[Last Update: Feb 2007]

To the best of our knowledge, the following comics from the Golden Age of comics (1937-1955), although reputed by many to have Drug or Drug related stories in them. Either do not have a drug story at all or the drug in question is something other than Medical Marihuana.

In many cases the drug in question itself is unspecified, with terms like “dope” etc., being used to describe it. However in these cases the “dope” itself bears no resemblance to Medical Marihuana (example a strange looking white powder is shown) and as such they are outside our area of interest.

We include this index list solely to prevent confusion and as a public service to scholars doing research on the subject.

#41- Opium Story - Aug. 1939
#42- Opium Story - Sep. 1939
#43- Opium Story - Oct. 1939
#44- Opium Story - Nov. 1939 Note: An ongoing Opium Story but it has nothing to do with Reefer Madness (0-Star Rating). The continuing story of “RUSTY and his pals” about a Chinese opium ring. Lots of racial (1939) stereotypes, however, but not worth reading.
#47 - Feb. 1940: Steve Conrad (Revenge of the Drug Ring)
#48 - (The Dope Smuggler's Double) March 1940
#52 - July 1940 Feature: Federal Men (The Canadian Dope Smuggling Plot)
#67 - [Reform School Racket] Oct. 1941

#24 - Man holds hypo & splits in two -Dec no, there isn't S17

#V4 #2
- [The Smugglers' Octopus] March 1947 Hillman -- Sorry, but the octopus is only smuggling jewels. Let us know if you ever need anything else. -GDC
#V4 #12 - Racket King Deported Today Jan 1948 Hillman -- No such luck. -Phil
#V5 #7 - [Spangles' Drug Smuggling Ring] Aug 1948 Hillman It is "snow". Jef

- Aug 1941 - [The Patent Medicine Racket] Drug looks like toothpaste [ Green Lantern ]

#8- Dec. 1952 Although “Overstreet's” Price Guide claims that there is a Marijuana story included, try as I may, I couldn’t find one. In other words, Overstreet (a bible of the Comix industry) got the wrong issue or something. The museum has been ripped off. - Museum has a copy

ALL-FLASH #1 - [Menace of the Racket King] Summer 1941

ALL TOP COMICS - Fox Features/Green Pub./ Norlen Mag
#5- Drug mention story - Cartoon type of comic - No mary jane, just a mysterious pill

#24- Man holds hypo & splits in two - Dec no, there isn't

- The Fabulous Racket Summer 1945 Marvel [About the numbers racket]

AMAZING MYSTERY FUNNIES - Centaur Publications - '38-'40
#2- Drug use story - Sept. 1938) Hello, I just looked at the book, I did find the story you are thinking about. They call it medicine herbs it’s suppose to help you in the life like medicine also found a page that had what looks like a space ship.

- You Don't Need Drugs... (Ad - 1 pages) November 1987
#369 - You Don't Need Drugs... (Ad - 1 pg) August 1989 A public Service Message From Archie Comics advising kids to be smart, be yourself and say NO to drugs.
#376 - You Don't Need Drugs..(PSA - 1 pg) April 1990 Archie
#500 - You Don't Need Drugs (PSA - 1 pg) October 2000 Archie

- You Don't Need Drugs (PSA - 1 pg) October 1989 Archie Item: Archie Series Comic Book No. 353 Nov. 1987 -- Hi. There is no mention of any specific drugs. Let me know if you still need a copy, will be glad to send it. Thanks. Val [Assumption is made that ALL other 1pg PSA are of the same Ad]

AUTHENTIC POLICE CASES - St. John Publishing Co. '48-'55
#9- Drug mention story Drug cover - same as #34 Hi, - Marihuana is not specifically mentioned in the story. 'Narcotics smugglers' and 'Dope smuggling' is mentioned, and at the crux of the story. -
#15- Drug cover story
#19- Heroin mention - Hi There, Sorry I don't have time to read the whole thing but a in a quick scan I did not see Marihuana mentioned. Thanks for the inquiry.
#34- Drug cover - same as #9 - July 1954 yes Note, I could find no mention of a Marihuana story anywhere. Drug is not mentioned by name.

- Smoking Out Smugglers (text story - 2 pg) December 1952-January 1953 DC [Deals with Gold smugglers]
#81 - The Crulest Racket in the World (text story - 2 pages) February-March 1954 DC [ About fake art paintings]

#11 - Battle Cry #11 by Stanmor Pub. 1954. Great War book w/ Nice Drug Cover Opium story - not a anti-medical marihuana comix.

#12- Standard Nedor 1945. Great Schomburg War cover on the "Giant Television," wild hypo drug story line.

- Lev Gleason Comics 1952 - This issue has a one-page, anti-drug message illustrated by Frank Frazetta [Can be found elsewhere]

- [The Judge's Wife and the Smugglers] - Reprinted: from WONDERWORLD COMICS #4 -- I checked the story, all 8 pages, twice. Absolutely no reference to marijuana whatsoever. The wife is smuggling jewels in her high heels. Yarko the Magician story. Jake
#5 - [Big-Shot Krard's Dope Ring] Nov-Dec 1940 Fox -- Reprinted: from MYSTERY MEN COMICS #5 hi andy ---nope---gdyaned13
#37 - [The Dope Epidemic] (1 pg) Spring 1945 Fox -- Dope is the only mention. ...Ferd

#8 - [Mr. King's Dope Smuggling Ring
] December 1940 Archie [Opium]

#4 - On the Trail of Dope Smugglers
August 1940 Hi Andrew, mentions the words dope on a regular basis but does not specify Marijuana. Regards, Daniel

BOY LOVES GIRL - Lev Gleason Pub. '52-'56
#28- Drug propaganda story - OCTOBER,1952 the stories included in this issue are, "phone call on my wedding night", "my one wrong step", "i was ashamed of my husband", "my last chance" S20/S30 HELLO, Well I found the drug story. it is called "MY ONE WRONG STEP" and believe it or not it is not about reefer it is about a guy hooked on Heroin and he asks his girlfirend to go score for him but instead she goes and gets a doctor for him because she is afraid to go to the dealers house and does not want her boyfriend to do it anymore. Hope the info helped. And here I thought they were just a bunch of mushy love stories.

#1- Frazetta anti-drug ad -- Frazetta, drug pusher back-cover -

CAIN'S HUNDRED (TV) Dell '62 -(01-094-207)- Heroin drug story - don't think they use the term "marihuana" specifically. They use terms like "narcotics", "junk", "dope", and "stuff".

CHAMBER OF CLUES -Harvey Pub. '55
#27 - The Case of the Dope Smugglers
Feb 1955 Harvey Feature Story: Kerry Drake - Reprinted: strip reprints; from KERRY DRAKE DETECTIVE CASES #19

- [The Airplane Dope Formula] February 1942 Harvey the only thing that came close was a guy with blonde hair talking to a chemist that said airplane dope that is it.

- May/June 1952 - "The Smuggler's Run" Publisher New York, N.Y. : Dell, 1950-1958. NO marihauana or loco weed story in this book. Stories in this book are THE CISCO KID IN A SMART TRICK and THE CISCO KID IN THE SMUGGLER'S RUN. Inside front cover MONTANA VIGILANTES about Henry Plummer and his gang. Ira

COMBAT CASEY - (Aug. 1954) No. 17:
#17 [ ]- Not a Reefer Madness comix. There is a story about North Koreans growing Opium (for sale in South Korea), in which Combat Casey (sort of like GI Joe) destroys the opium plants etc. Not worth reading.

COW PUNCHER - '47-49
#6 Opium drug mention story, bondage, headlights cover

#3- Drug stories - One page talks about dope, but not about marihuana.

CRIME DETECTIVE COMICS - Hilman Perio.'48-'53
V3,#1- Drug use cover - No drug stories, just a drug cover - Mar-April
V3-#5- Drug mention Dec. 1952 - Hi!! Nope, I read the book and there is no mention of marihuana at all..

CRIME ON THE WATERFRONT - Realistic Pub.-'52
#4- Drug mention story - 5/1952 - They do not mention any specific drugs. The cover story is about underworld mob bosses who control the flow of narcotics, but no specific drugs are mentioned or shown.

CRIME AND JUSTICE - Charlton comics -'51-'55
#11- Narcotics plus drug mention story
#21- Opium mention story Nov., '54 - The drug is opium

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT - Lev Gleason Pub. '48-'55
#28- Drug story The Last A Story is a Who Dunnit, 4 pages and mention of a dope ring and drug trafficking are mentioned...I never read the others...hope this helps, Bill. S40
#39- Drug mention story "THE 5 DOPES" - June/1951 - A narcotics (snow) mentioned story. - Not a Reefer Madness story.
#45- "Hophead Killer" drug story - Unfortunately this is a case where the story and the cover are only "loosely' related... not actual mention of any type of dope in the text.
#67- "Monkey on his back" heroin story - Only Heroin

CRIME DETECTOR - Timor Pub '54
#3- 2pg drug text - nope just dope.

CRIME DOES NOT PAY - Lev Gleason - '42-'55
#19- “New Faces for Sale!” - April 1951 Story only hardly mentions drugs, and only because a hospital attendant tries to rob someone. Not worth reading.
#26- ("Three drug mentions" Overstreet) - No drug story was even found.
#121- “The incredible dynamic career of Irving Wexler” - April 1952 - While there is a Drug story, the drug’s name is not mentioned. Not worth reading - Museum has a copy

#13- Drug story- Heroin drug story - April 1950
#33- (7-'53)"Dell Fabry-Junk King" drug story; mentioned in Love and Death - Not worth reading, Ignor.
#34- Drug Story - I checked but I could find no drug story or any reference to a drug. Thanks for your interest. - Vender on E-bay
#41- Drug story, "Dealers in White Death" - Drug is heroin

CRIME MYSTERIES - Trojan- '52-'54
Heroin drug mention stories

#1- Drug club story - Overstreet says "drug club story," but now that I read it, I wonder. The lead guy in the story is Count Morphine, so it's not marijuana they are talking about - however, the club in question is a lonely hearts club, and the side business is thievery, so, other than the guy's name, drugs don't seem to be a component of the story - maybe Overstreet got it wrong
#3- Morphine story

CRIME SMASHERS -Trojan '50-'53
#1- drug mention story - Not a Marihuana story:
#3- Cocaine drug story - It's a cocaine smuggling story, don't know if they mention marijuana or not.
#7- Female heroin junkie story - Issue # 7 mentions girl being a heroin addict. This issue just mentions dope - ebay sales person: 10-’52
#11- Drug mention stories - No, it doesn't appear that there is.

CRIMES BY WOMEN- Fox-'48-'54
#11- Opium text story Feb 1950 - I don't think so. Don't see any.

CRIMEFIGHTERS - Marvel '48-'49
#3- Morphine addict story

CROWN COMICS - McCombs Pub -'44-49
#10 Drug mention story - no mention of marihuana could be found.

DANGER- comic media/ Allen Hardy Assoc.'53-'54
#6 - (1953) Drug Story It's a morphine story. No mention of marijuana.

DAREDEVIL COMICS -Lev Gleason Pub. -'42-'56 NOT marvel DAREDEVIL:
#59- Two page dope text story - Hi, - No, "selling powders" is the closest that I can see, that it comes to describing dope.

April 1937 Feature: Mr. Chang "The Narcotic Ring"
#5 (The Dope Torpedo) July 1937 Cosmo the Phantom of Disguise
#16 - Black Tony Barmacino: Dictator of the Dope Dynasty June 1938 DC [Dope Mention]
#17 - The Coolie Smugglers July 1938 DC [illegal Aliens]
#18 - The Coolie Smugglers: Part II August 1938
#19 - The Coolie Smugglers (Part 3) September 1938 DC
#28 "The Dope Ring" June 1939 Speed Saunders
#30 - August 1939 Feature: Bruce Nelson "The Tea Racketeers"
#58 - December 1941 Speed Saunders : "The Cigarette Murder"
#61 - The Three Racketeers March 1942 DC
#87 - Smugglers' Song May 1944 DC [Crimson avenger story, diamonds smugglers]
#92 - October 1944 "Case of the Smoking Sign"

DICK TRACY Harvey Publications
#33 - Measles the teen-age Dope Pusher - Note, first published as a 1945 newspaper strip. Dope is mentioned as well as snows, but no marihuana.

DOWN WITH CRIME - Fawcett, '52-'53
#3 - Heroin drug cover/story - No mention of marijuana at all - just about catching a crook who thought he was smart enough not to get caught smuggling heroin.

- Smuggler's Den December 1952-January 1953 No, it is about Cattle from Mexico. Thanks, jef

#9 1944 published by DYNAMIC PUBLICATIONS. LUCKY COYNE swears he will print the story behind the murder of a DRUG ADDICT immediately bringing on death threats from erstwhile dealers. It doesn’t say marijuana. It just refers to dope.
#15- Morphine drug dealing story
#20 - - Drug story

DYNAMITE - Comic Media/Allen Hardy Publ.'53-54
#1- Morphine drug mention story 1953 --- There is a morphine story in the book but it does not mention marijuana at all. Only morphine is mentioned.

- 1966 Series - Tower, March 1967 "Weed vs. Thunder" Feature Story: Agent Weed Indexer notes: -- with Dynamo, Lightning, NoMan and THUNDER Squad

4-COLOR COMICS - Donald Duck (WD)
#328- Drug issue - May-51 The duck uses Peyote. But no Medical Marihuana

#112- Donald Duck used ether Drug: Note, while the duck does so only because he is a cheap skate and tries to siphon some gas No Medical Marihuana at all.

ELLERY QUEEN - Superior comics Ltd 49-49
#3- Drug use stories -(same as voodoo #15) - Sept.1949

#12- Drug mention story
#42 - I gave a quick look and didn't see any mention. I'll keep your name and let you know if i run across any in the future.Rick
#66- Cocaine drug story - The only drugs mentioned in book are cocaine and heroin.

FAMOUS CRIMES - Fox, '48-'50
#11- Drug story Heroin, Opium - Good evening, Thank you kindly for your note. The opium is referred to as "SNOW" and "DOPE", but no mention of Marihuana in the story.
#12- Drug story Heroin, Opium - don't think so just skimmed over
#13- Drug story Heroin, Opium 9/49 -I read the comic and the first story entitled "The Erodon Twins" talks about Morphine - Opium - Dope but no where does it mention Marihuana.
#51- Morphine drug story - 1952 - Morphine drug story happy thanksgiving

FAMOUS GANGSTERS: - Avon, '51-'52
#1- Narcotics mentioned - book mentions Narcotics but during a quick scan I did not see the word Marihuana.

#36 - [The Narcotics Ring]
Sept 1940 Quality Comics Feature Story: Reynolds of the Mounted -- Genre: western Indexer notes:-- V: Red Baylor, Spike, Madge Carr, and other members of a narcotics ring They just discuss a narcotics ring, no mention of weed.
#50 - [Legree, the Dope Smuggler] Nov 1941 Quality Comics There is a mention of dope (once), but no one is smoking any. They drug the Fargo Kid and try and kill him. I just read it, good stuff but no big doobies getting fired up. Apparently the government is trying to catch Legree and does so with the Fargo Kids help. They drug him with a drink but after that, no drugs, just action.

FIGHT AGAINST CRIME Story Comics '51-54
#7- Heroin drug story -
#12- Morphine drug story, 1953"The Big Dope" - No, this is a morphine story.

- [The Opium Smuggling Frame-Up] Fiction House, Dec 1946 -- Hi Andrew, Thanks for your interest. The Rip Carson story is indeed about an opium smuggling ring run by an American in China, including a great scene in a smoke-filled opium den. Plenty of opium references, but no mention of marijuana.

#33 1942 - Opium traffickers

#3 - [The Waterfront Dope Smugglers]
Winter 1940 Fox - Feature Story: Inspector Bancroft Reprinted: from MYSTERY MEN COMICS #4

- The Case of the Counterfeit Cigarettes April-May 1956 DC [Note Date + AAA code stamp on cover]

GANG WORLD - '52-'53
#6 Opium story - Jan., '53 - Hi, No, and the one only in passing.

#4- Narcotics mentioned

GHOST RIDER - Magazine Enterprises '50-'54
#57- Drug use story - Hi Garret - No Pot stories in this issue.

#8 - The Menace of Horror Weeds
(1996 [June] 1998 AC - Reprinted: from Whiz Comics #150 (Oct. 1952) - Hi Andy, Thanks for your inquiry. Actually, the story is about plant life gone amok in terms of uncontrolled growth. Has no mention of marijuana - unfortunately ! Best, Carl

HAND OF FATE - '51-'55
#19- Bondage, hypo needle scenes - Per your question: no mention of marihuana in the book.
#21- Necronomican story, drug belladonna used - 1953 Hello, I'll check that comic for you right now...I didn't see any pot. Just wolfsbane, belladonna, etc.

- Great art and stories inside full of death, mayhem and ghouls, plus the classic drug use story! - An overdose of a sleeping pill drink. - S55

#24- Dope-crazy killer story - I saw no marihuana mentioned.
#36- July/Aug, '49 - Opium drug mention story - Hi, The last story is a straight up-and-down opium story with narcotics as the main focus. There is also a woman dissolved in a vat of acid, transvestite panels, great S/K art but no marihuana.
#52- one page, drug ad
#70- Drug mention story

#70- This issue has the famous anti-drug editorial "We Can Stop the Enemies of Youth." Note, we already have the Ad in another comic.

#3- Great art and stories inside full of death, mayhem and ghouls, plus the classic drug use story! - An overdose of a sleeping pill drink.

I'M A COP - '54
#1- Drug mention stories - No not marijuana sorry. The drugs mentioned are opium and heroin

Charlton, Oct 1957 Smuggler's Cover

JOE PALOOKA - '42-'44
#8- Opium drug story - opium, dope and flower seeds no MJ though - thanks,
#31- Drug story - April 194? I didn't see any reference to any drugs in any story, just some women getting smacked around.--.There is one line on page 13 panel #5 that says..."I sure got news Jim...I'll give ya some dope'll knock yer hat off! Let's go fer a walk." But this is in reference to 'information"...NOT getting loaded!

#1- Opium drug mention - Has an Opium story

#1- Drug ring story -Has a drug needle story - did not ask, but ebay sale-er would have said Marihuana if mentioned
#3- Hypo needle story - December 1953 - Story is about an experiment in which Judo Joe injects an experimental drug. Has nothing to do with medical Marihuana.

- [The Coolie Smugglers] August 1940 Fiction House

#4- Dope dealing story 1948 - Hi,...yes there is a story in this comic about dope, but it is actually heroin. The name of the story is "The Trap". .take care,.
#44- Drug story

#58- Text on heroin

#19- Two part Drug mention story
#20- June 1950 Two part Drug mention story

KEN BLAKE of the Secret Service - '51-'53
#2- Two drug mention stores - KENT BLAKE of the SECRET SERVICE No.2 - 1951 - Secret service spy stories. Kent Blake of the Secret Service No.2 features drug use with hypo scenes. Published by Marvel/Atlas Comics (20th Century Comic Corp.) in July, 1951. Brodsky cover. Great reading in this issue: "The Man Without a Face", "The Death Trap", and "Merchants of Death". Fast paced action. Pre-code, and very risque for the times Sorry, no mention of marihuana.

KEN SHANNON - '51-'53
#2- text on narcotics - I have Ken Shannon #2 on my list but as I looked thru the comic I didn't see any 'text on narcotics' It looks to be complete by the story line but I haven't read every page. Thank you again for your list.
#8- Opium den drug use story - December 1952 - Yes their is an opium den story. Good Luck! - note, asked about marihuana, no answer = no)

LANCE O'CASEY -- Fawcett
-- New Years Eve In South China" Story Is About A Drug Bust. [Not Medical Marihuana]

LAWBREAKERS - Law and Order Magazine, Charlton '51-'52
#4- White Death, junkie story - But not a Marihuana Story (it’s some kind of powder).
#7- “The Deadly Dopesters,” drug story - Nope

#1 - 1948 - a funny animal drug use story - Most likely not an anti-Medical Marihuana story

LIFE STORY -'49-'53
#22- Drug use story
#36- I sold drugs -S20
#39 1952 Drug & Junkie story - he drug story is about a reporter (and his fiancee) following a drug smuggling operation. There is no mention as to the kind of drugs being used or smuggles other than one line from the police station house "The boy's addicted to drugs! Passed out from need of a shot!" (heroin??). This is a 1952 story with the morale that drugs effect everyone and no one should turn a blind eye to the problem.

#93 - [Blizzards and Locoweed]
March 1956 Dell Feature Story: Ways of the West Synopsis: Facts about sheepherders in the southwest.

#8 - [Blizzard and Locoweed]
Oct 1967 Gold Key - Facts about Sheepherders' problems with blizzards and locoweed. Reprinted: from Lone Ranger (Dell) 93 -- Hi Andrew, I didn't mind at all. It gave me an excuse to re-read the comic. Yes, there is a mention of loco weed in a one page story on the inside rear cover. The text box reads - Barren Fall and Winter pastures hold danger for the sheep in the form of poisonous weeds. Of these, Loco Weed is the commonest -- The sheepherder must keep his flock away from it, or he will lose many animals. Hope that helps, Dave

Love Journal
#18,1953,Mort Leav Art, Drug Use - The drug is used in a hypodermic and injected. It is never mentioned by name but it is not Marajuana.

#6 [The Voice's Dope Racket]
April 1940 Marvel [Narcotics, Opium]
#27 - [The Fox's Smuggling Racket] January 1942 Marvel [Fur smuggler]
#39 - Smugglers of Death January 1943 Marvel [Pearl smuggler]

#20- (Sept. 1954). Violent stories and art, including the eyeless ghoul on the cover. Also "Lotus-Eaters", a drug reference, plus cannibalism (see extra scan). Neither element is mentioned in Overstreet.

#5- Morphine Issue - No Marihuana

MILITARY COMICS - Quality comics group-'41-45
- Drug Story -Another Overstreet rip off, although "Overstreet's Price Guide" claims that there is a drug story included; try as I may, I couldn't find one. 0-star reefer madness rating, I did not even bother to make a photocopy of this comix. - AG
#33 - Quality Comics, October 1944, [The Opium Gambit] Japanese attempt to hook Chinese on opium

- Beware the Rackets (0,5 pg) Filler May-June 1951 DC [counterfeit money]
#27 - Beware the Rackets (0,5 pg) Filler 1948 May-June 1952 DC Hello! THANK YOU for your interest! No marijuana in that story. It's about used book dealers who pull a bait and switch. Good luck! - Erik
#41 - Sep/Oct 1954 "The Cruelest Racket in the World" Not that i could see. Thank you. Jef

#15- - "Living Dead" junkie story - Sorry, no mention of this drug.
#16- drug story - There's a dope reference in the text story; it reads like the narrator is in some kind of opium or heroin dream, since he is seeking out light and warmth. Overall I look at this issue and understand why there was such a backlash against comic books in the 1950s. - Title of item: Mister Mystery 16 -- Bondage cover, gore

MISTER UNIVERSE (Professional wrestler)- '51-'52
#1- Drug mention story - 1951 - Hi, Thanks for your interest in my auctions. In Mister Universe #1, 2nd (of 3) story, the drug is only mentioned as "dope", next to last panel of story shows the dope, as particles in palm of hand.

V.1 #8 Smashing the Dope Ring
Summer 1949 EC -- There is only mention of opium, although some thug is smoking something that cannot be seen, which drifts across the cops path as he sits, tired up, in a chair.

#4- "Murder by Needle", drug story

#14- Narcotics racket mentioned - Sorry, I didn't see any mention of drugs.

#4 - [The Waterfront Dope Smugglers]
Nov 1939 Fox - Feature Story: Inspector Bancroft
#5 - [Big-Shot Krard's Dope Ring] Dec 1939 Fox. Sorry, the answer is no. They only mention opium. thanks, fred
#11 - "[Ho Sen, King of Dope]" June 1940 Fox Feature Story: Green Mask - Character appearances:- "V: Ho Sen, Hi Andy --Nothing as soft as Marijuana. Opium and a kind of designer drug, that bends folks to another's will.-- gdyaned13

- [Suyaki the Smuggler] Aug 1941 Quality Comics SORRY NO, ALIEN SMUGGLING
#63 - Drug smugglers, cross-dressing - No, there are only references to "narcotics" S45

- Feb 1937, "Mad Knife-Killer Spreads Terror" Federal Men Character appearances: - V: Sammy and a dope peddler [Narcotic seems to be needle injected.]
#16 - [The Chinatown Smuggler] June 1937 DC
#28 - Tom Brent and the Dope Ring [Part 1] July 1938 DC [Morphine]
#28 - Detective Sergeant Carry of the Chinatown Squad - The Dope Smugglers On the Rising Sun] July 1938 DC [dope mentioned]
#29 - Tom Bent The Dope Ring: [Part 2] August 1938 DC

#4 - Opium story

OUR GANG COMICS- Dell- '42-'49
#38- Sept. 1947 - No contrary to what you have heard the members of “Our Gang” (also known as the little rascals) did not peddle Opium out on the streets. Instead they stopped a dope peddler before he could sale the stuff.

#2- Possible Drug mention story

PERFECT CRIME, THE: Cross Publications 49-53
#8- Heroin drug story - In Perfect Crime #8, there is repeated mention of 'dope' being smuggled in by boat. I don't think the word 'marijuhuana is used, but the meaning is the same. Best,
#26- Drug-cover, drug propaganda story

PERFECT CRIME, THE: Cross Publications 49-53
#8 - Heroin drug story - In Perfect Crime #8, there is repeated mention of 'dope' being smuggled in by boat. I don't think the word 'marijuhuana is used, but the meaning is the same. Best,
#9 Feb. 1951 Crime Stories, Drug Story Andrew, there's no drug story in this book. Just read it, and I can't even say there is something even resembling a drug story. :-)
#26 - Drug-cover, drug propaganda story - No S20

#63- 1947 THE SHIELD, ARCHIE ANDREWS - The title of the SHIELD story is, " Drugs for DEATH". I don’t see where it says what kind of drugs they are, they are in boxes and it talks about drugs, but I don’t see where the type of drug is mentioned. I may have missed it, but don’t think so. These are drug dealers that kill to protect their business. Hope that answers the question.

- [The Drug Slaves of Ghor] April 1940 Archie [Great Story but drug is not Mentioned]
#4 [Silko and the Racketeers] May 1940 Archie
#7 - [Shipley and the Smugglers] August 1940 Archie [Jewelry smugglers]
#17 - [The Sailboat Smugglers] July 1941 Archie [Narcotics smuggling via sail boats, but drug is not mentioned, pix of capsules ]
#63 - 1947 THE SHIELD, ARCHIE ANDREWS - The title of the SHIELD story is, " Drugs for DEATH". I don't see where it says what kind of drugs they are, they are in boxes and it talks about drugs, but I don't see where the type of drug is mentioned. I may have missed it, but don't think so. These are drug dealers that kill to protect their business. Hope that answers the question. S34

#15- Drug use story - No. Doctor Crime injects Phantom Lady with a drug of his own invention that permits her to see, in a dreaming trance, his own future plans for the conquest of America (the fiend).

- [The Interplanetary Smugglers] May 1941 Fiction House [Drug not mentioned]
#24 - [The Hopgig Drug Smugglers] May 1943 Fiction House [Drug is called Hopgig]
#65 - [The Hopgig Drug-Smugglers]1951 Fiction House [probable a repeat]

Steeplejack Dope September 1948 Quality Comics [Carrier pigeons used to smuggle dope]
#30 - The Bon Voyage Smuggler July 1951 - No weed is about diamonds. Harry

- [The Alien Smuggling Racket] August 1941 Quality Comics [People, no Drugs]
#112- Drug mention story

POLICE LINE-UP Avon Periodicals/realistic comics 51-52
#2- The religious murder cult - drug perversion - 1952
#3- drug mention story - Hello, Looking through the book, marihuana isn't mentioned exactly, but the word 'dope" is mentioned twice in context of bank robbers making a lot of money and paying smugglers to bring it in. Hope that helps

#25 - Shrink Weed
July-September 1953 Dell Hi - unusual questions like this one, are more interesting to answer than the usual ones, so I don't mind. I scanned the story, it's always open to interpretation but I'd say it doesn't involve marijuana in any way. Basically Popeye & Swee-pea are walking in the woods, they discover an unusual plant that Swee-pea thinks is spinach, he eats it & shrinks to tiny size. Popeye determines it is shrinkweed so he eats some too and tries to rescue him. Eventually it looks like if you eat real spinach it will counter the effect and return you to normal size. My guess is the writers may have been using drugs, but not necessarily writing about them. best - Steve

PRIMES (tv) Charlton comics 1978 era.
#6- An underwater adventure comic, (sort of like sea hunt). The story has something to do with a bag of Heroin being smuggled into the US. The comic has nothing to do with Medical Marihuana. Museum has a copy

#92-One pg. Dope ad

#21- Hypo needle story - Most likely not an anti-Medical Marihuana Drug story

RANGERS COMICS: (war) '41-53
#33 - Drug Story
#36- Drug story 1947
#38- Drug Story - Nov. 1947 - Well, I flipped through it and nothing 'popped' out at me as being drug reference. If there is a reference in here, must be very obscure. According to the Overstreet guide, which is usually pretty good about providing drug reference story info, it's Rangers
#33 that has hypodermic panels. Maybe that's the rascal you're thinking of?

RED SEAL -'46-'47
#15- Drug mention story - Word dope is used, it's being smuggled from Mexico, but that it it.
#16- Drug club story - (same as crime reporter#1) - Hi. The narcotic elixer sold to wealthy patrons in the Black Dwarf story is referred to as "Zombie Blood" from Haiti. This is a different story than the one with the blood draining gang that appears in the same book.

“I was a member of a teen-age thrill gang.” Despite the story title & era, this is not a “Reefer Madness” story. Narcotics in general are only mentioned once. - Not worth reading.

#57 - Hypo needle story

- Don't Be A Dope May 1950 Fox

#39- Drug mention - MAR 1951 (all that is says is narcotics)
#57- Heroin drug propaganda story
#64- Drug mention story - 04/1953

#5- Drug mention story - looked through Sam Hill -- yes, only not Mary J, the reference is to Heroin (the case involves tracking down some guy selling it).

SCREAM Comics-'44-'48
#18- Hypo needle story - this 40's humor comic - Feb. 19??

#1- Drugs, prostitution, wife swapping - Don't see anything re: marihuana,

#56- Drug use story - Oct 1953 - It's not marijuana. One of the stories is about a group of thieves who use "a mysterious drug" to make unsuspecting people so happy that they give their life savings away. The drug is never identified in the story. It's pictured as some kind of pill. Maybe some kind of morphine or opium? One of the thieves places it in her victims' drinks.

#72 "The Dope Smugglers"
August 1947 Quality Comics: No , it does not.

#35- Hypodermic syringe attacks fighting yank in drug story Sep 1945 That one did not have a marijuana ref.

#36- Drug story - Took me awhile to get back to you on this one...sorry about that. No, the "drug", is a "white powder", that gets slipped into his drink.

SPACE DETECTIVE -Avon- '51-'52
#1- "Opium smugglers of Venus," drug story - Hi - I checked the comic last night and I couldn't find any trace of opium or reefer mentioned in the comic. Thanks for the inquiry, I appreciate it.

#13- Cocaine drug mention story - published by Charlton (CDC) in 1954

#3- Drugs/prostitution story - Aug 1950 - Dear Sir, Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, there is a drug story. It's the long leadoff biography of Lucky Luciano. It mentions drugs several times in the story, but it always refers to the drugs as "dope" or "narcotics" and never by the name of any particular drug of choice. Hope this helps.

- Opium Smugglers of Venus 1958 I. W. Publishing; Super Comics "Strange Planets 10" on list 2 is of course a reprint of a previously published story.

- Tell-Tale Cigarette Fall 1944 Marvel [Drugged Cigarettes, but no Medical Marihuana]

SUPERMAN - Published by D.C. Comics
#3 - [Superman and the Smugglers] Winter 1939 DC [Jewel smugglers]
#8 1941, While, true it does have a drug story in there, the drug is morphine, not marihuana
#9 - [Joe Gatson, Racketeer]March-April 1941 DC
#35 - [The Drug Swindle] July-August 1945 DC [Fake Medical Drugs]

SUSPENSE COMICS: - Continential Pub. -43-'46
#6 Oct. 1944--John Guinta, Don Rico art. Facial mutilation, bondage, drugs, wild issue. The Grey Mask, Mr. Nobody. dtacoll -I don't see any mention.
#12- Drug story - hanging cover - Hi, From what I can tell, it's some sort of sleep drug delivered via needle.

Vol.1 #1 FEB,1940 -"T-MEN by Joe Simon"--"marijuana use story" - The "T-Men" story has dope dealing and drug use in several panels on several pages. - Have photo-copy of the story, NO marihuana mentioned.
#V7 #9- DRUG CVR 1946 - This cover is particularly noteworthy for various reasons. First, it does not just show a drug, it shows extreme drug use (young cadet Dan Merry is actually unconscious from having inhaled "Ether"). Second, it is not an adult "under the influence," but rather an adolescent. Third, it appears that a medical professional is the villain in the situation! Nina Albright also provides the lead interior story upon which this cover is based, while in Don Rico's tale Gary Stark encounters a "She Devil." Bulls-Eye Bill's final WWII tale also appears, and Whitman's "The Target and The Targeteers" story is particularly fun. Even The Chameleon is here!

[#1] - Reform School Girl" [Although we have not seen a copy, all evidence points to NO references to Medical Marihuana, none at all]
[#8]- Teenagers smoke reefers Published: New York, N.Y. : St. John Pub. Co. [We believe that the story (referred to in OverStreet) can be found as part of the newly published book, "Romance without tears" by Dana Dutch. In any case their is no mention of Medical Marihuana anywhere in the story. In fact, only one plate shows some teenagers smoking something, "Here baby, take a drag on this," but it probable was tobacco not a reefer.

#1- Kid Terrific; opium story

THING!, THE- '52-'54
#3- Drug mention story - Hi, thanks for the e-mail. The book from what I know does not have a story about marihuana. Anything else please let me know.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
#17 - Weed Out West
December 1967 Tower Feature Story: THUNDER Agent Weed

T-MAN - Quality -'51-'56
#6- Drug story
#8- Drug stories - T-Man Comics contains mostly Anti-Communist stories. I don't recall any mention of drugs or > marijuana in his issue #8.
#9- Drug story
#19- Drug mention story - One of the backups mentions a "dope racket." There is a character that smokes what looks like a joint in the same story. It also shows some wrapped packages.

TIM HOLT- '48-'54
#36- Liquid hallucinogenic drug story

TOM MIX -1952
#57 "The Cursed Dobie Dope Ring" -- controversy drug story - Hi - just replying to your note. The title of the controversial story is "The Cursed Dobie Dope Ring" and in it Tom is trying to track down a ring of drug smugglers. He inspects a package left by one of the smugglers and finds "vials of dope" [unspecified and in liquid form]. Dope is mentioned numerous times in the story. The comic, by the way was published 50 years ago from this summer [Sept 1952 issue].

#43- Drug mention story - I doesn't mention the work marihuana specifically but in the story "The Golden Cobra" it talks about messy rooms and cigarette being smoked and then you turn the page upside down and he says the one guy killed Dr Lloyd because he was taking "dope"...

- The Devil Drug! 1953 Magazine Enterprises [some kind of powder]

TRUE CRIME COMICS: St. John Publishing co
#1- Drug Content - Nope, no marijuana mention. Dope [heroin] and morphine only.
#2- "Murder, Morphine and Me" -- The theme of the story is Morphine....I don’t think so
#3- Heroin drug story - Sorry only heroin!

#14- While there is a drug peddler story in there, the drug is never mentioned. Not a reefer madness story.

#31- February of 1963 - They never really get specific about what drug it is. It is basically a hallucinogenic plant.

#13- Morphine story -- the drug is morphine. S22 + a murder story in which morphine is used to kill.
#36- "Pipe Dream," classic opium addict story: - Typical (stereo-type Chinese opium den story in which Chen Chu Yang tells his own story. No mention of Medical Marihuana.

VOODOO -'52-'55
#15 Opium drug story -(Ellery Queen #3)

USA IS READY- 'Dell '41
#1-War propaganda- drug mention - a story about the coast guard and it search for dope. No mention of Marihuana.

#9- Morphine drug use story - just checked through for issue # 9, and it does not appear to mention marijuana in the story.

#52- "Cult of Killers" - Opium use story - To my knowledge it just makes mention of opium and opium use. Thanks for contacting us.

WEB OF EVIL -'52-54
#17- Opium drug propaganda story - Not a Marihuana story:

#4-Drug story - The mention of MJ didn't jump out at us when we thumb through the issue. But there is a lot of text and it would take a good 30-40 minutes to totally read/scan this issue. So sorry, we are not sure.


#7- 2 PG. DRUG TEXT STORY - hi, i couldn't find that word in it. the only drug words is dope on the front and morphine on the 2nd page.

- Fox Feature Syndicate 'Death and the Devil Pills' 1 page drug story; SEP 1948. -- To answer your question about death and the devil drug only states that the pills were, drugged pills, but no mention of marijuana. Hope that helps. Howard

WINGS COMICS By Fiction House. Precode Comic
#80 -
#106 - Bondage, Headlights, Racist Asian Depictions(Rad), Violence, Nazisgermans(Ng), War/Battle/Blood, Death, Etc. -- comicbooksandtoys is the seller. -- The men are drugged with needles/injections. not marijuana.

WHIZ COMICS -'40-'53
#142 - Drug mentioned story - Word was "Rebellion Gas" made everyone laugh.
#150 - The Menace of the Horror Weeds Oct 1952 Fawcett - Hi Andy, Thanks for your inquiry. Actually, the story is about plant life gone amok in terms of uncontrolled growth. Has no mention of marijuana - unfortunately ! Best, Carl

- [The Judge's Wife and the Smugglers] (8 pg) August 1939 Fox --- I checked the story, all 8 pages, twice. Absolutely no reference to marijuana whatsoever. The wife is smuggling jewels in her high heels. Yarko the Magician story. Jake
#27 - [The Pencil Racket] -- Not as far as I can tell - sorry



#6- Drug mention story - Anyway, the only reference I see is that the first story is about a woman who falls in love with some guy whom she catches selling dope. It turns out that he is an FBI agent posing as a dope dealer and exposes a narcotic ring.

Our thanks to ALL so many people who have helped to put this index listing together.

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