Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail

El Paso Times

Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail
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El Paso Times - Location: - El Paso, Tx -- Date: - Nov 10, 1941
Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail
[The following is per an internal museum sentout]
"In 1953 Harry anslinger wrote in his book, The Traffic In Narcotics, wrote:

“City editors who find a speculative mention of marihuana in a reporter's story would be doing a great public service if they would refuse to use it in their headlines.   One reporter on a Southwestern newspaper pointed out that there was a suspicion of marihuana use in a case.   Next day the headlines read, "Gang of Marihuana Crazed Hoodlums Leave Bloody Trail." Questioned, the scribe had nothing tangible on the marihuana angle and claimed that the heading had been composed in the editorial room.“

I’ve always wondered exactly what newspaper story he was talking about, but only now (thanks to a trip to the National Archive) have been able to locate it.   ---- If anyone wants a copy, feel free to ask, a computer scan of the article can be emailed to you.   – The other articles in this series are: "
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DEA Letter 1941-11-18

November 18, 1941
Mr. T.E. Middlebrooks,
District Supervisor,
Houston, Tex.

Dear Mr. Middlebrooks:
My attention has been called to an item from the El Paso, Tex, “Times”, issue of November 10, 1941, headed “Gang of Marihuana-Crazed Hoodlums Leaves Bloody Trail”.

Please advise if there is any basis for the statement that these men had been smoking marihuana.
Very truly yours,

H.J. Anslinger

DEA Letter 1941-11-25
DEA Letter 1941-11-25

El Paso, Texas
November 25, 1941
Mr. T.H. Middlebrooks,
District Supervisor,
District No. 10
Bureau of Narcotics,
Houston, Texas

In re: “Gang of Marihuana Crazed hoodlums Leave bloody trail” item printed in El Paso Times 11-10-41 and Commissioner’s letter re same date 11-18-41

Dear Sir:
Copy of Commissioner H.J. Anslinger’s letter dated November 18, 1941 with your notation on bottom of same dated November 21, 1941, received.   The incident set forth in the El Paso Times item has been investigated by this office and the following report is submitted:

On November 23rd, 1941, the writer called at the El Paso times office and interviewed Bill Haworth.   Mr Haworth stated that he wrote the item but that the hading “Gang of marihuana-crazed hoodlums leaves bloody trail” was composed in the editorial room.   Mr. Haworth further stated that he had received his information from the records of Capt. Stanley Good’s report at the El Paso Police Station and it was from this information that he had compiled his item.   Mr. Bill Haworth is in his early twenties and has been setting as a police reporter for the El Paso Times.

Later that day your Agent called at the El Paso Police Station and inspected Capt. Stanley Good’s report of November 9th, 1941 (4.05A.M.).   This report states Patrolmen Rasinger and Escojeda on a charge of “robbery by assault”.   Nothing was said in his report that the men had been smoking marihuana, nor had any marihuana been found on their person.

On November 24th, 1941, your agent talked to Patrolmen John C. Rasinger and Mr. Rasinger stated that it was his opinion that the two Mexicans arrested by him were under the influence of marihuana at the time of their arrest.   The Mexicans in question are Eliseo Red (El Paso, Tex. PD 3-32494) and George Garcia (El Paso, Tex. PD 3-44162).   Mr. Rasinger also stated that Eliseo Red had tried to escape after he was arrested but that George Garcia had remained docile.

Narcotic Agent Marvin Howell, on November 24th, 1941, called at the El Paso Police Station and obtained the following information: That on November 10th, 1941 Detective H.S. Barnhardt of the El Paso Police Dept. made a report to the E. Paso County District Attorney in which he referred to the two defendants as “Marihuana heads” but there was no mention made in this report of their being under the influence of marihuana at the time this crime was committed.   At the present time the two defendants are in the El Paso County Jail awaiting trial to answer the charge of “robbery by assault”.   The defendants have not been interviewed by the Narcotic Office in El Paso but their police record is set forth herewith:

Pg. 2
Mr. T. E. Middlebrooks,
District Supervisor, Dist. #10

In re; “Gang of marihuana-crazed hoodlums leaves bloody trail” item printed in El Paso Times 11-10-41 and Commissioner’s Letter re same dated 11-18-41

Police Record of Eliseo Red, El Paso, Tex. #3-32494

Arrested 7-28-41 – El Paso P.D.
    -Contributing to delinquency of minor
    Transferred to County.

Arrested 2-9-41 – El Paso
    - Disturbing Peace and simple assault
    Fined $15.00

Arrested 11-9-41 – El Paso P.D.
    Robbery by assault.
    Transferred to County.   Pending prosecution

Police Record of George Garcia, El Paso, Tex, #3-44162

No previous record of arrest up to 11-9-41.

Arrested 11-9-41 – el Paso, P.D.
    Robbery by assault.
    Transferred to County.   Pending prosecution

A photograph of each defendant is enclosed.

The above report is respectfully submitted by:

Marvin D. Howell, narcotic Agent
    B.F. Lovejoy, Narcotic Inspector.




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