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Practical Facts
Practical Facts about Marihuana


The following is an index of pamphlets that the museum believes, might be of interest to students of the Reefer Madness dis-information campaign.   Please note --as of the time of this website posting, we have not been able to obtain actual copies of any of the below listed materials.   We are simply going by the title names, or what others have said about them.   In other words, we believe them to have had something to do with the campaign, but please don’t sue us if it turns out that this was not the case.

Note that many of these listings come to us via the OCLC Inter-Library service.   Others came to our attention via internet auction sites etc.

ALSO NOTE, this is what is termed a “Working Index” meaning expect misspelled words, bad grammar etc.   The way we see it, we could either spend our time creating a beautifully well crafted Index, or we could have something we could work with.   Our choice was obvious.

[era 18xx] - Cannabis indica - East Indian hemp
Corp Author(s): Tilden & Co. - Publication: New Lebanon, N.Y. : Tilden & Co., Year: 1800s Description: 1 folded sheet ([8] p.) : ill. ; 24 cm. Other Titles: Tilden & Co., Manufacturing Pharmaceutists & Chemists:

1851 - On the natural history, action and uses of Indian hemp
[Museum has actual article -- Monthly journal of Medical Science]
Author Christison, Alexander Publisher Sutherland & Knox Place of Publication Edinburgh Date 1851 Edition / Pagination 26 pp. Size 8 0 Pamphlet Note [P., v. 894.] Reprint Note Repr. from: Month. J. M. Sc., 1851. Type Monograph

1859 - Provings of Cannabis indica
Author American Provers' Union Place of Publication Philadelphia Date 1859 Edition / Pagination 20 p.

1869 - On the use of Indian hemp in chorea
[Museum has actual article ONLY -- Edinburgh Medical journal]
Author(s) Douglas, A. Halliday. Publisher Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd, 1869. Description 9 p. Notes Repr from: Edinb. M. J.

1869 - On the medical activity of the hemp plant of North America
[Museum has actual article -- Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society]
A prize essay Author Wood, Horatio C. jr. 1841- Place of Publication Philadelphia Date 1869 Edition / Pagination pp. 227-233 Size 8 0 Editorial Also, in: P., v. 1100 Ref Note Cutting from: Proc. Am. Phill. Soc., Phila., 1869, xi. Monograph 1877- Recipe for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, asthma, catarrh, bronchitis, and all throat and lung affections ... Author: Sherar, W. W. - Published: [Rochester, N.Y., 1877.]
Physical Details: [2] leaves + [1] leaf supplement insert ; 21.5 cm. Location: University of Rochester Location: NRU, MINER - Call Number: HisMd Ephemera Box 1/27 -- Advert. of Sherar's proprietary remedy for the cure of respiratory tract diseases, based on the medicinal virtues of cannabis sativa. -- [QUACK-NOT Reefer Madness]

1880 - The preventative treatment of hemicrania by cannabis indica
Author(s): Stewart, James, 1847-1906. - Re-printed from the "Canada Medical & Surgical Journal" Oct, 1880. -- [NOT Reefer Madness]

1883 - [Cannabis sativa : a remedy]
Author: W.A. Noyes Publication: Rochester, N.Y. : The Company, Year: 1883 - Description: [2] p. ; 28 cm. Descriptor: Patent medicines.

1897 Cannabis indica cigarettes
For asthma, laryngitis, insomnia and irritation of the air passages. - Published: New York: E. Fougera & co., [1897]? -- Physical Details: [2] p.; 21 cm. MED RM666\C266 G7\1897 Subjects: Cannabis. Therapeutics. -- Notes: "Prepared only in the laboratories of Grimault & co., Paris, France." Caption title; date determined from advertising material included with Quackenbos, J. Causes and recent treatment of neurasthenia, New York, 1897, for which U. S. agents also E. Fougera & co. Author: Grimault & co. -- [NOT Reefer Madness]

1904 - On the morphology, teratology, and diclinism of the flowers of Cannabis
Author Prain, D.
Publisher Supt. Govt. Printing Place of Publication Calcutta Date 1904 Edition / Pagination 32 pp., 5 pl. Size 4 0 Note Forms no. 12, n. s., 1904, of: Scient. mem. off. med. & san. dep. Gov. India.

1910 - U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmers’ Bulletin 393 Habit-Forming Agents:
Their Indiscriminate Sale and Use A Menace to the Public Welfare By L.F. Kebler, Chief, Division of Drugs, Bureau of Chemistry. 1910 -- Actual Author H.W. Wiley, Chief, Bureau of Chemistry.

1914 - Report of investigation in the State of Texas:
Report of investigation in the State of Texas, particularly along the Mexican border, of the traffic in, and consumption of the drug generally known as "Indian hemp," or cannabis indica : known in Mexico and states bordering on the Rio Grande River as "Marihuana, " sometimes also referred to as "Rosa Maria, " or "Juanita." Author: Smith, R. Publication: Washington : Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry, - Year: 1917 - Description: 86 leaves ; 28 cm.

Richmond P. Hobson [OTR Stuff]
1926 - Narcotic Education - Proceedings of the First World Conference on Narcotics Education - [Richmond P. Hobson]
1930 - Narcotic Education - Proceedings of the third World Conference on Narcotics Education - [Richmond P. Hobson]
1932 - Documentation of Fifth annual Conference of Committees of the World Narcotic Defense Association and International Narcotic Education Association : resolutions adopted, minutes, addresses delivered, messages and papers read Author: Conference of Committees of the World Conference on Narcotic Education and International Narcotic Education Association Corp Author(s): International Narcotic Education Association. (5th : 1932 : New York); World Conference on Narcotic Education. Publication: [S.l. : s.n., Year: 1932 Description: 1 v. : 28 cm. Reproduced from typewritten copy.
1934 - Narcotic Education - Proceedings of the third World Conference on Narcotics Education - [Richmond P. Hobson]
1934 - Report of broadcast
Author: World Narcotic Defense Association - Meeting (7th : 1934 : New York, N.Y.) Publication: New York : The Association, Year: 1934 Description: 1 folded sheet (8 p.) ; 24 cm. Responsibility: from the seventh annual meeting of the members and directors of the World Narcotic Defense Association over WEAF on the 28th day of November, 1934, from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel ; by courtesy of the National Broadcasting Co. under auspices of World Narcotic Defense Association.
1935 - Narcotic Education - Proceedings of the third World Conference on Narcotics Education - [Richmond P. Hobson]
1936 - Report of celebration of the third anniversary of the ratification of the Geneva Narcotics Limitation Convention of 1931 ... Washington, D.C. ... April 13th, 1936... under the auspices of the World Narcotic Defense Association Author: World Narcotic Defense Association Publication: [New York, Description: 47 p. 24 cm.

192? Bulletin
Bulletin- “Pull Up the Poppy! Stop Making Opium! Corp Author(s): White Cross. International Anti-narcotics Society. Publication: Seattle. Year: 1923-? - Description: no.[1]- ; Aug. 14, 1923-; no.; 23-36 cm. [Not Reefer Madness]

1934 - Marihuana Compiled for the Inter-club Committee for the Advancement of Civic Responsibility
By J. Ward Gates, C.W. Bowies, Prof. M.H. Hayes, L.E. Bowery [Must Reading] [Part of Harry Truman Library stuff]

Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union Collection, 1885-1940 bulk (1926-1935).
Author(s): Dobbs, Mary Evelyn,; 1870-1943. Corp Author(s): Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Kansas. Year: 1885-1940 Description: boxes.

Los Angeles, (1936) International Narcotic Education Association – Pamphlet - 2 page thing, Narcotic Education Foundation of America. - a pamphlet. 8 pages; 23x10 cm.

1936 - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Narcotics
1936 - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Narcotics - Suggestive Guide for Teachers, Junior High School Program in Science. 5th Revision, Los Angeles City School district. [Pamphlet - Courtesy Ohio Historical Society] Two pages worth of material about Marihuana. -- Not really worth reading.

1936 - White drug mysteries exposed and the dope habit conquered
By Dr. Louis Lee Krauss, D.C.; Health Dept. of the Bureau of Moral and Hygienic Education, Publication: National City, Calif.: [Year: 1936 32 p. ; 17 cm. [Pamphlet photocopy courtesy D.E.A. Library]
* * * Not Worth Reading - Very little to do with Medical Marihuana. The first ten or so pages deal with the evils of Tea. (no joke, Tea) Example: [with reference to Egyptian Tea Addicts he writes] “He can in no way give up this tea drinking habit. He prefers tea to food and cannot go to his fields in the morning unless he had drunk tea. Wherever he goes, he takes with him his tea utensils and he is often forced to commit thefts in order to obtain money to buy his tea.” Only 2 pages devoted to Marihuana -- “Sometime ago Florida had a horrible tragedy. A young boy butchered his entire family while under the influence of the drug. etc., but not much of any use.

1937 - Taxation of marihuana
1937 - Taxation of marihuana. Hearing before a subcommittee ... 75th Congress, 1st session on H.R. 6906, an act to impose an occupational excise tax upon certain dealers in marihuana, to impose a transfer tax upon certain dealings in marihuana, and to safeguard the revenue therefrom by registry and recording. July 12, 1937 - Corp Author(s): United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance. Publication: Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Description: iii, 34 p. 23 cm.

1937 - GOMILA; GOMILA: Marihuana
1937 - GOMILA; GOMILA: Marihuana. Read before the Orleans Parish Medical Society in Hearings of the House of Representatives, No. 6385, pages 32-37. [Same as above]

1937 - Revised syllabus in narcotic education
Author(s): Robinson, Gertrude. Corp Author(s): International Narcotic Education Association.
Publication: Los Angeles, Calif.,

1937 - A Radio Symposium on marihuana, the killer drug
Mimeographed./ "Presented over the network of the Mutual Broadcasting System, Friday, December 3, 1937, 2:15 p.m. E.S.T." - 8 leaves; 28 cm. Presented by the interstate Commission on Crime of the Council of State Governments. As talked about in the Literary Digest magazine.

1937 - Regulations no. 1
1937 - Regulations no. 1 relating to the importation, manufacture, production, compounding, sale, dealing in, dispensing, prescribing, administering, and giving away of marihuana under the act of August 2, 1937, Public no. 238, 75th Congress : narcotic-internal revenue regulations : joint marihuana regulations Author: United States Office of Internal Revenue. Publication: Washington : U.S. G.P.O., Year: 1937 Description: vi, 64 p. ; 24 cm. “Effective date, October 1, 1937."/ Includes index.

1937 - Marijuana : assassin of youth
Author: Anslinger, Harry Jacob Cooper, Courtney Ryley,; 1886-1940.
Publication: [Springfield, Ohio : Crowell Pub. Co., - Year: 1937 - Description: [12] p. : ill. ; 30 cm. - Note(s): Article from The American magazine, vol. 124, no. 1, July, 1937. - -- Museum Has a copy of the article itself.

1938 - Marihuana
by Lawrence Kolb.
US Public Health Service Published: [1938]. Physical Details: 6 l. mimeo.

1938 - The Three Racketeers
A compilation of Scientific Facts on Tobacco, Alcohol and Opium from Recognized Authorities of the World by Edwin L. Zahn - (instructor) San Jose High School

by Frederick T. MERRILL
Opium Research Committee of the Foreign Policy Association (1938) 6th ptg. (revised), 1950. Wrps., 48pp. Illus. Corp Author(s): Foreign Policy Association. Publication: Washington, D.C., Opium research committee, Foreign policy Association - Description: 48 p. illus. 20 cm.

1938 - Marijuana : the weed of woe
Author: Rollings, Elmer James
Corp Author(s): Defender Tract Club. Publication: Wichita, Kansas : Defender Tract Club,; United States; Kansas; Wichita. Year: 1938 - Description: 1 sheet : port. ; 20 x 24 cm. folded to 20 x 8 cm. E.J. Rollings.

1938 - Marijuana (revised)
Author: Spencer, Roscoe Roy
Publication: [Washington, D.C.] Treasury dept., U.S. Public health service, Office of public health education - Year: 1938 - Description: 9 p. 27 cm. Note(s): Cover-title./ "Reprint from 'the Health officer, " vol. 1, p. 299-305 - December 1936" [Note: What the museum has is the original magazine article:]

1938 - Marihuana The Killer Drug
This is a very rare and desirable vintage original 1938 book in near mint condition called "MARIHUANA The Weed of Madness The Killer Drug" "Price 25 cents" Written by: Earle Albert Rowell. Measures 7 5/8" x 5 3/8" and has 32 pages. -- Note, this is not the same as “On the trail of Marihuana the weed of Madness”

(July 1938) Published by the Treasury Department's Bureau of Narcotics Washington, D.C.: G.P.O. A fascinating guide, published by the Treasury Department's Bureau of Narcotics, for the use of law enforcement officers. 41pg. Publication: Washington, U.S. Govt. print. off., - Description: v, 41 p. illus. 31 plates 18 cm.

1938 - Course of Study in temperance Education
For Grades 7-8-9, By Vermont State Board of Education - [Pamphlet courtesy Ohio Historical Society] Four pages on Marihuana. “no important use for marihuana in medicine . . . Examples of Crimes committed while under the influence of Medical Marihuana are listed.

1938 - Marihuana Conference held Dec. 5, 1938
1938 - Marihuana Conference held Dec. 5, 1938, in the United States Bureau of Internal Revenue Building, (Room 3003), Washington, D.C - Corp Author(s): United States.; Bureau of Narcotics Description: 177 leaves ; 28 cm. OCLC: 6405176

1938 - Smoking and other habits, their effects and cures
1938 - Smoking and other habits, their effects and cures; a medical and scientific discussion of the tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and opium habits Author: Wood, Frank Leighton
BULL -- despite the Title, Marihuana is barely mentioned. Not worth Reading - Publication: Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan Pub. house - Description: 68 p. 20 cm.

1938 - Marijuana or marihuana
Author: Indiana State Board of Health
Publication: [Indpls., Year: 1938 Description: 1 sheet ; 28 cm

1938 - Marijuana
Personal Name: Jones, Ralph Eggleston - Published/Created: [Endicott? N.Y., 1938] Description: 2 p.l., 2-14 numb. l. diagr. 28 cm. - A one act play.

1938 or 1939 - Booklet on Marihuana
Cover Title / At head of title; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health. Division of Narcotic Drug Control - Division of narcotic drug control. Marihuana. Abstracts of speaker's remarks at a Symposium on marihuana," arranged by John H. Remig, M.D., and held on March 28, 1938, at the Temple University, School of pharmacy. [Harrisburg, 1939] 7 p. illus. 23 cm. -- On cover; Booklet on marihuana. - 39-28057 - LC: HV5822.M3 Dewey: 178.8 - OCLC: 6374638 - 7 pages illus 23cm --- 1939 Manifesto on Marijuana Temple University
BOOKLET ON MARIHUANA. Inside is an abstract of remarks at a "symposium on Marihuana" arranged by John Remig MD and held on March 28, 1939 at the Temple University School of Pharmacy. It begins "In the US, Marihuana is for the most part consumed as cigarettes - "reefers"...Two "reefers" are often sufficient to confer the desired effect and the smoke which is always inhaled, is retained a long time. Soon the smoker is aware of increased power and energy, and sometimes is enabled to recall things long forgotten. Often there is excitement, with ideas becoming disconnected, and the smoker realizes his thoughts and actions are under less control....sometimes there is a prolonged insomnia with delusions of persecution taking possession of the smoker, causing a violent, assaultive outbreak." It goes on in this vein, my favorite line being "Under the influence of the drug, the user can step from Philadelphia to the Panama Canal in three strides - he thinks, and does this within one second." 6 pages.

by Earle Albert Rowell, and Robert (1939) Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association. A Reefer Madness Classic. [ A classic ]

1939 - Practical facts about marihuana
Author: Gregg, Fred Marion
Publication: Butler, Ind., Higley Press, Year: 1939 Description: 38 p. ill.

1939 - The Silent, Horror
by EJ Rollings
This 45 page soft bound bookelt. It was published in 1939 by Defender Publishers of Wichita Kansas. It is a booklet warning people about the dangers of "Opium, King of the Crown Prince"; and "Marijuana the Dutchess of Despair." It is very dramatic in its portrayal of the evils of the "dope peddler" and the misfortunes of an addict. There are 4 black and white photographs to illustrate: pictures of injecting morphine, marijuana cigarettes and the young women in the opium den that you can see in the digital photo.

By C. H. L. Flatter
[Courtesy Ohio Historical Society] - W.C.T.U pamphlet (2 pages), dealing with both tobacco and Medical Marihuana cigarettes. “Mr. Anslinger, U. S. commissioner of narcotics, says, "No one knows when he places a marijuana cigaret between his lips whether he will become a calm philosopher, a joyous reveler, in a musical heaven, a mad insensate or a murderer. . . . "Sure. Us kids got onto it in high school, three or four years ago; there must have been twenty-five or thirty of us who started smoking it. The stuff was cheaper then; you could buy a whole tobacco tin of it for fifty cents. Now these peddlers will charge you all they can get, depending on how shaky you are. Usually though, it's two cigarets for a quarter." The officer questioned him about the gang's crimes: "Remember that filling station attendant you robbed-how you threatened to beat his brains out?" The youth thought hard. "I've got a sort of hazy recollection," he answered. -- OK to read, but not too much reefer madness.

1940 - Marihuana - Our Newest Narcotic Menace
72523 - 6 - 39 10M - Division of narcotic Enforcement - State of California - Paul E. Madden, Chief - Must reading, actual date of pamphlet was 1939.

1940 - Marijuana
Author: Indiana State Board of Health
Publication: [Indianapolis : Indiana State Board of Health?, Year: 1940 Description: 5 leaves ; 28 cm. Material Type: Government publication (gpb); State or province government publication:

1940 - Plants that incite to crime
Author: Simon, Carleton 1871-1951.
Publication: [New York? Description: 9 p. 22 cm. Brief discussion of Marijuana, Scopolamine, Mescal, Cocaine, Ephedrine, Opium, Yohimbine, Betel Nut, Upas, Toadstool.

1940 - The Drug Demon
Narcotics -- Destroyers of mind and body - Marihuana, Killer Drug.
Only one chapter (about 6 pages) of the pamphlet deals with Marihuana, but boy its pure reefer madness. - Good reading. The rest of the pamphlet deals with cocaine, coffee, morphine etc.

1941 - Some plain facts about the underworld and dope
1941 - Some plain facts about the underworld and dope : startling revelations about the use and addiction of cocaine, morphine, marijuana, cigarettes, opium, alcohol --
Author: Locy-West, Essie Binkley
Publication: [Glendale, Calif.? : White Tabernacle?], Year: 1941 Description: 52 cm: ill. ; 20 cm. Class Descriptors: LC: HV5801 - Other Titles: About 'pal' of the underworld : dope; Underworld and dope

1942 - Control of marihuana
Corporate Name: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on interoceanic canals. [from old catalog] -- Published/Created: [Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., 1942] Related Names: Clark, Bennett Champ, 1890- [from old catalog] Description: 4 p. 24 cm. -

1943 - The truth about narcotic drugs, don’t be a dope-fiend
by William Yancey Shackleford, Author: Randolph, Vance
Author(s): Randolph, Vance, 1892- Corp Author(s): Haldeman-Julius Company. Publication: Girard, Kan. : Haldeman-Julius Publications, Year: 1943 Description: 24 p. ; 23 cm. Responsibility: by William Yancey Shackleford.

1943 - Hemp, an Illinois war crop
by J.C. Hackleman and W.E. Domingo. [Urbana, 1943] 8 p. illus. 23 cm. (University of Illinois. College of agriculture. Extension service. Circular 547)
Publication: Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois, College of Agriculture, Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics, - Year: 1943 Description: 7 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. Series: Circular / University of Illinois, College of Agriculture, Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics

1943 - Iowa 1943 - Hemp, a war crop for Iowa [Not Reefer Madness]
by C.P. Wilsie, E.S. Dyas and A.G. Norman. Ames [1942] [2], [587]-600 p. illus. 22 cm. (Iowa agricultural experiment station - (Its Bulletin P49, December 1942)

1943 - HEMP[Not Reefer Madness]
United States Department of Agriculture, Farmers' Bulletin No. 1935.
Robinson, B. B. [Senior Agronomist for the Agricultural Research Administration].
Book Description: Washington. USDA. 1952, "Slightly revised from the Jan. 1943 edition", 1952. Soft cover. Book Condition: Good. Stapled booklet binding. 16 pages. Creased as issued (these were mailed out in plain size envelopes. Small institutional rubberstamp on cover. Cover has bold graphic of Hemp plants with brush lettering of the word "HEMP". Photo illustrations of male and female plants, ground preparation by horse-drawn plow, hand cultivation with scythe, tractor cultivation (with African-American operators, "haystacks" of retted stalks, etc. Section topic include: It grows well in the corn belt, How to grow it, Varieties to grow, Harvesting, Retting, Picking up retted stalks, Extra care insures extra profits, etc. The inside front cover give a warning to comply with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and pay the $1 per annum license fee.

By Robert Devine, - A classic - Published by Northland Publishing Company St Paul, MN [1943] -

1943 - Bible Blackouts
By Devine, Robert James Book Description: Northland Publishing House, St. Paul, MN, 1943. Paper Back. Book Condition: Good. No Jacket. 74pp, [Not Reefer Madness]

1944 - Marihuana, hemp
Author: Indiana State Board of Health
Publication: Indianapolis : Indiana State Board of Health, Year: 1900s Description: [2] p. ; 25 cm. Government publication (gpb); State or province government publication

1945 - Facts about marihuana
Author: Charen, Sol
Year: 1945 Description: pp. 422-430 ; 23 cm. Note(s): Reprinted from American Journal of Pharmacy, v. 117, 1945, pp. 422-430 : [we have the magazine article]

1945 - Hemp and marihuana
1945 - Hemp and marihuana : hearing before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Seventy-ninth Congress, first session, on H.R. 2348, an act to provide for the coverage of certain drugs under the federal narcotic laws. May 24, 1945 - Corp Author(s): United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance. Publication: Washington : G.P.O., Description: iii, 31 p. ; 23 cm.

1946 - The retting of hemp I, II, III [NOT Reefer Madness]

1945 - Iowa 1946 - The retting of hemp, 1. Field retting of hemp in Iowa, by W.H. Fuller, A.G. Norman and C.P. Wilsie. Ames [1946] [3], 834-891 p. illus., chart, tables, 22 1/2 cm. (Research bulletin 342, May 1946)
1946 - Iowa 1946 - The retting of hemp, 2. controlled retting of hemp, by W.H. Fuller and A.G Norman. Ames [1946] [3], 896-924 p. illus., charts, tables. 22 1/2 cm. (Research bulletin 343, May 1946)
1946 - Iowa 1946 - The retting of hemp, 3. biochemical charges accompanying retting of hemp, by W.H. Fuller and A.G. Norman, Ames [1946] [3], 928-944 p. chart, tables, 22 1/2 cm. (Research bulleting 344, May 1946)

1946 - Marihuana
1946 - Marihuana; a factor in personality evaluation and army maladjustment. by Harry Leo Freedman
Book unb. v. Tables. 25 cm. Publication: Monticello. Medical Journal Press. Description: unb. v. Tables. 25 cm. - [WE HAVE IN ARTICLE FORM]

1947 - Research bulletin 352
1947 - Iowa 1947 - Agricultural Experiment Station, Amers, Soil type and soil management factors in hemp production, by A.J. Vessel and C.A. Black, Ames (1947) 384-432 p. illus. (Research bulletin 352, July 1947) In cooperation with Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils and Agricultural Engineering, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

1947 - Narcotic investigation and narcotic enforcement
Author: O'Ferrall, F.J. Corp Author(s): California. Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education. California Peace Officers' Training Program. Publication: [Sacramento? : s.n.], Description: 20 leaves.
SUBJECT(S) Narcotics enforcement agents -- California -- California. Police training -- California. Note(s): Mimeographed. - Class Descriptors: GovDoc: E1150.N3 - Material Type: Government publication (gpb); State or province government publication (sgp) - Publication: [California] Year: 1947 Description: [1 v.] Class Descriptors:

1948 - Narcotic investigation and narcotic enforcement
Author(s): Creighton, Walter R. Corp Author(s): California. Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education. California Peace Officers' Training Program. Publication: [Sacramento? : s.n., Year: 1948 Description: 19 leaves. Note(s): Mimeographed. State or province government publication (sgp)

1948 - Narcotics Education: List of Reference Material for Program Building
By Mrs. Winfield Crossley
[Pamphlet courtesy DEA library] Contains Short definition of Marihuana “its power to enslave its users and cause them to perform acts of violence: etc. Also contains an index of suggested reading material (not much use). In general, Not that important.

1948 - Marihuana in Latin America
Marihuana in Latin America: The threat it constitutes. Pablo Osvaldo Wolff. The Linace Press, Inc., Washington DC – A real pack of lies.

194? A True Story About Marijuana
Anti-Narcotics Auxiliary - [member American Mission Army] “A True Story About Marijuana” by R.M. Gosnell

Operation hemp -- help eliminate marijuana planting
Author: Michigan State Police Publication: [East Lansing, Mich. : Michigan State Police, Description: 1 folded sheet ([6] p.) : ill. ; 22 x 10 cm.

1951 - Narcotics, Marihuana -- TB PMG-1
Publication Department of the Army technical bulleting; TB PMG-1; Variation; Army TB PGM--1 - 40 pages - ill,; 23cm. Mostly pictures of the hemp plant. Only 3 pages of sick sick sick writing.

1951 - The menace of narcotics to the children of New York: a plan to eradicate the evil.
The menace of narcotics to the children of New York: a plan to eradicate the evil. Interim report Author: Welfare Council of New York City Corp Author(s): Welfare Council of New York City. Committee on Use of Narcotics among Teen-age Youth. Publication: New York, Welfare Council of New York City, Year: 1951 Description: v, 46 p. 28 cm. Standard No: LCCN: 52-4687 Responsibility: prepared by James R. Dumpson, secretary and consultant for the Committee on Use of Narcotics among Teen-age Youth. Vendor Info: Baker and Taylor (BTCP) : [ Not worth reading but in does contain a letter from Harry Anslinger that is interesting]

1957 - Preliminary Report of the Subcommittee on Narcotics
- State of California not worth looking at.

1952 - Narcotics, the study of a modern problem; a manual of basic information for teachers
Author Williams, Jesse Feiring - Publisher Sacramento : Calif. State Dept. of Education,- Description vii, 35 p. Note Bibliography: p. 33-35. - [Not really a Reefer Madness book, but lots of negative references]

1952 - Youth and narcotics
Youth and narcotics; a study of juvenile drug addiction in Los Angeles
Corp Author(s): Los Angeles (Calif.). Police Dept. Publication: [Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Printing Bureau] Year: 1952 Description: 25 p. illus. 23 cm.

1953 - The hallucinogenic drugs
The hallucinogenic drugs (the insanity-producing drugs: Indian hemp and datura); a neglected aspect of forensic medicine (a loophole in the law)
Author: Johnson, Donald McIntosh
Publication: London, C. Johnson Description: 45 p. 22 cm. Insanity (Law) -- Great Britain. Note(s): Includes bibliographical references. Other Titles: Insanity-producing drugs. :

1953 - Youth and narcotics
Youth and narcotics; a study of juvenile drug addiction in Los Angeles Corp Author(s): Los Angeles (Calif.). Police Dept. Publication: [Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Printing Bureau] Edition: Rev. Year: 1953 Description: 24 p. illus. 23 cm.

by Jim Vaus
Zondervan Publishing House, Softback Book In Wraps - A Few Black & White Photographs. 89 Pages. - - This in not really a reefer madness pamphlet, but it does mention Marihuana as one of the harmful drugs.

1953 - The origin of hemp "the assuager of grief"
Author: King, Frank A
Publication: [Nairobi : Medical Association of East Africa, Year: 1953: p. [345]-347 ; 25 cm. Note(s): Detached from: East African medical journal. Vol. 30 (July 1953) [Museum has a copy of the Magazine article]

1954 Narcotic addiction
Narcotic addiction; report to Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, By - Citizens’ Advisory Committee to the Attorney General on Crime Prevention. Mar. 26, 1954. [Sacramento, 1954] 66 p. – 54-62762 -- [California State 1954] [Note really a reefer madness book – However, it does have some cases of prisoners taking about there experiences (marihuana leads to Heroin etc.) Only selected pages were copied] [Not Worth reading]

1955- Use of maconha (Cannabis sativa L.) in Brazil
1955- Use of maconha (Cannabis sativa L.) in Brazil : control by health and police authorities Author: Farias, Roberval Cordeiro de Publication: [Lake Success, N.Y. : United Nations, Dept. of Social Affairs, Description: p. 5-19 : ill. Language: English Copied from: Bulletin on narcotics. Vol. 7, no. 2 (May-Aug. 1955). Other Titles: Bulletin on narcotics. : OCLC: 65514287

1955 - “Marihuana, the Assassin of Youth’
ANTI-NARCOTIC DIVISION OF THE WESTERN MISSIONARY ARMY- Hollywood: The Division, Illus. with photos. Four-page leaflet. - This group was put together by a crook – see documentation via national archives.

1955 - Title: Dope-ology : articles and lectures
Author(s): by Lois Lundell Higgins.
Publication: [S.l. : s.n.], Year: 1955, 1953 Description: 108 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. Series: Crime Prevention Bureau Publication; Note(s): First published in 1953./ Bibliography: p. 107-108.

1957 - Don't be a dope
Corp Author(s): San Diego County (Calif.). Probation Dept. Publication: San Diego, Calif. Year: 1957 Description: [8] p. 22 cm.

195? – “The Narcotic Problem – A brief Study”
By John E. Storer/Leslie Menconi, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement [Selected pages only] – A section on Marihuana.

Are you afraid?
Author: Devine, Robert James - Publication: Chicago Fundamental Press Year: 1940-1960? Description: 4 p. 13 cm.

196? - Marijuana & Christianity what does the Bible tell us to do?
Author: Family Council on Drug Awareness Publication: Los Angeles : Family Council on Drug Awareness, Year: 1960-1969? Description: [5] p. ; 22 cm. Note(s): Single sheet folded into pages. [Note Reefer Madness]

1965 - Annual conference report
1965 - Annual conference report Author: International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association It is an article, by James C. Munch called ."Narcotic Addiction Problems; Marijuana and Crime"--- documenting twelve cases of assault and battery, twenty-seven murders, ten robberies and seventeen other crimes of violence as direct results of the use of marijuana. INEOA 6th Annual Conference Report (1965) [Note, we believe that this is the same article that was published in the United Nation’s “Bulletin On Narcotics” 1966 Issue2

[See UN section]
1965- Lambo (1965) compiled a list of crimes occurring in three West African countries during a recent two-year period. He claimed that users of cannabis had committed 51% of the 73 murders, 31% of the 263 cases of assault and battery and 26% of the 472 cases against women. ---The Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse Lambo, 1965. The researcher compiled lists of crimes occurring over a, two year period in three West African nations and recorded the number of offenders perpetrating these crimes. He found that approximately one-fourth of the offenders had previous convictions. Forty-seven percent of the 863 offenders convicted for false pretenses, 61% of the 2,880 convicted burglars and 54% of those convicted on charges of "culpable driving" were said to have histories of cannabis use. Many of these users, however, were also shown to have long histories of psychological maladjustment (p. 10). The researcher suggests that "the use of cannabis enhances suggestibility in certain individuals, and this may be a factor in the commission of crime, by these chronic abusers" (p. 11).

1967 - Drug abuse: escape to nowhere; a guide for educators
Corp Author(s): Smith, Kline & French Laboratories. American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. [Photocopies Selective pages only] Publication: Philadelphia, Published by Smith, Kline & French Laboratories in cooperation with the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; [distributed by National Education Association, Washington] Year: 1967 Description: 104 p. illus. 23 cm.

1967 - "Violence Direct Result of Marijuana”
New York State Department of Health, "Violence Direct Result of Marijuana, Says Bellizzi, State Health Official Cites 27 Murders by Drug Users, New York State Department of Health Weekly Bulletin 20, no. 26 (June 26, 1967): New York (State).; Dept. of Health.

1967 -- Drug abuse: a source book and guide for teachers
Author: Kitzinger, Angela and Patricia J. Hill. Imprint: [Sacramento, California State Dept. of Education, 1967] Physical Description: xii, 131 p. 22 cm. Note: Replaces Narcotics: the study of a modern problem, by Jesse Feiring Williams, published in 1952.- Notes: Bibliography: p. 125-131. Added author: Williams, Jesse Feiring, b. 1886.- Narcotics, the study of a modern problem. Organization: California. State Dept. of Education.

1967 - Facts about marijuana
Author: Crandall, Earle P
Corp Author(s): Los Angeles (Calif.).; Police Dept. ; California.; Legislature.; Assembly. Publication: [Sacramento?] : Assembly, California Legislature, Year: 1967 Description: 9, [1] leaves ; 28 cm. GovDoc

1967 - Facts about marijuana and LSD : questions and answers
Corp Author(s): Los Angeles (Calif.).; Police Dept. ; Movement to Restore Decency. - Publication: Belmont, Mass.: Movement to Restore Decency, Year: 1967 - Description: 23 p. ; 22 cm. OCLC: 63190439 [While a lite weight by 1930’s standards, it still good reefer madness. one chapter reads”Does Marijuana Incite Crimes of Violence? and then begins quoting file cases from an LAPD study of dubious origin.]

1967 : Marihuana, "yerba maldita" [Book - Spanish Language]
Name: Cano Puerta, Guillermo.
Publisher: [Medellin] : Editorial Universidad de Antioquia,

1967 - "The Truth about Marijuana: Stepping Stone to Destruction
"The Truth about Marijuana: Stepping Stone to Destruction,' leaflet 1, No. 5 (Newark, New Jersey: The Essex County Youth and Economic Rehabilitation Commission, June 1967), n-p The Truth about Marijuana! at least according to the experts at...The Essex county Youth and Economic Rehabilitation Commission of Newark, NJ June 1967 This is an amazing piece of history. It's no wonder that people stopped believing what the government had to say on the subject of pot a very long time ago. This reprint of an actual government issued pamphlet states as, a matter of fact, that:
"Marijuana is a stepping stone to Destruction"
"The crimes committed by persons under the influence of "pot" are many."
And include "Rape, Robbery, assault , and MURDER!!"
"Killed wife then committed suicide after marijuana spree"
"Smoked two marijuana cigarettes, burst into hotel room, beat guest to death, then jumped through window 30 feet to the pavement breaking both legs, didn't remember actions"
"Attacked own daughter 13, after smoking reefers" and much more...This would almost be funny if it weren't for the fact that this was handed out by the youth authority and presented as fact. When you lie to get people to do anything, right or wrong, you discredit yourself and become ridiculous. The truly sickening thing is that here we are nearly 40 years later and there is a large percentage of the population that still thinks of this as truth. This is truly a must have for anyone interested in the cause of decriminalization today! Show people just how far off base the origins of the prohibition movement were and the tactics they used.

1968 - Marijuana : its relationship to aggressive behavior
By Schofield, Glen W.
Jump to call number/location/availability Author: Schofield, Glen W. Title: Marijuana : its relationship to aggressive behavior / Glen w. Schofield. Imprint: Stanford, Calif. : [s.n.], 1968. Physical Description: 101 leaves. Note: Photocopy. Notes: Includes bibliographical references (leaves 98-101)

1968 - Why not Marijuana?
Author(s): Curtis, Lindsay R. Publication: Dallas, Texas Alcohol Narcotics Education, inc.,
Illustrated by Dean Hurst. - Book Description: Texas Alcohol Narcotics Education, Dallas, 1969. Soft Cover. Book Condition: Very Good. Hurst, Dean (illustrator). 1st Edition / 1st Printing. 13.5 x 21.5cm. Cover illustration of a kid smoking a joint with angry cop & doctor looking on. Very good, slight wear at edges of cover. Great illustrations, there is one of a female joint in ball & chain, a picture of 4 joints showing strength of pot by country from U.S.A. to India(Indian joint has muscles), there's another one of crazed man driving a car while shooting a bystander full of holes & running down a woman (guy full of holes does not look happy), another one of guy driving down a road and running into a red dragon. Color drawings by Dean Hurst. A nice piece of 1960s anti-drug education. 13.5 x 21.5cm. soft cover. 48pp. Description: 47 p. illus. 22 cm. - Note(s): Includes bibliographical references.

1968 - "Facts About Marijuana”
[Note – What the museum has is actually part of a book – “California State Peace Officers’ Training Series 33 – Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs”(1969) which contains the pamphlet as part of the book.]
Los Angeles Police Department, "Facts About Marijuana," pamphlet (Los Angeles: Narcotic Educational Foundation of America, n.d. [circa 1968]), pp. 7-8; Martin Lordi,
The Los Angeles Police Department, in conjunction with the Narcotic Education Foundation of America, has written, assembled, printed, and distributed a pamphlet entitled "Facts about Marijuana," which asserts the criminogenic power of cannabis. There seems little doubt that probably a majority of all law enforcement officers believe that marijuana is instrumental in the precipitation of criminal behavior.
In 1968 (no date appears on the publication), the Los Angeles Police Department distributed a pamphlet, "Facts About Marijuana," which included sections entitled, "Does Marijuana Incite Crimes of Violence?" and "Marijuana Crimes." The latter enumerated fourteen cases where marijuana was presumed to have been causal in the commission of crimes. It contains the introductory remarks: "In 1966 the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a survey into the relationship between marijuana and criminal behavior. Hundreds of cases were documented during a one-year period in which marijuana was involved as a factor of criminal behavior. The next several pages contain a few criminal cases selected from the survey to illustrate this relationship."
I wrote to the Los Angeles Police Department about this study made on the relationship between marijuana and criminal behavior. I received a reply from Clifford J. Shannon, Captain, and Commander of the LAPD's Public Affairs Division, which stated: "All available information from the 1966 survey on the relationship between marijuana and criminal behavior is contained in... the Los Angeles Police Department booklet, 'Facts About Marijuana.' The survey has not been published as a separate document." In other words, what was called a "survey" and a "study" was the collection of scattered cases wherein marijuana was supposedly connected in some way or another with the commission of crime.

1968 - The dangers of marihuana:
The dangers of marihuana: facts you should know; an educational message on marihuana abuse and control
Author(s): Giordano, Henry L. Publication: [Washington, For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Year: 1968 Description: [20] p. illus. 22 cm.

1968 - The dangers of marihuana
The dangers of marihuana ... facts you should know, an educational message on marihuana abuse and control United States. Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Bureau. Imprint: [1968] Physical Description: [16] p.

1969 - Narcotics and dangerous drugs
By John B. Williams.
Publication Info. [Sacramento] : Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education, California Community Colleges, [1969] -- Added Author California Community Colleges. Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education. [Did not make a copy, Sections on Marihuana consists of the LAPD pamphlet “Youth and Narcotics” as well as the UN article by James Muche on crimes committed while under the influence of marihuana.]

1969 - Youth is the Target
By D.C. Parks [sick, sick]

1969 - Drug Addiction, Suicide and Murder by Degrees
By D.C. Parks [more sick, sick]

1969 - An investigation into the
An investigation into the relationship between the use of marijuana and alienation. By Author: Vogel, Linda -- Published: [New York, 1969] Physical Details: p. ; cm.
An unpublished manuscript by Victor Vogel --- Law-enforcement officers in an effort to document the criminogenic impact of marijuana also cite Victor H. Vogel's "Excerpts from Statements Regarding Marihuana Use Made by One-Hundred Consecutive Heroin Addicts Interviewed by Dr. Victor H. Vogel at the California Rehabilitation Center During Release Hearings Beginning August 18, 1967." It is an unpublished manuscript of six pages containing a collection of statements by 100 addicts in one or two-sentence form, statements such as: "We used to get into gang fights when we were high on marihuana"; "Makes me silly; everything I do or say or hear is funny"; "It exaggerates all feelings, including sex"; "It slowed me down so much I had to drop out of school."---1970 - The Marijuana Smokers by Erich Goode

1969 - Marijuana : the weed of death!
Author: McBirnie, William Steuart 1920-
Publication: [Glendale, Calif.? : W.S. McBirnie?, Year: 1968 Description: 28, [3] p. ; 19 cm. OCLC: 56557970 Other title Full truth about marijuana : the weed of death!

1969 - Drug abuse for junior and senior high school:
Drug abuse for junior and senior high school: science portion of district curriculum guide, San Jose Unified School District Author California. Legislature. Assembly Publisher Sacramento? : [s.n.], 1969 Description 159 p Subject Drugs Narcotics Marihuana Added Entry San Jose Unified School District Langson L525.D7 Circ status Government Information Calif.

1969 - Marihuana Fact Sheet
Author: Indiana State Board of Health Publication: [Indianapolis], Year: 1969 Description: [5] L. ; 28 cm.: [although a few modern-day Gore file cases are given, it actually is quite reasonable in its treatment of the subject]

196? - Parents guide to marijuana
Author: McNally, L. Robert
Corp Author(s): Western Electric Company. Publication: Sunnyvale, Calif. : Western Electric, Year: 1960s Description: [16] p. : ill. ; 22 cm. "--P. [13]-[16]

19?? - What Teen-Agers Should Know Narcotics
By Edward R. Boomquist MD - reprinted from Listen - Vol 15, No5 -

1934 - The Truth About the Narcotic situation in the United States
MILLIONS SPENT conditions Infinitely Worse Than Before Narcotic Law Enacted - solution submitted By Eunice Callender Fisher -- International White Cross, Inc.

1970 - Questions and answers : marijuana
Corp Author(s): Los Angeles (Calif.). Police Dept, Year: 1970 Description: 23 p. ; 28 cm. - Material Type: Government publication; Local government publication : [Is made up or repeats from other pamphlets]

1970 - Don't be misled about marijuana
Author(s): Parks, D. C. Corp Author(s): Addictive Drugs Educational Foundation.
Publication: Bakersfield, Calif. : Addictive Drugs Educational Foundation, Year: 1970s - Description: 1 folded sheet ([6] p.) : ill. ; 22 cm.

1970 - Paul W. Brown says ... keep off the grass
Author: Ohio Attorney General's Office.
Publication: [Columbus, O., Year: 1970 Description: 1 folder. illus.

1970 - Eradicating marihuana plants
Author: Illinois Corp Author(s): Illinois. Bureau of Investigation. ; Illinois.; Division of Plant Industry. ; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.; College of Agriculture. Publication: Springfield : The Bureau, Year: 1970 Description: 12 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Responsibility: [prepared cooperatively by] Illinois Bureau of Investigation, Dept. of Law Enforcement ; Division of Plant Industry, Illinois Dept. of Agriculture ; College of Agriculture of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. State or province government publication

1970 - Wild hemp (marijuana) : how to control it
Corp Author(s): United States.; Extension Service. ; United States.; Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Publication: Washington, D.C. : Extension Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Year: July 1970 Description: 1 folded sheet (8 p.) : ill. ; 23 x 10 cm. Series: Program aid ;; no. 959; Variation: Program aid (United States. Dept. of Agriculture) ; no. 959. Class Descriptors: GovDoc: A 1.68:959;

1970- Report on marijuana control, Champaign CountY, Illinois
Author(s): United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce Publication: Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Year: 1970 [53-187 O] Description: ii, 21 p. illus. 24 cm. Other Titles: Marijuana control, Champaign County, Illinois. OCLC: 196083 -- This is not really a Reefer Madness Pamphlet, but it does show just how determine the Narc’s were to keep the anti-Medical Marihuana laws in place. “[arrestees] have been found to be in possession of crudely drawn maps which they had purchased from as far away as California and Pennsylvania. These maps showed to exact locations of marijuana growths in Champaign County. Some youths have even been known to write the Department of Agriculture under a suitable ruse asking for the locations of hemp factories during World War II knowing that marijuana can be found growing wild near each

by Ambassador College Press. Not really a reefer madness pamphlet (note that date) but is added here for historians.

Probably the first detailed survey of the opinions of police officers was that conducted by a Stanford University law student in 1968. Part of this unpublished study has been summarized by Kaplan (1971) and is reprinted below.
Law enforcement agencies have continuously supported the existence of a strong causal relationship between the use of marijuana and acts of aggression and violence. In order to determine the nature and basis for this belief, sixteen law enforcement and narcotics officers were interviewed. The officers selected for the interview from each police department were those who spent the largest percentage of their time actually working with marijuana users. When the department had several officers working full time on narcotics, the officer In charge was interviewed, on the supposition that as chief officer, he would have the longest and widest range of experience with marijuana users. Of those interviewed, seven spent 100% of their time on narcotics problems; three spent 75% to 100%; I spent about 50%; and the remaining five spent 10% to 25%. All emphasized that of their narcotics work, a major proportion of the time is spent on marijuana problems.

1986 - Oklahoma needs your help in locating marihuana
Corp Author(s): Oklahoma.; State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control.
Publication: [Oklahoma City, OK : Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, Year: 1986 Description: 1 folded sheet (8 p.) : ill. ; 22 x 9 cm. Material Type: Government publication (gpb); State or province government publication (sgp) :

1997 - Marijuana : get straight on the facts
Author: Indiana State Police
Corp Author(s): Indiana State Police. Publication: [Indianapolis] : Indiana State Police, Year: 1997
Description: 1 folded sheet ([8] p.) : ill. ; 24 x10 cm. Material Type: Government publication (gpb); State or province government publication

1999 - Wanted : your help in locating marijuana grown in Illinois
Author: Illinois State Police
Publication: [Springfield, Ill. : Illinois State Police, Year: 1999 Description: 1 folded sheet (8 p.) : col. ill. ; 22 x 9 cm. Type: Government publication ; State or province government publication

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