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[ The Albert Lea Evening Tribune 1936-09-28p5 ]

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It has been said that one man’s mountain is another man’s molehill.   An expression which, due to the nature of the subject matter at hand, one would do well to recall.   - - Simply put, what constitutes “Reefer Madness” to one individual; May or may not constitute Reefer Madness to another.   Thus, what is presented here is (what can be considered at best) a hodgepodge of old Marihuana mentions.

In addition, no pretense of any kind is made that this list is complete in any way shape or form.   What is indexed below is simply what this museum was able to locate and that is that.   HOWEVER, it does provide the reader as well as the historian, with a good starting point for future research on the subject.

Last of all, BEWARE;/b> -- While every effort has been made at accuracy.   Obviously, due to a merit of factors; MISTAKES, (spelling, dating, etc.) errors in all probability HAVE BEEN MADE.

Austin Daily Herald - Austin Minnesota
[s- Jan 25, 1952 p3] “New U.S. Law Slows dope Traffic Among Teen-Agers” by don Whitehead

Albert lea Evening Tribune
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1934-03-01p3- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1934-03-14p4- “Fine Program On Narcotics At Hoidal PTA”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1934-07-07p6- short “Scanning New Books”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1934-07-25p7- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1935-04-30p2- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1936-02-25p1- “Urges Drive Against New Narcotic Use” (AP)
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1936-09-28p5- Wanted For Hollandale Murder” Pix Gore File
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-08-21p5- “Marijuana Weed Found Near Jackson”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-09-08p1- “New Anti-Marihuana Law Regulations”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-09-11p7- “Marijuana cigarets A Drug Menace”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-09-18p3- “Use of Marihuana In State Growing”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-09-27p5- “found Selling marihuana”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-02p1- “Federal Agents in War on Marihuana” (AP)
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-02p3- “Bound Over to District Court”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-07p3- “sentenced to Serve Sixty Days in Jail”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-08p1- “First Arrests in N.W. Dope Drive”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-14p1- “Eight jailed On dope Drive”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937-10-15p1- “Six Convicted of Dope Charge In Mill City”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1937--10-12p8- “Federal Men Start Work on giggle Smoke”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-01-14p5- “Admit Dope Charge”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-01-31p3- “Pharmacists of State in Session”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-01-31p7- Enrolled at Center For Continuation Study”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-02-10p1- “Key Point of Nation-Wide Marihuana Sale At Frost”
Key Point Of Nation-Wide Marihuana Sale A t Frost
T w o Men Arrested By U . S. Agents; Dope Worth $ 5,000 Seized

Minneapolis, Feb. 10---- (AP) --- Smashing what they claimed to be a nationwide mairhuana (sic) ring with headquarters in southern Minnesota, federal narcotics agents today had under arrest three men, two of them seized with a trunkful of marihuana which agents said was worth $5,000.
Jesus Gonzales, 28, and [Frank Mujica] Mujuica, 24 were arrested at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Frost, Minn., in Faribault county, 10 miles east of Blue Earth.   In Chicago agents captured Premetibo Castro.
At least 11 others, some of them known to narcotics agents, were being sought elsewhere, as far away as principal distributing outlets in New York, Pennsylvania and in Chi-
The arrests were made after several months of investigation by Emanuel Elbaum, narcotics agent who charged the men had shipped the drug as far as New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago and other parts of Illinois.
Elbaum said the confiscated Marihuana weighted 125 pounds and was one of the largest seizures of the prepared dope ever made by narcotics agents.
Agents said Gonzales also was wanted by the Chicago office of the narcotics bureau.
Also under arrest in connection with the case is Premetibo Castro, of Chicago, alleged by Joseph Bell, northwest federal narcotic supervisor, to be an agent of the two at Frost.
The case has been under investigation for four months, Bell said.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-02-10p1- “Jesus Gonzales Branded Shipper of narcotics”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-02-11p7- “marihuana Peddlers Out Under Bonds”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-02-12p3- “Marihuana Shipped East”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-03-01p1- “Pair Plead Guilty To Drug Charges” Pair Plead Guilty To Drug Charges Minneapolis, March I —UP)—Jesus Gonzales and Frank Mujica, key figures in a nationwide marihuana ring which distributed dope from southern Minnesota, pleaded guilty in United States district court today to possession of marihuana. They will be sentenced March 14.The pair were arrested by federal narcotics agents on a farm near ; Frost, Minn,
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-03-09p7- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-03-29p1- “Destroy Pile of Baled Marijuana” (AP)
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-04-09p4- short “Man About Manhattan”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-05-04p7- “G-Men Smash Marihuana Ring; Indict 16”
G-Men SmashMarihuanaRing; Indict 16
Chicago- New York Syndicate Accused; Seize 15,000 Tons From Minn,

New York, May L —Sixteen persona accused of being members of an Interstate dope ring, which government agents said controlled enough marihuana to manufacture 30,000,000,000 cigarets, were Indicted here today.   Assistant U. S. Attorney David L. Marx, who secured the indictments, said G-men had confiscated two dope factories and 15,000 tons of the narcotic weed.   They have established a patrol about an eight-town area in Minnesota w here the syndicate established its production source.
Chicagoans involved
The ring smuggled 150,000 marihuana cigarets into the Harlem area here every three weeks, Marx said.   The group, he charged, was financed by New York and Chicago racketeers who planned to build up a dope growing and dope-selling syndicate rivaling the famous whisky gang combines of prohibition days. The grand jury was given evidence that the ring, operating principally out of New York and Chicago, gets Its supplies around the towns of Frost, Wells, Blue Earth, Bricelyn, Delavan, Alden and Kiester, Mina., and Scaivilie, Iowa.   Factories at Frost and Blue Earth were seized by G men who have literally established armed occupation of the area.
Four Crops A Year
Hundreds of farmers in the district were underwritten, at the rate of $50 per acre, Marx charged, for four crops of marihuana per season, by the syndicate, operating as the Chicago grain exchanges underwrite wheat or corn growers. G men reported that a narcotic cigaret plant at Frost was dynamited some months ago by a rival marihuana gang.  The New-York Chicago syndicate promptly erected and dug a fortified m oat around a plant at Blue Earth, near by. The New Yorkers indicted include Leopoldo-Trevino, described as chief roadman of the ring; Miss Lupe Almarez, a resident in Trevino’s home; Margharitta Villareal, described as a dispenser of the manufactured cigarets, and Miss Villareal’s brothers, Figaro and Anthony.
Farmers Indicted
Others Indicted Included Jesus Gonzales and Frank Mujika, farmers of Frost; Primatlvo Castro of Chicago, said to be one of the lead era of the ring; and Fernando Vasquez.   Juan Sanchez, Louis Franco, Salvatore Perez, Domingo Solis and Marcilino Rogaz, whose addresses were not given. Marihuana, unknown generally ten years ago, is a variant of the Texas loco weed, bane of western cattle herds.  The dangerous spread of the marihuana-smoking habit is generally construed as a depression phenomenon, and led to enactment of the stiff federal statute by congress last fall.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-05-11p3- “Frost Marijuana Cases Postponed”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-05-11p4- “Marijuana In North Iowa” Editorial
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-05-19p2- “Legion in War On Marihuana”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-06-08p1- “State to Join Legion In Marihuana War”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-06-09p1- “Weed Division to Join Marihuana War”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-06-13p2- short mention “Union People Out for Martin A. Nelson”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-07p4- “Frost Marihuana Growers Sentenced”
Prosecution of the Minnesota end of a nation-wide marihuana ring will be finished Monday when two, producers will be sentenced in Minneapolis federal district court.  The two, Jesus Gonzales, 28, and Frank Mujica, 24, under indictment in Minneapolis for dealing in the weed without proper registration, also were indicted in New York in a cleanup of outlets which they supplied with the drug from a farm at Frost.  Federal agents found 125 pounds of the cured weed when they raided the farm early in Februray (sic).
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-11p9- “Young Easton Forger Used Marihuana”
Young Easton Forger Used Marihuana
Blue Earth Court Gives Him Chance to Make Checks Good
An Fusion youth, arrested on a charge of forging his mother's name to a check, said in Justice C.A. Noonan's court at Blue Earth that he committed the act while under the influence of drugs from.
The case, the first of its kind to come up in Blue Earth courts, was passed over to a special term of district court to be held at Blue Earth, July 18.
The youth, Lawrence Hassing, forged the name of his mother, Mrs Joe Hassing, to the check which was passed on a garage at Minnesota Lake for repairs on a car.  It was to have been made good by his own earnings or prosecution would follow.  He did not make It good.
Hassing told the court of association with a man who induced him to make “reefers,” slang expression for marihuana cigarets.  He said the man urged him to write checks while under the influence of the narcotic.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-12p9- “Marihuana Growers to Be Deported” - Gore File Case
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-13p3- “The Boys”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-13p7- “Leo Carey Post Members Go to War Once More-Fight to Finish!”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-15p3- “Farmer Fires Gun at Marihuana Peddlers” - Industrial Hemp
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-16p4- Editorial “A Drive Truly Worth While”
The members of Leo Carey Post, No. 56 and the Auxiliary, realizing the marihuana menace In this nation today, and knowing that the state 0* Minnesota is infested with this weed, are co-operating whole-heartedly in a statewide drive of eradication.
The members of these organizations in Free born county, are sparing no time nor expense in a program that will do much in cleaning out the many patches of this weed, scattered all over the county.  The Tribune is gladly giving them space for their publicity, telling of the dangers that confront men and women who persist in using marihuana.  It’s one of the most ruinous drugs ever used by mankind, as it affects every part of the mind and body.   Jails and asylums are crowded with victims of this weed, who have committed violent crimes against society.
A great majority of the people do not know what marihuana is —or what it looks like when growing.  If you will look in another place in tonight’s issue of the Tribune you will find an article, including a photograph, taken by the Tribune camera man, of a leaf.  You will also find in this article the description of the plant.
Anyone who has a patch of weeds on his place, and believes it might be marihuana, should call the American Legion headquarters in Albert Lea or any member of the American Legion auxiliary.  A representative will be sent to your p la c e at once to investigate.  Also if any one hears of a person selling marihuana cigarettes or the plants--or growing them --- don’t hesitate to call up any member of Leo Carey post.
The members of the Legion and Auxiliary are to be commended for lending their services to eradicate this menacing weed in Minnesota.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-16p5- “Description of Marihuana”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-19p3- “Join the Caravan at Legion Club”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-20p5- “Marihuana Garden In Austin”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-22p2- “Telling ‘Em About The Marihuana Weed”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-22p3- “All Creameries of County visited”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-22p12- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-07-25p7- “Found Big Patch of Marihuana”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-08-02p3- “State Legion Convention At St. cloud”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-08-05p3- “Built His Dream Castle”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-08-15p3- “Smoke cigarette Goes On Smashing Spree”
A Rochester youth who attended church regularly and said he never drank or smoked told Judge Vernon Gates of Rochester yesterday that he had participated in a $350 damage spree July 4, throwing pop bottles through store windows and at automobiles after he smoked a cigaret that made him feel dizzy.   The youth (Harold Sonnenberg, 18) said he and three other defendants, after smoking the cigarettes, smashed windows in eight grocery stores and nine automobiles by throwing bottles.   They first broke the store windows with milk bottles, then stole a case of soft drinks from a store, and armed themselves with these bottles.   The four boys were charged with grand larceny and burglary in connection with the window drinks and a car mirror and wind shield wiper.  Judge Gates deferred sentence.  Sonnenberg informed the court that they received the cigarettes from a young woman whom they had taken out for a ride.   Officers believe the cigarettes contained marihuana and the woman who handed out the cigarettes is still at large.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-08-20p3- “Marihuana Leaves ‘Hoppers Loco”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-09-08p2- “Marihuana Peddler Held”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-09-17p2- “Legion Will check Up on Marihuana”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-09-23p1- “Blames Marijuana Cigarettes”
Winona, Minn., Sept. 23---(AP)--- Marijuana cigarettes today were blamed for the crimes which resulted in the sentencing of Eitel Guthman to a term of up to ten years in prison.   Guthman pleaded guilty to a third degree robbery charge in connection with the theft.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-10-20p6- short about a horticulture convention
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-10-25p9- “Marihuana Traffic Is Increasing”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-12-13p6- “Plead Guilty in Marihuana Case”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1938-12-29p1- “S.D. Bank Robber tells Powderhouse Blast Story”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-02-02p9- short - “Premier Legionnaire Celebration”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-02-20p6- “Myre Leads Fight Against Drug Weed”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-02-28p3- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-04-14p5- “Business Professional Women’s club Elect New Officers for New Year”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-04-17p1- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-04-18p2- short A bill requiring land owners to eradicate any patches of Indian hemp on their property was re-passed by the senate and sent to the governor for his signature. Indian hemp is the weed from which marihuana is made.
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-04-18p3- “All Goes Up In smoke”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-04-24p3- “Restricts Growing of Indian Hemp”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-05-29p7- short WCTU convention
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-06-21p6- “Iowan held In Owatonna”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-06-22p9- “Crusading Woman Sits Down’ Strip-Tease Gals Dress Up”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-08-15p4- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1939-09-09p3- “Mexican Is In Trouble”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-01-12p6- “Boy Near Lake Mills Becomes Dope Fiend” [Insanity] Now in Insane Hospital in Cherokee, Iowa
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-02-09p4- Editorial “The Marihuana Menace”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-02-17p3- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-09-06p9- “Drives Auto On Highway While Doped”
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-10-21p7- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1940-11-30p9- short
[s]- AlbertLeaEveningTribune1943-10-06p- “Man Wanted Is Located by Local citizen”

Brainerd Daily dispatch
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1930-10-04p1- short “Dry Raid Nets 52 Arrests in St. Cloud Territory”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1931-09-30p2- short “Loco Weed”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1935-05-22p1- “Found Guilty of Slaying Play Boy”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1936-04-22p2- Pix blue mountain Miss.
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1935-07-19p6- “Too Much discipline”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1937-01-22p1- “Officer Slayer Sentenced Hard Labor for Life”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1937-10-08p1- Federal Agents Arrest Two Mill city Marihuana Raids”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1937-10-13p1- short “Seize marihuana”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-02-04p4- Pix Texas Farm
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-02-22p4- Editorial “Reefers Go to School”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-02-24p11- short North Dakota
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-02-28p4- Pix Soho
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-03-03p4- short - “So They Say”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-06-11p1- short
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-09-01p1- “S. Dakota Asks Grant to Wipe Out Marijuana”
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-09-24p3- “Marijuana is Blamed for Theft of Three Taxicabs”
Marijuana Is Blam ed for Theft of Three Taxicabs
WINONA, Minn. —(UP)— Authorities today said Eitel Guthman had marijuana cigarettes to blame for the up to ten year prison sentence he received yesterday for third degree robbery charges in connection with the theft of three taxicabs. Attorney M. J. Oten said Guthman committed the crimes while under the influence of marijuana.   He plead guilty to the robberies described as motiveless and almost profitless.
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1938-11-05p3- short
[s]- BrainerdDailyDispatch1940-10-03p3- “Marihuana Report Excites Reno”
[s]- Mar 2, 1945 pp2] “Youth Assassin is subject of Child Crime Talk”

[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1926-11-08p7- “Drug Marijuana is Being Fought in New Orleans”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1935-05-22p1- “Girl Found Guilty of slaying Playboy Lover”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1935-07-15p1- “Suicide Epidemic At Panama Post”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1937-10-08p1- “Campaign on Marijuana Opened In Northwest”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1937-12-01p2- “Marihuana War Is On” Arizona
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-02-12p6- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-05-24p2- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-05-25p5- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-06-16p1- “Transient Is Arrested For Marijuana Sales”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-07-13p5- “Highway Department to Aid in Marijuana Drive” (UP)
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-07-28p4- “Crew To Destroy 150 Acres of Marijuana”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-08-02p2- short - “Boy finds Marijuana Patch”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-09-08p1- “Reefer Machine Taken By Minneapolis Police”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-09-21p2- “Real Japanese Peril”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-10-13p1- “Three Held at Mankato on Marijuana charges”
Three Held At Mankato On Marijuana Charges
Mankato, Minn., Oct. 13 (UP)— Three men were held here today under $1,500 bond on marijuana charges. They are Ralph Garcia, New York City; Ernest McCarthy, California; and Larry Conley, Chicago.  They were picked up by Faribault county deputy sheriffs and arraigned before United States Commissioner E. Raymond Hughes who bound them over to federal district court.
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-10-13p3- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-10-18p1- “Government Spy Case Gets Jolt”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-10-18p3- “Marihuana cited As Youth Danger”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-11-19p3- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-11-25p1- “Marijuana Also Problem In clay County, Reports To Woman’s Club Shows”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-11-25p8- “Marijuana Also Problem in clay, Report Shows”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-11-26p2- Letter to the Editor
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-11-30p3- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-12-05p2- Editorial “The Marijuana Weed”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-12-09p2- “Letter to the Editor”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1938-12-13p1- short “Counterfeiting charge Brings Terms For Pair:
Counterfeiting Charge Brings Terms For Pair
Minneapolis, Dec.13 (UP)—Henry Lunsford and Peter O'Connor were en route to prison today for three year terms.  They were sentenced to pay fines of $500 each and serve the prison term by Federal Judge Gunnar H. Nordbye, Limsford for counterfeiting 50-cent pieces, and O'Connor for possession of the false coins.   Ernest McCarthy, Larry Conley and Ralph Garcia were sentenced to six month prison terms for manufacture of marijuana cigarettes.
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-05-06p6- “Concordia Student To Give Talk At Hitterdal”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-05-18p1- “Five Persons Arrested In Marijuana Cleanup”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-07-12p10- “Knockout To Jaw Saves Patrolman In Fire Trap”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-08-08p6- “Marijuana on U.S. Land”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-12-13p8- “Marijuana Poisons Hogs”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1939-12-28p1- short
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-03-21p4- Novel - “Love Comes Last”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-03-22p4- Novel - “Love Comes Last”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-03-23p4- Novel - “Love Comes Last”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-03-25p4 - “Love Comes Last”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-03-26p4- “Love Comes Last”
[s]- MoorheadDailyNews1940-08-26p2- short “Criminologist Meet At St. Paul Session”

Freeborn County Standard - Albert Lea, Minnesota
[--Oct. 11, 1883]..”A Night In India” Cannabis Mentioned

Duluth Herald or Duluth News Tribune or other Duluth Newspaper(s)
[**]- Jan 30 1927 [looks like page 1] Marihuana, Powerful Dope Weed Causes Move to Ban it From minnesota” [First half only]
[s]- Oct. 25, 1938 “ Tons of Marihuana Destroyed”

Standard - Albert Lea, Minnesota
[s]- Oct. 11, 1883 ] “A night in India” (Hashish)

Minneapolis Journal – Minneapolis, Minn.
[s]- Oct. 17, 1937 pg.1+4] “Finish War Ordered on Marihuana” (Anslinger)

[ ]- Feb. 11, 1938 - “Present day swing music, the Big Apple Dance, and orchestra jam sessions are responsible for increasing the use of marihuana, both bay dance band musicians and by the boys and girls who patronize them” see BELOIT
DAILY NEWS Feb 11, 1938 UP report
[ ]- Feb 1938 - Two Mexicans were arrested in Minneapolis and charged.


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