Brazil Daily Times
[S]- BrazilDailyTimes1929-02-21p1- “Introduce Bill to Stop use of hashish Drug”
[S]- BrazilDailyTimes1929-02-21p2-
[S]- BrzilDailyTimes1929-08-03p1- “Mexican Weed in cigarette is Cause of Murder”
[S]- BrazilDailyTimes1931-09-09p - MUST READ

CAMBRIDGE CITY TRIBUNE CambridgeCityTribune1938-06-16p- “Marihuana by Samuel S. Bohkidler”

[S]- CamdenRecordNews1937-06-03p2- “Gallant Crusader Against the Marihuana Weed”

Fort Wayne News & Sentinel - Fort Wayne, Indiana
[S]- May 30, 1919 pg.12] short on Corn Remedies – MED

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne, Indiana
[S]- Feb. 24, 1884 ] “Woman and Home” (“A Sure Cure for Corns) MED –Arthur’s magazine
[S]- Nov. 16, 1894 ] “Drugged with Loco Weed and Robbed”
[S]- March 20, 1907 pg.4] “New Laws” (Pure Food law) [N.W.R.]

[S]- GreensburgDailyNews1932-11-21p1- “Crazy, Confesses Series of Crimes”

HAMMOND TIMES - Hammond, Indiana
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-08-18p6- “Mexican Dope Fiend Arrested by the harbor Police”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-08-29p8- “Police Make First Raids in Dope Ring”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-09-13p6- “Police See Less of Mariguana”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-10-08p6- “Use of Mariguana now on the Wane”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-10-10p6- “This Has A Peculiar Twist”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1924-10-16p6- “California Troubled with Mexican dope”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1925-02-05p6- “Passes at the Bar”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1925-07-28p6- “Dope Crazed Woman Tries to Commit Suicide”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1925-08-24p6- “Attacks His Wife”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-02-21p23- “Harris Bill Against Drug”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-02-22p1- Buffalo N.Y.
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-03-09p9- “Narcotic Bill Fine Measure”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-03-16p13- “Drug Bill Is Signed”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-06-27p6- “Mexicans Arrested for Violating Narcotic Act”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-06-28p6- “Acts to Bar Mexican Doped Smokes In U.S.”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-08-01p1- “Trace Murder to use Of Muggles Cigarettes”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-08-01p17- “Trace Murder to use of Muggles Cigarettes”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-08-08p13- “Drug Crazed Gary Man Runs Amuck”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-09-24p40- “Find Girl Unconscious”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-11-19p17- “Find Gary Girl Dazed From Drug”
[S]- HammondLakeCountyTimes1929-12-16p17- “Girls Identify Alleged Moron”
[S]- HammondTimes1930-02-19p1- “Police Raid Marijuana Den”
[S]- HammondTimes1930-08-06p1- “Marijuana Smoker Receives Fine”
[S]- HammondTimes1930-11-25p1- “Police Institute Marijuana Drive”
[S]- HammondTimes1931-01-10p1- “Tries to Smuggle Dope to Prisoner”
[S]- HammondTimes1931-01-14p1- “Fined For Smuggling Marijuana”
[S]- HammondTimes1931-07-24p1- “Gomez to Face Another Charge”
[S]- HammondTimes1931-08-21p1- “Man Found With Marijuana”
[S]- HammondTimes1932-05-10p1- “Raid Steel city Marijuana Den”
[S]- HammondTimes1932-08-11p1- “Clarke Drug Addict Is Charged”
[S]- HammondTimes1932-12-14p1- “Marijuana Addict Runs Amuck”
[S]- HammondTimes1933-04-04p6- “Dope Addict Must Serve Jail Term”
[S]- HammondTimes1933-09-29p1- “Marijuana cigarettes For Party” - Window
[S]- HammondTimes1933-11-13p1- short
[S]- HammondTimes1934-01-25p3- “Elkhart Has A Scandal”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-02-28p6- “Woman Given Last chance”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-03-30p6- “Marijuana Addict Given Jail Term”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-09-25p1- “Crazed Drug Addict Claims Self Defense”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-11-14p12- “Three Given Jail Terms”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-12-11p4- Editorial - “Marihuana”
[S]- HammondTimes1934-12-14p10- “Saunders Case Near Its Finish”
[S]- HammondTimes1935-01-04p1- “E. Chicago Girl Held In N. York Dope Raid”
[S]- HammondTimes1935-01-05p1- “Doctor Holds Up His Girl As Dope Warning”
[S]- July 2, 1935TCN pg. 6] “Start Morning Court Yesterday” [N.W.R.]
[S]- July 27, 1935 pg.1] “U.S. Out to Stop Use of Marihuana in district”
[S]- Aug 8, 1935 pg. 14] “In Pannama” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Sept. 27, 1935 p1- “Detained with Stollen Car” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Sept. 28, 1935 p1- “Mexicans Peddle marijuana Cigarettes”
[S]- Oct 1, 1935 p1- “Marijuana Users Given Jail Terms”
[S]- Nov. 12, 1935 pg.1] “Find dope Weed Growing” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Nov. 15, 1935TCN pg.8] “Mexican Crime Fiesta Keeps Police Busy” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Nov. 22, 1935 pg. 4] “Force Girl To Smoke Dope Cigarettes”
[S]- Nov. 23, 1935 p3- “6 Drug Peddlers Under Arrest a HIGH SCHOOL JANITOR – Gore File
[S]- HammondTimes1935-11-23p6- short - Gore file
[ ]- Nov. 27, 1935 p1- “Detained with Stolen Car”
[S]- Nov 27, 1935TCN pg.6- “Man Wounded in Fresh outbreak of feud -- Mexican Shooting Seen as Sequel to the Recent Double Murder”
[S]- HammondTimes1936-12-09p31- “Marihuana Near School”
[S]- HammondTimes1937-01-21p1- “Slayer of Trooper Is Capture” Gore file
[S]- HammondTimes1937-01-22p1- “Sentenced For Life” Gore File
[S]- HammondTimes1937-01-23p2- “Sentenced To Hard Labor For Life”
[S]- HammondTimes1937-02-13p1- “Mexican In country Illegally”
[S]- HammondTimes1937-05-04p2- “National Congress of parents”
[S]- June 10, 1937 p10- “Marijuana in Schools” [N.W.R.]
[S]- June 28, 1937 p1- “Send Maxwell and Stina up; Beg for Krisan” [N.W.R.]
[S]- July 19, 1937 p12- “Prison Dope Expert Warns against narcotics” -
[S]- HammondTimes1937-07-20p1- “CIO Leaders Deny Muggles Had Part”
[S]- July 27, 1937 pg. 3] “”Parents Urged to Assert Authority in Order to Save Younger Generation” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Aug. 12, 1937 pg. 10] “Nature’s Wonders Too Great”
[S]- Aug 29, 1937 p11- “Moose to combat Marihuana Trade at Convertion” – Loyal Order of Moose ; Oh God
[S]- Sept. 20, 1937 pg.1] “Will block Attempt” [N.W.R.]
[S]- HammondTimes1937-10-24p1- short - “Muggles Sale”
[S]- Nov. 15, 1937 p6- “Arraign Nine Members of marijuana Syndicat Today”
[S]- HammondTimes1937-11-16p8- “Veterans Dying at the rate of 103 per Diem” ;American Legion [N.W.R.]
[S]- Nov. 16, 1937TCN p6- “Hold Members of marijuana Gang to Federal Jury”
[S]- Nov. 18, 1937p2- “Estill Points advantage of new dope act”
[S]- Nov. 23, 1937 p8- “Headquarters of marihuana Gang is Burglarized” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Nov. 26, 1937 p25- “Thrift Betrays Fence” [N.W.R.]
[S]- HammondTimes1937-12-05p26- “Marihuana War Begun in Texas”
[S]- Dec. 17, 1937 p21- “Border Watch Pinches Flow of marihuana” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Jan. 20, 1938 pg. 10] “Birds to sign to marijuana”
[S]- Jan. 25, 1938TCN pg.6] “Employees Face Three months without wages” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Feb 15, 1938TCN pg.6] “New Move to Raise Wages is underway” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Feb. 18, 1938TCN pg.6] “Councilmen Handicapped in Marijuana, Booze Probe”
[S]- March 10, 1938 pg. 11] “Movie Depicts Evils of Marijuana Smoking Habit” PTA Film
[S]- March 13, 1938 pg. 17] Film ;;
[S]- March 15, 1938 pg. 11] Film MARIHUANA
[S]- March 15, 1938TCN pg. 6] “Council Okehs Patrols, Law Codification”
[S]- March 16, 1938 pg. 15] Film “Marijuana premiers at Rio Theater today”
[S]- March 17, 1938 pg. 11] Film “Assassin of Youth”
[S]- April 10, 1938] “Club Federation chooses Convention Theme” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Dec 10, 1942 pg. 13] “Abrahamson to be Arraigned next Monday”
[S]- Jan 20, 1943 pg. 17] “Gene Krupa Is Held on Dope Count by U.S.”
[S]- Feb. 18, 1943 pg. 2] “Unearth Marijuana Cache Valued at $50,000” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Feb 25, 1943 pg. 9] “Gene Krupa to Answer Narcotics Charge in court”
[S]- March 31, 1943TCN pg.24] “Reveal Sales of marijuana in E.C. Plant”
[S]- April 20, 1943 pg. 13] “Krupa Faces Charge of Possessing Marijuana”
[S]- April 28, 1943 pg. 8] “5th Columnist in Garden”
[S]- May 5, 1943 pg. 17] “War Eliminating Narcotics Racket”
[S]- July 27, 1945 pg 1 - “Nabbed With Sack Full of Marihuana”

INDIANAPOLIS STAR - Indianapolis, Indiana
[S]- April 28, 1914 pg. 4] “Rapine in wake of Rebel Army”
[S]- Jan. 21, 1915 pg. 7] Formula for Corn Lotion MED
[S]- Dec. 10, 1924 pg. 14] Kurokol Ad
[**Sep 19 1937] - “Sex Fiend” - By J. Edgar Hoover (see This Week) magazine
[e April 24, 1938]- “Flower of Hell” By Brand, Max (seeThis Week) magazine
[e May 1, 1938]- “Flower of Hell” By Brand, Max (see This Week) magazine
[e May 7, 1938]- “Flower of Hell” By Brand, Max (see This Week) magazine

[S]- KokomoIndTribune1921-10-19p12- “Something Like Hooch”
[S]- KokomoIndTribune1925-11-03p12- “Fear dope Craze Will Be Started”
[S]- KokomoIndTribune1949-03-25p4- “Marijuana”

[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1930-10-04p5- “Huge Ohio dope ring Broken Up”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1931-01-16p10- “War Started On Marijuana” New Oreans
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1932-12-14p4- short
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1933-10-28p4-Victor Licata Picture
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1934-01-25p10- “Elkhart Dope Ring Broken by Officers”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1934-12-10p1- “Nation-Wide narcotic Ring Smashed By Federal Agents”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1935-11-21p16- “Dope Party Brings Fine”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-03-13p9- “Seize Dope” short
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-04-24p6- Pix - Blue Mountain
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-05-12p8- “Regard Marijuana Weed Real Menace to Nation” - Lee Rice
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-07-20p3- Dope Peddler Slain; Search for Suspect” Gore File
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-07-21p4- “Suspect in Murder Wins His Release” Gore file
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1936-12-12p7- Movie Ad
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1937-03-11p4- “Hold dope Peddler”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1937-07-27p4- short Day by Day
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1937-10-01p4- “Behind Washington Headlines”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1937-10-20p12 - radio
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1937-11-16p11- “Marijuana Grown At Plymouth”
[S]- LogansportPharosTribune1964-03-11p23-Gore File
[S]- LogansportPress-1964-03-11p10-Gore File

THE SPECTATOR - Terre haute, In
[S]- Spectator1935-03-30p4- short
[S]- Spectator1935-04-20p2- “Gorrell Murder” Gore File
[S]- Spectator1936-09-26p6- “Police Stumble Across Marijuana supply Here, Shooting Affair Discloses Vicious Narcotic”
[S]- Spectator1937-07-03p25- short
[S]- Spectator1937-09-18p21- short

[S]- DailyTribune1924-10-07p3- “Snap Shots of new York”
[S]- DailyTribune193xp2- “Drug Addicts”
[S]- DailyTribune1930-09-27p4- “Fight A cigarette Drug” Kansas city
[S]- DailyTribune1932-02-02p8- “Student Use Drugs”
[S]- DailyTribune1933-09-30p4- Girl Explained Details of An Alleged Attack”
[S]- DailyTribune1933-09-xxp4- “Girl who Jumped From Window is Ready to Testify”
[S]- DailyTribune1936-08-13p - “17 Tons Dug “
[S]- DailyTribune1936-10-03p- “Marihuana Field” Baltimore
[S]- DailyTribune1937-12-01p4- “Strict Boarder Watch”

[S]- Sept. 26, 1923 pg.11] “Rats Stage Dope Orgy; U.S. Agents Get Busy”

VIDETTE MESSENGER - Valparaiso, Indiana
[S]- VidetteMessenger1929-02-21p3- “Reform Bills Now up for final Action”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1929-08-02p1- Hammond Man Kills by Kicking”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1929-08-05p7- “Weed Cigaret Use Bared By Murder Probe”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1931-08-21p3- “Arrest Three On Dope Charge”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1933-09-29p3- “Arrest Peddler of Dope Smokes” - Window Jumper
[S]- VidetteMessenger1935-02-09p4- short
[S]- VidetteMessenger1935-03-25p1- “Hangs Self In Friend’s Barn”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1935-04-29p1- “Ten Bales of Marijuana Are Seized In Gary”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1935-11-28p1- “Marijuana Weed Growers Sentenced”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-03-13p1- “Sieze Quantity of Marijuana”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-06-12p4- “Lake County Man Is Held On Dope Charge”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-06-17p2- short
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-06-29p7- short
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-09-24p2- “Cut 4 Fields of Marijuana”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-10-08p8- short
[S]- VidetteMessenger1936-11-14p6- “Marijuana Grows Wild”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-02-18p3- “Bed Post Yield Cache” UP
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-03-06p2- “Gary sleuth Proves Poor Aid in Trial”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-05-04p3- “Hit Liquor and Narcotics At PTA Congress”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-11-10p4- short - Choice Bits from today’s news bag
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-11-12p10- short
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-11-16p1- “Jail 7 For Growing Drug In Field Near Plymouth”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-11-29p10- “Border Watch Pinches Flow of marihuana”
[S]- VidetteMessenger1937-12-27p1- short
[S]- July 19, 1940 pg. 4] Great Cartoon Editorial – Mexicans turning into Nazis
[ ]- Aug 3, 1940 pg. 2] “WCTU Holds Meeting Friday at McWhinney Home” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Nov. 04, 1940 pg. 5] “21 named by US Grand Jury in south Bend” [N.W.R.]
[S]- Sep 4. 1941 pp 2] “Indiana wars on Marijuana” [NWR]
[S]- Oct 31. 1944 pp1] “Break Gary Dope Ring”
[S]- Jan 19, 1945 pp 3 ] “Gary Men Facing US Charges of Marijuana Sales”
[S]- Nov 13, 1945 pp 5 ] “Quiz Confessed Slayer About Two Indiana Murders”
[S]- Mar 11, 1946 ] “He??ler Faces Charges of Operating Marijuana Ring Near Ohio River”


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