Expendedores Viciosos
Expendedores Viciosos
Below is a shortened Index of Hardcover books; --deemed by this museum to have Reefer Madness content or of interest to the student of Reefer-ology.

Although many of these books were classified as works of “non Fiction” at the time of publication.   Many of them (using today’s standards) would today be classified as works of just about anything BUT.   Here (see the next webpage for an example of one of these golden wonders), we will leave it up to the reader to determine what was truth and what was fiction.

[NOTE: This list is far from compete and consists solely of books that the museum had been able to view.   Additionally (it is admitted) that NOT ALL of these hardcover books can be considered as belonging to the Reefer Madness genre.   Thus this Index should be seen solely as a starting point for the student of Reefer-ology.

By Victor Robinson:
This scarce book records Victor Robinson's self-experimentation with cannabis indica.  Robinson was a prolific contributor to the history of medicine.   It was written BEFORE marijuana and hashish became legal issues.  As such, it is a truly objective evaluation.   New York, Medical Review of Reviews, 1912, 1st edition --- Bull, this book is mostly about a hashish party, not ever worth the read.   - [Not a reefer madness book] [Non-Fiction]

19?? - The Smokers of Maconha: Effects and evils of the Vice
By Rodrigues Doris translated from the Portuguese

1922 - The Black Candle, by Murphy, Emily F
This is the book that inspired Canada's drug war of the 1920's. 405 pp., photos, index, 8vo Index. B/W photographs of opium dens, drug addicts, and paraphernalia seized by police. 8vo. Orange cloth decorated w/picture of an opium pipe.   The author was Police Magistrate and Judge of the Juvenile Court in Edmonton, Canada.   She writes about drug addiction and drug trafficking in Canada.   Graphic, artistic cover also has illustrations of a person smoking drugs and a body being carried by black figures.  Book is in fine condition, like new, with clean, bright, immaculate covers; tight, solid hinges; and crisp, clean, bright white pages.  "The Black Candle, which now may be dismissed as grim humor or condemned outright as propaganda, was a landmark both in the life of its crusading author and in the history of Canadian drug legislation." This edition, a facsimile of the original 1922 publication, is a reprint of Canada's first book on drug abuse.  A clean, attractive, near-new book, this historical treasure of an early Canadian perspective would be an attractive and desirable addition to any library. -- [museum note - only one chapter deals with hashish, but it sounds like Harry Anslinger himself wrote it.]

1923 - Craig Kennedy Listens In.
Description: First Edition.  Hubin listed mystery novel that begins on a Hollywood set with a film director reporting to detective Craig Kennedy some strange events.  The novel includes elements of scientific detection, use of radio surveillance and use of the "weed of madness", presumably marijuana.   bright cover art, plus dust-jacket. Title: Craig Kennedy listens in / Author(s): Reeve, Arthur B. 1880-1936. (Arthur Benjamin), Publication: New York : McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie, Edition: 1st ed. Year: 1923 - Description: 391 p. : 1 ill. ; 19 cm. Series: Masters of mystery; - Class Descriptors: LC: PS3535.E36 - Material Type: Fiction (fic)

1925 - Panama Canal zone Study
- 1925 - [Location Box K8]

1929 - BATTLEING THE WOLVES OF SOCIETY by Rowell, Earle Albert
- Not a Reefer Madness book per say, but it shows the beginnings of what would become the Reefer Madness Campaign in the years to come.   [Not a Reefer Madness book] [Non-Fiction]

1931 - Menace of Narcotic Drugs: A Discussion of Narcotics and Education
Book Description: New York: Prentice Hall, 1931, New York, 1931.   First Edition. 5.25 x 7.75". Red Cloth. 5.25 x 7.75". "mariahuana" is dismissed in 2 pages, saying reports of its use are greatly exaggerated; it was a different world. 294 pages.   Author(s): Payne, E. George; 1877-1953; (Enoch George), Corp Author(s): International Narcotic Education Association.   Publication: New York, Prentice-Hall, Year: 1931 - Description: ix, 294 p. Standard No: National Library: 03110770R LCCN: 31-31921 p. [289]. Class Descriptors: LC: HV5801; Dewey: 178.8; NLM: HV 5801 Responsibility: prepared by the Department of education of the International narcotic education association, E. George Payne, PH. D., educational director Document Type: Book - OCLC: 2661389 [Location = Box B1]

1933 - Indigenous Drugs of India, Their Medical and Economic Aspects
by R.N. Chopra - Note this is actually NOT a reefer Madness text, but people always quote it as if it was.

1934 -- INSIDE DOPE : An Exposure of the Dope Traffic.
By Tuohy, Ferdinand. Hamilton. 256pp. Hardback. Opium, Cocaine, Hashish smuggling. [Location = Box B1]

1934 - NARCOTICS AND YOUTH TODAY - by Robert E. Corradini
Pub: - The foundation for narcotics Research and information, Inc. 150 5th Ave. New York, N.Y.
High School Text Book - 1 star Reefer Madness rating:
This book was originally written as a high school textbook for teachers and students.   It deals mostly with alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics in general (with Mariahuana thrown in as a minor narcotic).   In fact less than a whole page is devoted to Mariahuana; as such it verily qualifies as a Reefer Madness book.   However, what is interesting about the book is how it develops its arguments against narcotics in general.   These same arguments would soon be used in the fight against the medical marihuana plant.   [Genre = ] [photocopy p211-215; Location = Box K1]

1935 - Our Police - By Irving Crump and John W. Newton
- not that much on the subject. [box K8]

1936 - Alcohol and the habit-forming Drugs - By Grant L. Donnelly
Publishers Alfred Williams & company: Preface starts - The object of this little volume is to make available for school children of an appropriate age, an honest and therefore *** contains a small section on Marihuana and how it causes insanity.

1936 - G-MAN VS. THE RED X By Stephen Slesinger,
This Big Little Book #1147 published by Whitman Publishing Company; Copyright 1936 by Stephen Slesinger, consists of 424 pages.   A children's reefer madness companion. [Fiction]

1937 - "Expendedores y Viciosos" by Antonio Gil Carballo
Published in Habana, Cuba in 1937- This is written in Spanish, and tells about the "evils" of drugs (opium, morphine, marijuanna, cocaine y heroin).   Measures approx 7" tall. Language: Spanish -: OCLC: 12842318

1937 - HERE’S TO CRIME By Courtney Ryley Cooper
-- A must read, a must read [Location Box K8]

1937 - DOPE ADVENTURES OF DAVID DARE By Rowell, Earle Albert;
Nashville, TN: Southern Publishing Assoc. 1937, Decorative Cloth. Issued. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Front is shows author with opium pipe used to illustrate his lectures.  This is a startling expose on how dope and movies have destroyed the world's youth.  Photos of narcotics police in action in the Orient and the U.S. Eye-opening accounts of dope addiction and how it gets started.   Only 3 or so pages are devoted to Medical Marihuana.

1937 - MARIHUANA CONFERENCE held December 5, 1938, in the United States Bureau of Internal Revenue Building, (Room 3003), Washington, D.C. -- Corp Author(s): United States.; Bureau of Narcotics. [Non-Fiction]

1938 - Drug Addicts Are Human Beings by Henry Smith Williams MD
- The story of our Billion-Dollar Drug Racket - Mostly about general drugs and how evil they are.   Only 3 or so pages about Medical Marihuana (not that much), Contains a good cartoon which mentions Marihuana, but that’s about it. [photocopy pg 211-215 ; Genre - General; Location = Box K1]

NY: Lippincott, [1938]. Hardbound Classic reefer-madness-era treatise on marijuana.   An influential work that was the basis for all subsequent book s on the subject, Illustrated with photographs of the marijuana plant, police making busts, dogs on marijuana, crops being harvested, etc.   A landmark study [Non-Fiction]

by Juanita Hansen and Preston Langley Hickey.   Publisher Chicago, Ill., Educational associates [c1938] - Description 6 p l., [9]-86 p. 19 cm. although the author is Janita Hansen (the silent Film star), and great anti-Medical Marihuana Crusader, it says almost nothing about the use of Medical marihuana.   [Not a Reefer Madness Book][Non-Fiction]

1938 - Report of the Eighth Annual New York Herald Tribune Forum on Current Problems
NY: Herald Tribune, New York: 1938 (#1088/1200) 8vo 233pgs. Speeches by Fiorello LaGuardia, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert Moses, Lou Gehrig, John L. Lewis, U.S. History, Marijuana, and many more speakers & topics VG++ (1-1-2)

by WOOD-COMSTOCK, Belle MD.; Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press Publishing.   Reefer-madness-era book for young students describing the dangers of drugs.  Includes chapters titled "Maybelle the 'Doper'," and "Marijuana the Assassin." Illustrated with delightful drawings.  Part of a series of books from Pacific Press who also published the classic, On the Trail Of Marijuana: The Weed of Madness.   A scarce title in the reefer-madness genre. Green cloth-colored boards, 7 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches, 96 pp., numerous entertaining illustrations (b/w), Now then... This isn't just any Belle Wood-Comstock --- this is Belle Wood-Comstock, M.D. (reminding me once again of the definition of "idiopathic": the doctor's an idiot and the patient's pathetic).  (Where's my roach clip? --- OK, continuing now...) Contents: Questions Girls Must Face; Maybelle the "Doper"; What Are Narcotic Drugs?; Marijuana the Assassin; Why Dope is Dangerous; Billions in Aid to Military Thugs in Columbia; To Drink or Not to Drink?; What Alcohol Does Inside; Should Girls and Women Drink?; Alcohol and the Home; Liquor Behind the Steering Wheel; Look Before You Leap; Shall Youth Have Its Fling?; Glands and Cigarettes; Fortunately Second-Hand Smoke Isn't Dangerous; Cigarettes and Adolescence; Women Old Before Their Time; Tobacco and Motherhood; Are Smoking Women Attractive?; Do Cigarettes Calm the Nerves?; Unkind to Your Throat; Shall We Smoke Moderately? "Only a few months ago a twenty-year-old girl stood before a New Jersey court and confessed the slaying of a man, Padrone[ ] , from whom she and an eighteen-year-old girl companion had stolen an automobile.  Asked how and why she had gotten into a life of crime (this, she confessed, was her third holdup), she declared that the smoking of marijuana cigarettes had led directly to her downfall.  Several months before this she had been painfully injured in an automobile accident, and a "boy friend", had given her some "reefer" cigarettes to ease her pain.  In a short time she found herself an addict to the drug, hopelessly held in its toils.  "Those marijuana cigarettes I smoke made it seem right to steal autos and commit hold-ups," she testified in court.  "Of course, in between times I knew I had done wrong: but another marijuana cigarette soon took away all this guilty feeling, and I was ready for another stick-up." So she stood before the law, a confessed murderess, and listened to the district attorney demand the death penalty both for her and for her girl companion.  The jury brought in a verdict of "murder in the first degree." Because of her youth, she did not have to go to the electric chair: but a sentence of life behind dark prison walls was the only alternative." Priceless

By THOMASON, George MD; Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press Publishing.   Hardbound, issued without a dust jacket. First edition.  Reefer-madness-era book for young students describing the dangers of drugs.  Includes the story of "Baptiste Chautemps, the New Orleans dope peddler, and how he sold marijuana to high school boys and girls." Illustrated with charming drawings. [Actual Book Location = Box K4] [MUST Reading] [Location = Box B1]

193? Straight Thinking on Narcotics alcohol Drugs & Tobacco
by John c. Almack [Location = Box B1]

1939 - The Quest of the Sacred Slipper -- Rohmer, Sax
Book Description: Caxton, New York, 1939. Hard Cover. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Earl Dexter, "the cleverest crook in America" vs Hassan of Aleppo and his Hashishin dwarfs vs Scotland Yard in an quest to steal the lost slipper of Mohammed from the London Museum.  Great pulp-style "yellow peril" dust jacket illustration show two crazed Chinese killers, perhaps the Hashishin dwarfs.   [e-book only] [Hashish mentioned] - Normally we would classify this book as being Reefer madness, BUT Hashish is mentioned so many times in the Fu Manchu series that it would be impossible to ignore Sax Rohmer 's influence on the creation of the anti-Medical marihuana laws.

1939 - La marihuana; estudio médico y social Author: Segura Millán, Jorge
Publication: México, Editorial Cultura, Year: 1939 Description: 161 p. illus. Language: Spanish [Location = Box B1]

1939 - CHOPRA, R. N.; CHOPRA, G. S.:
The Present Position of Hemp-Drug Addiction in India (a pamphlet) Indian Medical Résearch Memorandum No. 31, Calcutta, 1939, pages 1-119.

-by John C. ALMACK, - Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association.   Hardbound, Reefer madness-era text book for intermediate grades, warning of the dangers of illegal drugs.  "The marijuana addict shows three stages of reaction to the drug.  Soon after smoking his muscles begin to tremble and his heartbeat runs high." Illustrated with charming drawings showing drug use around the world. [Photocopy version Location = Box B1]

1939 - MODERN POLICE WORK including DETECTIVE DUTY vintage
A Book for Police Officers of ALL RANKS - National in Scope By James J. Skehan retired Captain NYPD & Former Instructor - R. V. Basuino Brooklyn, NY Publisher Illustrations include: Growing Marihuana  -- Sketching ( a crime scene) Fingerprint patterns -- Hair characteristics [Location = Box B1]

, - Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association.   Hardbound, Reefer madness-era text book for upper grades, warning of the dangers of drugs.  Illustrated with charming drawings showing drug use around the world. [Location = Box B1]

1939 - Enemies Of Youth - By John Carrara
- Evangelist Preacher [On Order] - Zondervan Publishing 1939 – Fifth Edition Contents: The Modern Dance - History of the Modern Dance - -The Movies – The Kindergarten of Hell - The Cigarette – The Short Cut To Insanity - A Deck of Cards – The Devil’s Bible - The Killer Drug - The Assassin of Youth - My Final Plea - ::: Hard Cover With 171 Pages - This book exposes some of the enemies of youth-dancing, gambling, drugs, and movies, for most of these a brief history is given.  They all destroy a person's desire for spiritual things. [Actual Book Location = Box K4] [MUST READING]

1939 - THE POISON TRAIL - by William F. Boos
Published by Hale, Kushman and Flint (Boston) in 1939, 380 pages, not illustrated.  From the jacket flap: One of our best known toxicologists tells us the story of man's constant struggle against his most insidious enemy.…He explodes many generally accepted beliefs, and points out many of the constantly increasing hazards from poisons little known to most of us that surround us in our everyday lives….He tells us of the many ways in which poison is a boon to mankind, and of its use in the different activities that go to make up our civilization.  He has fascinating anecdotes and case histories to illustrate the use or the misuse of a large number of poisons.   - Chapters include: The Poisons That Surround Us The Ptomaine-Poisoning Fallacy A Chapter for Cannibals [food poisoning] The Bugbear of Botulism From Jenner to Pasteur Death in the Woods Morphine Cocaine and the Marihuana Peril The Cups That Cheer and the Friendly Pipe [alcohol, caffeine, nicotine] Mainly About Monoxide Poison on the Job Of Prussic Acid The Mercier Case Arsenic Murder by Other Poisons The Expert in Court [Non-Fiction]

1939 - Field manual of the Bureau of Narcotics
Corp Author(s): United States. Bureau of Narcotics. Publication: Washington, D.C. : U.S. Treasury Dept., Edition: 1939 rev. Year: 1939 Description: 74, XL p. : 27 cm. Named Corp: United States. Bureau of Narcotics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. Note(s): "Issued July 1, 1938; Revised October 1, 1939."/ "This Field Manual of Instructions setting forth the policies, rules and regulations of the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury Department, is issued for the information and guidance of the personnel of the Bureau in the performance of its official duties."/ "Effective October 1, 1939 Bureau Orders Nos. 1 to 15, inclusive, are automatically canceled, the instructions contained in these orders having been included in the present revision of the Manual." General Info: "This Manual is a confidential document and the property of the Bureau of Narcotics." Class Descriptors: LC: HV8142 Other Titles: Field manual of instructions Material Type: Government publication (gpb); National government publication (ngp)
“ In its field manual, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs requested district supervisors to obtain from state and local officials "reports in all cases... wherein crimes were committed under the influence of marihuana." ---1970 - The Marijuana Smokers by Erich Goode “ [Location = Box B1]

- Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association Hardbound, Reefer madness-era textbook for high school and college students, warning of the dangers of illicit drugs. Illustrated with drawings

Author(s): Stimson, Mary Sturdivant, 1897- Publication: Philadelphia : Dorrance, Year: 1940 - Description: 234 p. ; 20 cm. - Material Type: Fiction [e-book only] [youth novel]

1941 - Narcotic agent Author: Helbrant, Maurice
Publication: New York, The Vanguard press Year: 1941 Description: viii, 319 p. 21 cm. by Maurice Helbrant ("Colonel Smokey") [Mr. Helbrant devotes a whole chapter to the subject of the Marihuana Menace - some reefer madness examples are given] [Location = Box B1]

: startling revelations about the use and addiction of cocaine, morphine, marijuana, cigarettes, opium, alcohol
Author: Locy-West, Essie Binkley Publication: [Glendale, Calif.? : White Tabernacle?], Year: 1941 Description: 52 cm. : ill. ; 20 cm. Language: English Class Descriptors: LC: HV5801 Other Titles: About 'pal' of the underworld : dope; Underworld and dope Responsibility: by Essie Binkley Locy-West.

By Robert Devine, - A classic - Published by Northland Publishing Company St Paul, MN [1943] [Non-Fiction] [MUST READING]

Forward by F. H. LaGuardia. Lancaster, PA: The Jacques Cattell Press, [1944]. 8vo, xii + 220pp. The famous Laguardia Report, written entirely by doctors, which systematically dismissed the common condemnations at the time; e.g. that marijuana did not lead to use of other drugs; was not correlated with crime; did not have socially pernicious results; and that "the publicity concerning the catastrophic effects of marihuana smoking in New York City are unfounded." [Non-Fiction]

1945 - The Moloch Of Marihuana. Introduction By Harry A. Ironside - Devine, R. J.
[also a classic - must reading for any student of the Reefer Madness campaign]

Life and health
Charles Christopher Wilson, John Lewis Braken, John Conrad Almack The Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1945 - Health & Fitness - pg262 - Note only a couple of pages devoted to the subject, -- not really worth reading.

1945 - Needle in a haystack; the exciting adventures of a federal narcotic agent Author(s): Spillard, William J. ; James, Pence.
The author got his job as a narcotics agent in the early days of World War I because he knew his way around the entertainment world.  A lively, entertaining memoir.   [Mostly before Reefer Madness - Chapters included how they arrested Doctors for maintaining drug addicts] Publication: New York, London, Whittlesey House, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Year: 1945 Description: v. 193 p. incl. front., illus. 21 cm. LC: HV5825; Dewey: 178.8 OCLC: 1435122 [Location = Box B1]

1946 - WAR WITH THE UNDERWORLD, By Ernest L. Tiffany
The Higley Press Butler, Indiana: 12mo 143 pgs, with chapters on "The Marijuana Menace," "The White Slavers," "The Social Evil - Prostitution," "Gambling," "Making a Religion Out of Immorality," and "the Beverage Liquor Traffic." Must reading. Funny as hell. [Non-Fiction]

1946 - treatises on narcotics. - Alice hyatt Mather.
Book Description: interstate narcotic association, la grange, illinois, 1946. no edition stated.; 266pp.; anthology of hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, tracts, photographs, cartoons, interviews, etc., etc. alternate title: "scientific treatises on all narcotics warning against self-medication narcotics-a blessing-a curse".  contains material on opium, heroin, morphine, cocaine, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, et al. -- MUST READ

1948 - THIS IS MY SON by Clarence Budington Kelland
(1881-1964), Harper & Brothers First Edition (stated as such).   When a wealthy New York financier sends his son to manage a 10,000 acre ranch in Arizona, he hopes the experience will test his mettle and toughen him up.  As it turns out, this proves a wild and violent experience.   He and his men inadvertently intercept a $100,000 shipment of marijuana.   The ranch near theirs turns out to be the hub of a huge narcotics ring, resulting in a gunbattle/siege.   Publication: New York, Harper - Year: 1948 Description: 233 p. 21 cm. Material Type: Fiction [e-book only]

1948 - MARIHUANA IN LATIN AMERICA: The threat it constitutes.
Pablo Osvaldo Wolff.   The Linace Press, Inc., Washington DC - A real pack of lies. [Non-Fiction]

1949 - NARCOTICS - Nature's Dangerous Gifts- (rev 1966) (a revised edition of Flight from reality) By Norman Taylor.   The first chapter is titled: The Pleasant Assassin" need I say more, note that Harry Anslinger is given a lot of credit for his role in the book [Non-Fiction]

1951 - THE TRAFFIC IN NARCOTICS By H.J. Anslinger and William F. Tempkins. [Non-Fiction]

1952 – Narcotics: America’s Peril – By Will Oursler & Laurence Dwight Smith
Two chapters are devoted to Reefers. - TRUE REEFER MADNESS.

1952 - THE NARCOTICS MENACE by Alwyn J. St. Charles
This book comes very late (1952) in the reefer madness era---but it may as well have been written in the 1930's.   A whole chapter was devoted to marihuana, the weed of crime.

1952 - INDIAN HEMP, A SOCIAL MENACE: By Johnson, Donald, McL.
Barrister-at-Law Page 1952. 5x7, 112pp. A stuffy chemist-lawyer looks at marijuana. London: Christopher Johnson, 1952. This works purports to be the first book devoted to the dangers of cannabis in England.  Among the startling assertions made by the author is that the famous attack of illness in Pont Saint Esprit in 1951 was cannabis-induced rather than egotism.   He also speculates that the confessions of Russians during Stalin's purges were drug-induced. 8vo, 112pp. [Non-Fiction]

1953 - Title: Field manual Author: United States
Publication: Washington, D.C. : U.S. Treasury Dept., Bureau of Narcotics, Edition: 1953 rev. Description: 1 v. (various pagings) : 25 cm. Named Corp: United States. Bureau of Narcotics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. Note(s): "March 1, 1953."/ "This Field Manual of Instructions setting forth the policies, rules and regulations of the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury Department, is issued for the information and guidance of all narcotics agents."/ "The field manual issued July 1, 1938 (revised October 1, 1939) and all amending bureau orders are superseded by this Field Manual for Narcotic Agents, and its complementary Field Manual for District Supervisors." General Info: "Official use only." Class Descriptors: LC: HV8142 Material Type: Government publication (gpb); National government publication [Location = Box B1]

1954 - Sudden Voyage - Amrein, Vera R., Illustrated by Henning, Frederick
Book Description: New York: Harcourt, Brace & Co. 1954, New York, 1954. Boards. Hard Cover. Novel for young readers about three Long Island youngsters given a new sailboat who are carried away by a freak storm into Long Island Sound, where they finally come ashore in an uncharted cove that's a haven for marijuana smuggling. Accession Number: 1944724

1956 - THE BOOK OF POISONS By Schenk, Gustav
London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Hard Cover. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. One Chapter is devoted to the subject. Mostly about the Old Man of the Mountain. [Location = Box B1]

Thorp, Raymond. Viper: the Confessions of a Drug Addict. London Robert Hale Limited 1956.   A crummy book, not worth reading.

1956 Merchants of misery - by J. A. Buckwalter Pub: - Pacific Press Publishing Association Mountain View, Ca. High School Text Book - (intended for teachers and parents)
A latter day, reefer madness era (copyright 1956) book originally meant as a resource, on narcotics in general, for high school teachers, librarian's etc.   In fact it is surprising, given its late publication date, that such a book would still be using language like" -- "A person under the influence of marijuana is exposed to the unpredictable effects of *** Because of this vicious tendency experienced by some, it has been called the 'Killer drug.'" -- And although, only a few pages are devoted exclusively to marihuana, reference to it can be found throughout the book.   All the old myths are there also, the Assassin's myths, the "marihuana distorts your sense of time myth, the marihuana as a starter drug myth etc. -- Be prepared for terms like, "The Marihuana Addict," instead of "The Medical Marihuana Patient" etc. [Non-Fiction]

1957 - Title: Field manual of instructions
Corp Author(s): United States. Bureau of Narcotics.
Publication: Washington, D.C. : U.S. Treasury Dept., Bureau of Narcotics, Edition: 1957 rev.   Year: 1957 Description: 1 v. (various pagings) : 27 cm. Note(s): Includes index./ "Effective Date May 1, 1957."/ "This Field Manual of Instructions setting forth the policies, rules and regulations of the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury Department, is issued for the information and guidance of the Field Service."/ "The Field Manual issued July 1, 1938 (revised October 1, 1939 and March 1, 1953) and all amending orders are superseded by this Field Manual of Instructions." General Info: "Official use only."
Class Descriptors: LC: HV9142 - Other Titles: Field manual of the Bureau of Narcotics Responsibility: United States Bureau of Narcotics, Treasury Department. ; National government publication

[We have the magazine articles] In this auction we have a copy of Really Living.  It is from 1958 and published for Narcotics Education, Inc. of Washington D.C.  It contains basic information for scientific education for the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction reprinted from Listen, Journal of Better Living. Contents:
      Marijuana - The Assassin Flower
      Marijuana - Caught in the Web

H. J. Anslinger and Will Obrsler [Non-Fiction]

184 pages contains eleven short stories.   “A ROUTINE JOB” Biggles tracks down the supplier of Marijuana cigarettes.  Author: Johns, W. E 1893-1968. (William Earl), 1963 Description: 141 p. ; 21 cm. [selected pages, e-book only] [youth book- ok to read]

hcdj 1968 this book is in good shape. it is from 1968 and claims to be an open-minded and even handed study of marijuana use, the laws about it, and the medical effects of smoking it.  i haven't read it, but it has to be a hoot at the very least considering the fact that it came out in 1968 and is purported to have been written by " an expert on narcotics and crime".  [late date, but reefer madness anyway]

196? - Narcotics and Narcotics Addiction by D.C. Parks
- More or less carries on with his pamphlets, total dupe of the narc’s. Poor man. [box=K8]

1970 - MIND DRUGS By Hyde, Margaret O.
-- (straight answers to the most often asked questions about) New York Pocket #77125 1970.  The book's a joke--as much relevance as the movie "Reefer Madness"; try smoking a doobie while reading it: a laugh riot!.

1971 - MARIJUANA : TEENAGE KILLER By Hill, Norman (Editor)
Here is the book that cuts through the myths, that takes up where the others leave off, that tells you the real truth about ---- Contents: McKenna, K. Marijuana kills.--Hamelfarb, R. Undeniable evidence of danger and damage.--Kaufman, A. Seducer of the young.--DeKeyzer, A. G. Cannabis: world-wide destroyer of national energy.--McKenna, K. The tempting cop-out: legalization.--The crucial decision: personal freedom vs. public responsibility.--Feder, I. The "grass" merchants: hippies in mass-media land. Publication: New York : Popular Library, Year: 1971 Description: 253 p. ; 18 cm. [Late stage Reefer Madness alright, but few Gore examples are given and then only idiots.

1980 - Bitter grass : the cruel truth about marijuana
Author by Roy Hanu Hart. Publisher Shawnee Mission, Kan. : Psychoneurologia Press, in cooperation with American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology, -- [Normally, this book would not appear here, but it does contain a list of clinical examples of Neurological/Mental problems said by the author to have been caused by Medical Marihuana] Not worth reading

1983 - Marijuana : a dangerous "high" way By Leahy, Barbara Hungerford
Description: xvi, 155p. : ill.; 21 cm. Note(s): "For children ages 9 to 17 and their parents and educators". LC: HV5822; Dewey: 613.8 illustrator Danna C. Moles; editors Lee Farrell, et al. : OCLC: 10226706 [Not really a hard cover book, but not a comic book either. Mostly disinformation.]

-- DAILIES AND SUNDAYS 1/15/40-3/20/40 -- After serving an apprenticeship under Milton Caniff, young Alfred Andriola got his own strip--a daily/Sunday mystery adventure based on Earl Derr Biggers' popular Hawaiian-Chinese detective, Charlie Chan.  Or rather, on Charlie's movie interpretation: Chan in this strip bears a strong resemblance to actor Warner Oland, who portrayed Charlie in a string of successful B-pictures. -- Andriola did good work on the series, writing brisk, entertaining stories and illustrating them with a handsome variation on his mentor's "Caniff-Sickles school" style.  Pacific Comics Club has reprinted this collection from 1940. -- In "Drama at the Crown Circus," a murderous marijuana-pushing clown figures he's smart enough to outwit Chan. We know where that gets him! -- 6" x 9" 48-page book prints dailies and Sunday pages in black-and-white.  Softbound, 2-color cover.  [The museum has been able to obtain some of the original newspaper artwork from the 1940's, however it is not complete]


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